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Hallo! Want to start off by saying that I really love your work and I think you're one of the best writers I've stumbled upon on tumblr. 😳 I especially love your solavellan ones so muchhhhhh ✨✨✨ I just want to did you imagine Solas and Ellana getting back together post trespasser?

Thank youu! This is such an uplifting message, oh wow. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my writing, nothing makes me happier to hear!

As to how I imagine them getting back together — it all depends on what I picture happens after Trespasser/what choice Solas ends up making (because this whole hope for redemption I’ve got hinges on him making that choice himself, not her making it for him). But in the event of a reunion and a possible reconciliation, it would be a slow process. It’s more than forgiveness and learning to trust him again, it’s learning to know each other again, who they are now, post rebellion, post world-on-the-brink-of-destruction (again), post Inquisitor and Fen’Harel. And he’d pull away at first, I think. I mean, repentance or not, Solas’ particular brand of grim fatalism doesn’t exactly allow for accepting happiness easily.

But she’d give chase, because at this point she’ll be Fed Up with pretty much everything, and in the case of a potential capitulation on Solas’ part, there’s no way she’d just let him walk away. That’s not to say she’d forgive him on the spot, but she’d make a point of trying, because that’s the kind of person she is, a counter-weight of conviction to his defeatism. She’s stubborn, and if there’s one thing she’s succeeded in doing it’s open his eyes to believing in the impossible. And so I imagine he’d eventually reciprocate, not by simply accepting her decision, but by giving her the opportunity to try and salvage what he’d considered lost beyond reclaiming (and there’s some damn fine irony there)

You know what, I think we’ll go with fic from here.


They meet halfway between two points, like a bridging of worlds, although there’s only the one now, and they’ve both long since relinquished their claims to deciding its fate.

It’s nothing so redundant as a crossroad, but for all intents and purposes, it might as well be one. They come together at the heart of a small clearing, a stone’s toss from the remnants of an old campfire. There’s no path to follow, but he knows the way as well as she does; remembers the night they’d spent, on their backs in the grass beneath the stars, and he’d kissed every inch of her skin and forgotten that he was awake.

She blends with the forest now, clad in pale greens and greys, and her soft cloak brushes against her legs as she steps out from between the trees.

“You came,” Ellana says, and he notices she doesn’t sound surprised. And she looks healthier than when he saw her last, cheeks rosy with a light flush of exertion. She’s not wearing armour, and there’s a simple yew staff strapped to her back. She looks ready for a journey.

Despite himself, hope makes his heart leap.

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