call me back if you don't get this message

Leave Your Message (Jughead x Reader)
  • Hey, you've reached the voicemail of the elusive Jughead Jones. Leave your message,and I'll get back to you if I feel like it.
  • Reader: Um, hey I'm sorry about last night. We don't need to fight. I really want to talk. Please call me back.
  • Hey, you've reached the voicemail of the elusive Jughead Jones. Leave your message,and I'll get back to you if I feel like it.
  • Reader: Seriously Juggie, it's been two days. We need to talk about what happened.
  • Hey, you've reached the voicemail of the elusive Jughead Jones. Leave your message,and I'll get back to you if I feel like it.
  • Reader: Jug, please.
  • Hey, you've reached the voicemail of the elusive Jughead Jones. Leave your message, and I'll get back to you if I feel like it.
  • Reader: Call me right now
  • Hey, you've reached the voicemail of the elusive Jughead Jones. Leave your message, and I'll get back to you if I feel like it.
  • Reader: Jughead, it's bad. I screwed up. Please call me back. I'm at the hospital.
  • Voicemail is full *beep*
  • You finally realize you may have ruined the one thing that made you happy. Jughead was your best friend. You shouldn't fight like this. You only made one simple mistake. You kissed Archie, but you were drunk. You and Jughead were just friends, but you both knew it was more than that. Still, you made the mistake of ruining it.
  • *ring, ring*
  • You look to see the hauntingly familiar name... Jughead Jones. You answer.
  • Jughead: (Y/N), are you okay? What happened? You didn't hurt yourself, did you? Oh God. Tell me you're okay. I can't lose you.
  • Reader: It's Archie. He couldn't deal with hurting you so badly. He tried to keep his mind off of it, but he drank too much. They think it's alcohol poisoning. Please come, Juggie.
  • Jughead: On my way...
  • The phone goes dead, as you wait to see if both your friendship and Archie will survive.
Taeyong- We Don't Talk Anymore (Angst)

Word count: 1,910

Scenario: You haven’t seen Tae in a really long time and you’ve been questioning your relationship with him. *kinda inspired by We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez*

“Hey Tae…ugh if you could kinda just text me or call me back soon that would be great. Well I’ll go now just text me when you get my message. Bye, love you.”

That was the third voice mail today.

He never picks up. He never sends a text. He never really does anything anymore to communicate with you. He just slowly pushed you away, then all at once.

You put your phone down and take a sip of your coffee as you wait for your best friend to get their order and take a seat with you. You were happy she called you and asked to hang out. You hated staying in the shared apartment you owned with Taeyong. It was just so lonely there-especially since he hasn’t been home in almost three months.

Hani sits across from you and places her Americano on the table, “Oh that’s hot!” she hisses as she takes a sip from her cup.

You lightly chuckle at your best friend and push some napkins towards her to clean up the little spill she’s made on the table.

You look down at your hands, they nicely sit on your lap and you hold a picture of you and Taeyong. It was kinda dumb, but you liked to carry around a picture of you and him in you pocket. It helped calm you down made you less anxious. A small smile etched on your face as you admire the photo.

“So,” she hums looking at you with soft eyes “how are you?”

You shrug and secretly stuff the photos back into your pocket. You stare out the window watching passing strangers make their way to their destinations. You can’t help but receive a chill when Hani asks you how you are. Another question you’d have to answer with a lie.

Hani scoffs. You watch as she crumples a napkin and lightly toss it at you, hitting you on the forehead and landing on the table.

You jerk back, shocked by her sudden playfulness “What was that for?” you whine.

“For lying to me! Tae hasn’t called you hasn’t he.” she infers. God, you hated that Hani was so good at guessing how you were and what was up. She always knew when something was wrong. She raises a brow and await for your answer, her finger nails drumming on the wood table.

You nod slowly and your throat suddenly knots and it’s hard to speak.
You look out the window again and watch as the snow lightly falls from the sky. Dancing through the light wind and landing on the ground or on the coats of passing people.

“Y/N why don’t you just let it go?”

You look up at her confused. Taking another sip from your coffee you gulp down the hot substance and clear your throat “W-what do you mean by that.”

Hani sighs and she places her hand over yours, that wrests on the table “Y/N, I’m your best friend and as your best friend, I always want the best for you. I hate seeing you sad and upset over some boy who won’t even call back his said girlfriend.” She explains slowly, trying to find the right words. She lets out another sigh “I-I don’t like seeing you like this. You’re the one who always tries to text him and call him and yet he makes no effort to pick up the phone. I don’t like seeing you so drained and so tired over some boy.”

You huff and your face resembles a pouting child “B-But Hani it’s not just some boy, it’s my-”

She cuts you off and puts her hands up “I know. Your boyfriend. But if he’s not gonna put any effort into the relationship then why should you keep trying. Y/N, come on admit to your self, has he been acting like a boyfriend?”

You shake your head no and you can feel your heart drop when you admit it to yourself. Hani is right Taeyong hasn’t been there.“Then exactly.” Hani says as she rests her case and sits back on her side of the booth.

You can’t help but think that what Hani says is true. Why should you waist your time on a relationship that has only one sided effort?

You’ve just become so tired and drained over time, that maybe now is the time you’re giving up.

Hani looks up at you expecting you to say something. You take a deep breath and with a heavy sigh you admit it “Taeyong and I-we don’t talk anymore.

*later that night*

“Taeyong,” Jaehyun whines “just call her!”

Taeyong shakes his head and shrugs “I-I don’t know. She might be upset with me.”

Mark chuckles “Well I wonder why?”

Taeyong glares at him and throws one of the couch pillows at him “Not. Helping.”

Mark successfully shields himself from the pillow and roles his eyes “Hyung, I respect you and all but you really haven’t been a good boyfriend. You haven’t called her in what…two- three months?” Taeyong sits back in his spot on the couch and huffs. He reaches into his pocket and a small smile appears on his lips as he looks at a picture of you and him.

He mentally scolds himself. God,he knows he’s been such a terrible boyfriend.
He looks over at his phone and his fingers hover over your contact name but he can’t push himself to press it. He locks his phone and let’s out a frustrated groan.

Mark looks up from his phone and his tongue pokes the in so of his cheek “Hyung, do it or I will.” 

 “Shut up boy from the six-”

 “I’m not from the six, I’m from Vancouver.” Marks states his tone annoyed.

 Taeyong roles his eyes and sighs “I’m sorry-I didn’t mean to be rude I’m just stressed you know?!”

 Mark nods understanding his Hyung’s predicament “That’s why you should just call her or text her, relieve some stress.” Taeyong let Mark’s words linger in the air as he thought for himself. 

 Taeyong has just been so disappointed with himself. With the training and the debuting he’s just sorta forgot about you. That’s what’s driving him insane! He’s so shocked that he let himself forget about you-his girlfriend/boyfriend! He’s just so disappointed. That’s really the whole reason as to why he hasn’t called. He’s scared that your mad and so he just lets the phone ring or he just doesn’t read your texts so that you don’t know he read them and just didn’t respond. The amount of guilt he feels is unbearable. But how are you suppose to explain to your girlfriend/ boyfriend that you sort of forgot about them?

 As if on cue Taeyong’s phone started to ring. He almost jumped when his ring tone started playing. It was you saying “hey you pick up! Wow this is rude pick up the phone BRUH!” he thought it was cute at the time and recorded you saying it and set it as his ringtone. Now how ironic is it that that is his ringtone and your calling him.

 His eyes widen and his heart drops “G-Guys what I do?!” 

 Yuta pops his head in from the kitchen “Answer it you idiot!” 

 The phone continues to ring and Taeyong gives Jaehyun and Mark a look. The nod, indicating that he should pick it up. 

 With a stifled breath he excuses himself and escapes to the dorms balcony, shutting the sliding door behind him. He kisses his thumb and clicks answer, taking in a shaky breath he puts on a small smile “Hello?” he shivers from the inter air and he hugs his sweater covered body as his teeth chatter. 

 You sigh from the other line and your hands sweat from nervousness “Uh-hi Taeyong .” 

 He lets out a forced laugh “Oh Taeyong-not Tae?” he tries to playfully joke. Although he knows it’s something serious you only ever called him Taeyong when there was something serious. 

 “Taeyong-I think…” His eyes widen and his heart races immediately inferring the end of your sentence. 

Trying to stall he stops you “Hey uh how have you been Y/N?!” You let out a sigh knowing that he’s stalling “I-I’m fine Taeyong.” 

 “That’s great! I miss you!” he exclaims. Your heart drops and breathing becomes hard. You almost choke on air when you hear him say that. God, did he really have to make all of this harder. 

 Taeyong opened his mouth to speak only for you to cut him off now “Taeyong I think we need to break up.” you say in a hurried tone.

 Taeyong almost stops breathing. He holds onto the balcony railing to keep him up “W-What?” his face was becoming hot and red and his eyes brim with tears as he hears your voice shake on the other line. 

 “Taeyong I’m sorry. But I-” 

 “Y/N, if this is about me not calling you I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a terrible boyfriend but-but I can change.” he pleads. His tears spill from his eyes and his head spins. It’s as if this were all happening in slow motion.

 “Tae, you can’t change. You’re so busy and your only going to become more popular and I’m so proud of you. But-I hate feeling like I’m the second priority. I hate feeling as if this relationship is one sided and I’m-” you choke on your tears and you let out a huff. You wipe away the tears and take a deep breath in “I’m so tired Tae. I’m so tired of waiting for you to call and staying up till three in the morning. I’m tired of having to constantly check up on you and call you only for you not to respond to me at all. Tae you even came home last month and didn’t bother to come see me!” 

 He let out a sob as you let out all your held in feelings. God,it made him feel like complete crap. He didn’t know that he was doing all of this to you. He so badly wants to say something but he can’t. Taeyong sits on the floor curled up with the phone pressed to his ear. The night wind making his eyes dry and his noes more runny. 

 “Bye Taeyong. I love you-I always will. But we don’t talk anymore like we use too. Things aren’t the same.” you huff and hold onto your chest trying to lessen the pain of your aching heart “I love you Tae. Good b-bye.” 

 With that that call ends and Taeyong is still in shock. He lets out a frustrated scream and throws his phone across the balcony. His mind full of rage but not at you, at himself. He screams again letting his pain out. 

 The boys hear him from outside and come rushing into the balcony watching their friend cry. “Hyung,” Mark calls.

 “S-she’s gone.” he whispers as he slides down the wall. His sobs becoming louder. He collapses onto Jaehyun and Mark and they hold him up feeling terrible for their Hyung. 

 “She’s gone…” he repeats.

 You sit in your room staring into blank space you’re not even crying. Your feelings just jumbled and your not eyes sure how to feel.

 Hani knocks on your door and she gives you a small smile “Come here.” at that moment you come running at her engulfing her into a hug, sobbing into her shoulder “I-I” 

 “Shh it’s okay Y/N. Breath.”

By the way, just to put this out there for people I talk to via messenger, I have, like…no texting anxiety whatsoever.  I will absolutely not get stressed if you don’t reply right away.  Texting is really stress-free for me.  Like, the whole reason I like it is because it doesn’t interrupt, you can get to it whenever you get to it, whenever’s convenient, and I would really really rather feel you’re talking to me when it works for you.  If you just stop responding in the middle of a conversation, I will assume you got a phone call or decided to get yourself a drink or just fucking…fell asleep, I do not care at all.  Whatever.  It’s not gonna bother me.  Don’t worry about it.

On the flipside, if I don’t get back to you for some ridiculous amount of time, I probably did one of those things, or looked at your message but didn’t have the energy to give you the response you deserved and then fucking forgot because the notification was gone.  It is 100% not because you’re bothering me/I don’t want to talk to you.

Hey, Gabi. Um. I’m calling you from… the airport, actually. I’m sure you’re wondering, why am I at the airport? Good question. You- you always ask good questions.
It’s because- last night, after I called off my wedding, you’re the person that I wanted to see. I even ran up your fire escape with roses. Um, I don’t know what I was gonna say, but I knew that I needed to see you, and then I saw Cooper, and you. And- look, if you’re happy with Cooper, just disregard this whole message, but if you think you might, like, be happier with me, call me back.
—  Josh Kaminski breaking my heart in a million little pieces
2009 Interview with Peter
  • Interviewer: Speaking of Carl, you have said that the Libertines had offers to do a reunion gig at Reading for a grand amount of money but had to turn it down because Carl wasn't happy about it. Actually, when I asked him about the Libertines reuinon last autumn, he said that he was not interested in a reunion just for money, which seemed be in vogue, but that he was very happy to make a new record with the members if the circumstances permitted it.
  • Peter: (With a glum face) Did he say that!? That's different from what he said to me. What is Carl thinking, hmm? He made up nonsense excuses that my energy level was too dark or whatever. If he just tells me that he's willing, we can start making a new record tomorrow.
  • Interviewer: But things are not that simple, you know. You're releasing this solo album and starting a tour, then you also have a schedule as Babyshambles.
  • Peter: Yeah, I have made more new songs for Babyshambles.
  • Interviewer: In addition, Carl has just disbanded Dirty Pretty Things, and he's about to start working on his solo project and acting career.
  • Peter: We can do it if Carl and I are up to it. [...] But, these days, no matter how many times I leave a message on his phone, he won't get back to me. It seems that, for the last several months, he's been avoiding me. I wonder why ......
  • Interviewer: Why don't you see and talk with him?
  • Peter: Yeah ... Maybe I should just call at his place and pin him down. You know his address in Muswell Hill, don't you? Can I have it?
  • Interviewer: But if I tell you without his permission, he'll get mad at me.
  • Peter: (Suddenly gets crestfallen and looks down)
  • Interviewer: If he says ok when I see him next time, I'll let you know as soon as possible.
  • Peter: (With shining eyes) Yeah? I'm counting on you, really.
  • [...]
  • Peter: (On parting) Does Carl still have my picture on the wall?
  • Rockin'on, April 2009
He Leaves When You're Pregnant And Then He Finds Out After You Had The Baby: Part 2
  • A/N: Sorry it's late, I'm absolute horrid at being punctual with my posts, haha. Huge apologies about this, as well, I'm bad at writing part 2's. Enjoy. x
  • Harry: Wiping a damp paper towel around your son's high chair, you decided that cleaning was the only thing to keep your mind off of Harry. It's only been a couple hours since you saw him at the market, but it felt like you had never left since your cell phone has been ringing off the hook within the past hour. You sighed to yourself feeling worn out, maybe walking away from the situation wasn't the best idea. Throwing out the paper towel, and pacing over to your phone, the caller ID read Harry's name and for the sake of your own conscious, you decided to shut your phone off completely for the night. Nevertheless, just as you turned on the warm water to wash the dishes, your house phone started to ring. Although, your day has been conflicted between anger and pure exhaustion, you couldn't stop the rush of guilt that lightly washed over as you slowly walked into your dining room, your answering machine taking over your missed call. "Hey, you've reached [Y/N], leave me a message and I'll get back to you." Your voice rang through out the speaker, a low sigh following right after the beep. "[Y/N], I-I'm sorry for calling so much, I just don't know what to do." You heard Harry mutter into your answering machine. "I've called your cell phone, I've left voice mail after voice mail, and I just don't know what to do." He continued, "We need to talk, we can work this out--we need to, [Y/N]." Harry noted, nearly begging, before he sucked in a shaky breath. "Please, I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry, I wish I can take everything back. I wasn't ready for what we had; I was afraid of doing something to fuck up everything like I usually do! You deserved better, anyway." Harry confessed, his breathing rugged and trembling as he cried into your voice mail. "I know I am a shitty person for everything that I've done to you, and now I'm standing in your place, but all I ask is for you to let me see him. If I had known, you know I would never have turned my back on you, I'm sorry." Harry apologized over and over until his voice became a hoarse whisper. "This will be my last voice mail, just try to find it in your heart to give me a ring whenever you can, please." He murmured, sniffling into the phone before hanging up. Your hand cupped over your mouth as your own tears welled up at the brim of your sockets. You turned towards your son who was looking up at you from his play pin, and you quickly wiped at your eyes with your sleeves, leaning over and picking him up from the basket full of toys. He peered up at you, the lush green in his eyes maturing to be soon identical to his father's. Hiding the fact that you and Harry had a child from him was merely a burden to you, yet a punishment to your son. Feeling overwhelmed and conflicted, you figured it would be best to finally face the inevitable rather than running away from it, again. Buckling your son into his car seat and quickly getting into the driver's seat, you started driving to finally find closure. A feeling of familiarity washed over you as you pulled up in front of Harry's house. The memories spent here, good and bad, now only a whisper in the wind. Glancing from his front door and at the steering wheel, you began to feel uneasy and doubtful about coming here in the first place. Your eyes flickered to the rear view mirror to your son in the back seat who stared out the window. Sighing under your breath, you quickly got out the car and got your son from his seat, holding him close to you as you trekked through the layer of snow that littered Harry's front lawn. You knocked your fist harshly against the wooden door, waiting anxiously as your son soon got restless in your arms, his nose beginning to redden from the cold wind. Standing on his front porch, the minutes that passed felt like hours, and you couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "I knew this was a bad idea." You muttered to yourself as you walked carefully down the brick front steps. Just as you reached the last level, you heard the front door swing open. "[Y/N] came.." You heard Harry breathlessly say from behind you and you turned to see him standing in the door way with a shocked expression shining through his paled features. "I'm not here for us, I'm here to find a conclusion to this--for our son." You immediately asserted, but you couldn't fight the pang in your heart as his bloodshot eyes examined your face, the usual bright green now dull and full of pain. Harry jogged down the few steps of his porch and tightly wrapped his arms around you and your son, squeezing you both close to him. He pulled away shortly and glanced at his son, his chapped lips pulling into a wide smile. "Please, just give me one hour to speak, that's all I ask." He nearly begged and you nodded your head before following him inside.

anonymous asked:

ok, so my brother's wife is pregnant. Today he messaged my mom saying 'you're going to have a granddaughter!:)" Most of my family was immediately disappointed, my sister even messaged back "Aww I wanted a nephew! kick her out lol jk jk :p" When I called them out on it, they dismissed me and said it was just a joke. They even had a conversation about how much they would have preferred a male. I just don't get it?

I agree that this is not funny. In some countries finding out that you are having a daughter leads to forced abortions. There is more said about this in the documentary “It’s A Girl” which I believe is still on Netflix. Regardless, these jokes that your family make were insensitive and rude and you had every right to call them out. It is important to educate your family as to why these statements are not good. Thanks for sharing, good luck!

-The Daily Feminist

sandshower  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to say that, the comment you added to my post awhile back (about people being "fucking rude") has gotten me a lot of shit about what I said (don't worry this isn't a hate message). I wanted to send you this message to tell you that I was wrong. I've done some research the past few days and you were right-Google is in fact a useful source of information. I also wanted to thank you for putting me into my place as I so deserved. Keep up the good work :) -Carl

Hey, thank you. It’s always awesome to see people get called out and then, ya know, become more awesome people because of that.