call ma maybe

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I remembered something: The one inside the doll could be Eve after all, considering her soul's fate in the SCaP novel. Also the "Not Eve" part fits how she wasn't herself during her incarnations throughout history, as well as being the first chosen one for the Project Ma, therefore calling herself as Ma. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much...

Eve might have been inside the doll after SCAP (and thus possibly explaining why Ma came back, as that might have been another soul merger) but she wasn’t the one inside the doll before it. Which is what the fandom generally means when they say “the one inside the doll”–she is not the Master of the Court. I don’t feel Not Eve is like her and her previous incarnations so much as her as having been merged with another being and losing her identity again, assuming that’s what took place.

As for the name–that was given to her back in Pierrot for reasons that weren’t specific to just Eve, so I’m not sure it has special significance to her alone now.