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23 and Vernon please

Vernon + 23 - “Love is stupid.” 

Hansol had never been one to give up easily. When things went wrong, he would always push himself further. It was an innate aspect of his personality, one that had earned him a great deal of respect amongst his peers. There were many times he wanted to give up, but the temptation had never been as strong as it was now. He wanted to give up on love.

When you found him he was sat under a tree, absentmindedly picking petals off a flower. You didn’t hesitate to sit next to him, and he turned to you briefly as a form of acknowledgement.

“So, what’s wrong?” There was a pause before he sighed. You could see the air leave his lips, the weather was unusually cold for this time of year. He blinked a couple of times, his lips curling into a slight smirk. It wasn’t the playful smirk you were used to, it was dripping with bitterness.

“Love is stupid.” When you didn’t respond to the revelation, he turned to face you. He frowned upon seeing your furrowed brows and downturned lips. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“There’s no way you believe that.” Hansol gave a noncommitted shrug, and you shook your head at him. “Okay, you went through a messy breakup, but that doesn’t mean love is stupid.”

“It definitely feels that way.” You studied his face, eyes tracing the features you thought you knew so well. This wasn’t the Hansol you knew. His smile wasn’t as bright, nor were his eyes as expressive. In typical Hansol fashion, he had never gone into specifics about what happened during his breakup, but its impact on him couldn’t be concealed.

“Well I love you, is that stupid?” Hansol stopped picking at the flower. “As a friend, of course.” You were quick to correct yourself, and this earned a chuckle from him. Whether or not he was genuinely amused you couldn’t tell, but the mood had lightened for the moment.

“Nah, it’s not stupid.” You smiled, partly because you’d gotten through to him but mainly because this was the closest you’d ever get to him admitting that you were right about something.

“Say it back.” You poked your finger in his cheek as you teased him, and though he tried to fight it off, his smile grew. “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.” he paused. “As a friend, of course.” He dodged as you tried to hit him, his deep sighs had turned into loud laughter. For the first time in a long time, he was convinced that things would turn out alright.