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There’s Something About A Man In Uniform

Based on Anon Prompt: “Owen in uniform please? Like maybe reader sees Owen and teases him a bit but also realizes how attractive he is? Thanks!! ”

A/n: Love this idea!! I hope I properly represented the uniform and his status. Thanks for the great prompt!

“Oh.My.God.” Your jaw drops open as you hold up a navy blue jacket and stare at it. When you told Owen you wanted to help him tidy up the place before you move in, you never expected to end up going through a trunk under his bed filled with his things from the Navy. He walks in the room behind you, having heard your outburst and stops in his tracks. He notices the double breasted jacket you’re holding and looks at you curiously.

“What? You’ve never seen a service uniform?”  He leans against the door frame, arms folded and you shake your head slowly.

“I’ve seen one. I’ve just never seen one on you.” You raise your eyebrows as you look up at him and a wicked grin slowly spreads across your face.

Recognition hits him and he lets out a short laugh. “No. Not a chance.”  He turns and walks out of the room and you lay the jacket on the bed, running after him.

“Owen, please? I bet you look so sexy in it.” You place a hand on his arm and tug softly, trying to turn him around to face you. “I’ll put on that little red thing you like.” You have no problem bribing him as you didn’t even know how much you needed this in your life until you found it. Now, you’re desperate to see him in his dress uniform. You’ve never even seen any pictures form his life back then and you just can’t imagine him wearing something that formal.

He turns around to look at you and you see the indecision in his eyes. “I don’t even know if it fits right anymore.” He shrugs his shoulders but you laugh and slide your hands under his button down shirt, slowly dragging your fingertips down his abs.

“Oh yeah, because you’re so out of shape.” You give him a smirk and place a hand on his cheek, puffing out your bottom lip. “Please, Owen. For me?” You know that pouting normally gets you whatever you want and you look at him with sad eyes before he closes his, shaking his head.

“Yeah, okay fine.” You shout excitedly and run back to the room, dropping to your knees in front of the chest. He follows behind you slowly and walks in to see the rest of his things already laid out on the bed.

“All of it?” He groans as he picks up the belt by the buckle and runs his thumb over the metal. You see recognition in his eyes as he looks over his old uniform and breathes out a heavy sigh before peeing his shirt off over his head.

“Wait!” You shout, “I want to see it all at once.” You playfully cover your eyes and run out of the room, hearing him chuckle under his breath.

You sit on the couch, legs crossed as you bounce up and down slightly. You wait in anticipation to see him all dressed up in uniform and call out to him. “Are you done yet?”

“No.” He says, plainly and you nod your head.

“Right, okay.” You wait a beat and then ask again. “How about now?”

“If you keep asking, I’m going to take it off!” He shouts teasingly, but it shuts you up. You’ve never wanted anything as badly as you want this right now. You watch the door intently and freeze when you see and hear the knob being turned. You get extremely excited as you wait for him to walk out and when he does, your reaction surprises even you.

You expected to see him in his uniform and think how sexy he was and how turned on you were to see him like that, but you look at him now in awe. You already know he’s clearly in great shape, but the coat hugs his torso perfectly, really emphasizing how fit he is. You know nothing about the medals and adornments on the jacket, but your brain recognizes that they signal importance. He looks at you, hat in his hand at his side, rather than on his head, and waits for a response.

You can’t help yourself as you stand up and a small tear rolls down your cheek. He looks at you with concern and moves forward towards you and you put your hands up, fiddling with his collar.

“Okay?” He says, confused. “This isn’t the reaction I was expecting.”

You smile softly and let out a small chuckle as you move a hand to his cheek, looking him deep in the eyes.

“You’re so amazing.” You say, still in awe at how regal he looks. Everything about him screams authority and respect and it’s so weird to see him like that. You let out a shaky breath and he moves his free hand to your hip.

“So, I guess that means you like it?” He asks, raising his eyebrows, still unsure of your response. You bite your lip and nod your head, before pressing up on your toes to give him a kiss.

“I love it. I love you.” You whisper against his lips and his arms wrap around you as you pull yourself closer to him. You think about all of the things he went through before the two of you met. He was a soldier and a leader. He fought for the country proudly and bravely, often risking his own life. Seeing him every day, so playful and carefree makes you forget everything he’s done. You pull away from the kiss, staring into his eyes deeply, and think about how proud you are to call yourself his fiancée.

He looks down at you proudly, with moisture in his eyes and leans in to whisper, “I love you, too.”

Perfect Imperfections || BELLAMY x READER

Oh my Goooood, I can’t even believe this! I’m posting two things today, yaaaay! So, the thing is, I wasn’t supposed to finish it today, but words kept coming, and here it is, the first Bellamy imagine I’ve written!

Anonymous asked: Can you maybe write something where you’re one of The 100 but you’re a bit clumsy and it seems that everything you try to do is meant to fail and some of the others start mocking you and you hear them say they all would be better of without you. So the next morning while all are sleeping you try to sneak out of the camp and leave but Bellamy comes after you to say that he needs you here and loves the way you are and stuff ? :) that would be really great if you’d like to do this :*

Word count: 2,548.

Warnings: none, kind of fluffy? I’m not good at it, I guess ,^^’

(A/N: Sorry I’m so slow with requests and sometimes fulfill ones asked for later and have some older sort of just stand there, but I really need the right inspiration for them, I can’t write otherwise… :/)

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Now, you see, there are people who make bad choices, mess up big time, but do it again once more. I wasn’t one of them. No, I was the kind of person who out of two options, always chose the wrong one, and repeated it three or four or ten times just to make sure I was an utter disaster.

I didn’t care whether the glass was half full or half empty, I only knew that I would surely drop that thing.

I was used to it. I was used to other teasing me about it – but it never made it okay.

All those mocking nicknames and harsh words hurt my feelings more than any injury could ever hurt my body. All the time I did something the wrong way and others yelled at me about it, I felt myself die a little bit.

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Black History Month Discrimination At School

My name is Grace Duah and I’m a senior and SGA President at West Springfield High School in Virginia and I am a member of our newly founded Black Student Union(BSU). Every year our school, with a predominantly white majority, has a MANDATORY Black History Month Assembly. And this may sound good, but it is generally a cookie cutter version of the reality, spreading an undertone of racism doesn’t exist and Black History started with slavery. Every year, black students at our school have sat in silence during this performance and taken ,with an air of denial and pain,the reality that we lack a voice in something that is supposed to be representative of us and our situation. This year BSU decided to take a stand. We respectively asked to take the assembly from leadership and plan an event that would be truly representative of black people as well as an honest look into our reality. We planned for five months, even managing to get a former employee who marched alongside Dr. King in Selma to come talk about his experiences as a protestor during the civil rights movement. Finally we would have an assembly run by black people for black people that would not only help black students at our school, but promote diverse representation for all minorities in our school. However, this past Tuesday, our sponsor was informed by another teacher that the school Administration had decided to make the assembly optional and there would be one performance instead of two. This seems small, however the assembly is in a week and to make this decision would alter the event entirely and would give us only a week to prepare despite us preparing this event for months. Along with that, this event has been required for years and years ,when it is finally in the hands of black students, it no longer is essential. Also if the teacher had not informed our sponsor the admin had no intention of informing us of anything, because apparently we are valued so little in the school they didn’t even bother telling us despite it being our program. Lastly, when things are optional students will not come and everyone including administration knows this. Their intention was to sabotage this from the foundation. Wanting to go about this in as dignified way as possible, we contacted the administration hoping to set up a meeting and discuss their reasoning and how we can go about changing it. However, the meeting only proved to solidify our suspicions. The administration, especially the principal, was very short with us continuously cutting us off and calling us “hostile”. When we even tried to express our reasoning behind wanting this assembly so badly because of past racial injustices done against us, we were told “it’s Virginia so we should be used to it”.They even went as far a saying they wouldn’t want to force students to sit through an event they cared nothing about and had “no educational value”. In the end we got a “sorry"and a “maybe a change would be done”. So basically yeah you’re offended but this doesn’t matter anyways so we’ll just let this die. Beyond just the damage this whole situation has had on the assembly and it’s potential success, the mental and emotional damage has been far worse. A lot of black students at West Springfield feel under valued and unappreciated. They feel looked down upon, that people expect them to be nothing more than negative stereotypes and they have no voice to say anything against it. Some are even verbally abused to the point where their own self image is being damaged. You hear of the protests and incidents happening in the world regarding racism, but in our very own school kids are forced to deal with little acts of discrimination that make them feel less of a person and in result these students sometimes lash out. Many a times I personally have cried myself to sleep replaying words spewed to me in the halls. Despite being a predominantly white school, the N word is used often and in a derogatory manner to black students on a daily basis. At one point kids even tried to organize a “Gangsta Out” where they would all dress up as “ghetto” gang members to a basketball game. This assembly was our chance to show black people how we wanted to be seen. Not as “gangstas” or “ratchet” or whatever negative stereotype used to keep us down, but rather as beautiful intelligent people who have gone through things yet have overcome. People who have a voice. Yes many people think Black History Month is seperatist or a waste of time and regard the assembly in the same way, but what those people don’t understand is: Black History Month is about equality and unity. It’s about showing off the side of American History not seen in textbooks. In the same way Black Lives Matter is about lifting black people to be valued and respected in the same way as the white majority, Black History Month as well as this event was designed to do the same. At the end of the day Black History is American History and should be heard. It’s hard when you walk through school and feel like an outsider due to the color of your skin , and then feel like a person. Its hard when you open history textbooks and the only black people you see are slaves or in pain, and then feel valued . Validating the black history month assembly doesnt merely validate one event but it validates an entire people who are made to believe they are not good enough with no voice otherwise. Its about educating the youth on issues that face our world today. Its not anti anyone, rather its pro equality. Showing you can be of a different race and still have the world at your finger tips, we were under the impression the school wanted that message heard, but we were proven wrong. Not only did they prove they regarded us as whiney thugs by calling us hostile for speaking our minds and our hearts; but going as far as saying this event is not educational, when not only does this event highlight an aspect of history but they force us to sit through 3-4 pep rallies a year. I know our school would love it, if we continued to be silent and let this injustice occur,but no more. Enough is enough we are the next generation and we’re tired. Tired of working to find reasons to love ourselves in a sea of self-hate. Tired of working twice as hard to get half as much as our white peers. Tired of being told we are smart for a black girl or guy. Or that we talk like a white person. No more. Personally I am a proud young black woman, with melanin skin that reflects the sun and no longer will I sit aside as injustice is being made. I am writing this post on behalf of every black student in my school, as well as every black student who has been made to feel like their feelings are less important. That their history is not valid. That they are not intelligent people destined for greatness. We plan on doing whatever it takes to get this decision repealed and discrimination and unfairness in our school exposed. West Springfield expected silence when they made this decision, but it is the age of the black revolution and they will learn it whether they like it or not: no JUSTICE no PEACE! We are black kids and we will not be silenced✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

A (Not So) Brief Explanation of Witchcraft

*Please note that this was still in the process of being worked on and edited; I don’t think I was even done with this section, despite its length. Some of these passages need heavy work, some I’m not even sure I want to include anymore. A lot of this is my own perspective and opinion on what witchcraft is - you do not need to comply to it or agree with it in any way. Open discussion is encouraged if you care to share.*

An excerpt from my (potentially upcoming) book, “Doodles That Do Stuff: A Guide to Modern Sigil Magic.”

I’m sure it’s safe for me to assume that a good portion of you picked up this book because you already know what sigils are, at least in a basic form, and are looking for more knowledge on the topic. If that is the case, then you likely know what witchcraft is as well, since sigils and witchcraft generally go hand in hand. For those that don’t know, however, I have deemed it necessary to provide a general overview of the practice… just in case.

It should be noted that you do not need to classify yourself as a witch or practice other kinds of witchcraft in order to work with sigils. Sigils can be used as boosts for the energies in general spellwork, yes, but they are more than capable and definitely powerful enough to be utilized on their own. This section is meant to provide a basic understanding of magic in general, which can help with grasping the concept of sigils. (My experience with sigils came about through witchcraft, so that is the perspective I will be writing from.) If reading this should spark a curiosity for practicing witchcraft outside of sigils, then great – I have provided book titles as well as links to internet resources for further research near the end of this book for those interested. Let it be known, however, that it is completely fine to work with only sigils and nothing else. There is also no need to call yourself a witch or any of the similar terms if you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Witchcraft is, in the simplest terms, a practice in which one can manipulate their own energies – and the energies of the world around them – to help bring about a desired event or effect. I once saw witchcraft described as “tipping the scales in favor of a certain outcome,” which has resonated with me ever since. The energies, will, and intent that are put forward when casting a spell help draw to you what you seek, and make it more likely for that circumstance to happen. There are many theories to explain how this works – as many theories as there are magic users, I’d say. To me, the one that sticks out is that the human unconscious is capable of many unexplained things; if something is focused on enough, fueled with enough energy and desire, the mind has ways of bringing that about.

Some people are very focused on figuring out the how and the why of witchcraft – what it is exactly that makes magic work as it does. There are many ideas circulating on this topic as well, including an interesting discussion on magic versus the placebo effect. If that is what you’re seeking as well, this book may not be the best one for you. That won’t be touched on a lot here, seeing as the information presented here is primarily about sigils. Personally, in my own practice, I don’t spend a lot of time on this concept either; I know, through my own experience, that magic works, and my own magic works for me. Hopefully the information you will find in this book can help you find a way to make magic work for you just as well.

Now that we’ve established what witchcraft is, I’m sure the question of “what can I do with magic?” has come up. A great aspect of the craft is the amount of area it covers, how many “varieties” of magic there are to suit many different people and needs, and the great number of things you can do with it. However, it is wise to know what magic isn’t as well. Witchcraft, in this age, is not about throwing fireballs or turning back time – nor has it ever been. Many people approach witchcraft with misconstrued ideas that pop culture and the media has presented to them. As much as we would all like to believe those things are possible, as amazing as they are, they just aren’t. For you to fully enjoy magic as it is, it is best to remove such notions from your mind – if you have any.

Spells can be used to bring many things into our lives, such as confidence, luck, money, protection, self love, and much more. Magic can also be used to banish negative presences, gross energies, or even bad habits. Those two intentions – conjuring / summoning and banishing – provide what could be called a core of what can be done with spellwork. There are many methods within witchcraft that can bring these effects about – one can work with herbs or crystals, practice energy work, create and cast sigils… the option are almost endless.

Anything can be used in a spell depending on personal associations and preferences; alternatively, some spells require nothing but your intent and visualization. If you want it badly enough, and can imagine it in your life, many see that as being enough to perform magic. It also depends on what you have access to – dried herbs and spices from the grocery store work just as well as their “organic” and fresh equivalents.There are many substitutions for the ingredients you can find in spells as well, if a certain component is out of reach, or if you just don’t care to use it. What you want to use and what you have available to you is typically more than enough for casting successful spells.

Even with the best intentions, and all the desire and intent fueling it as possible, there are still chances a spell can fail. It does not mean you are incompetent as a magic user, or that you aren’t as powerful as other people. There are a few factors that influence this – timing can be one of them, as well as conflicting energies being paired with the intent to neutralize the spell. When this happens, it is best that you reflect on what you did, and try to figure out what could have caused your spell to not work out as it should have. Many magic users keep notebooks filled with spells, and notes on said spells, for this very purpose.

If a spell doesn’t work, a second time casting it may be enough to bring about the desired effects. If it fails again, it might be best to try a new spell or alternate method. I believe that if you cast a number of spells for the same desire and none of them work, it is just not meant to happen at the time. Whatever you are seeking for you may not need as badly as you think, or you shouldn’t be focusing and trying so hard to achieve that goal, or you need to take the time and bring it about yourself with mundane methods. The same thing can be considered for sigils, in the case that it doesn’t activate or manifest as desired.

Witchcraft is not meant to be a substitution for medical attention in any way. I, and many other magic users in my online community, have been approached with many questions regarding physical and mental health, and a common answer given is, “we are not doctors.” Legally we have no right giving any person that kind of advice, nor, ultimately, are we required to. There is a firm belief that magic acts as a boost or a bolster to mundane methods… but it should never be a replacement or substitution for proper medical care or any necessary or required treatments. For your own safety, if you are concerned about a possible health issue, consult a doctor immediately.

Magic is not an end-all be-all in life. There are limits to what you can do with it, and it should not be relied on to solve every problem that must be faced in life. For one thing, it can’t solve every problem, and that was never meant to be its purpose. It certainly aids you, and makes things more likely to happen, but that is also not a foolproof guarantee. Above all else, your life is always in your hands – no matter how much magic you do, some things will never be achieved until you take that first step yourself.

Another good point to convey is witchcraft isn’t exclusively or inherently religious. It is just a practice that can be paired with a religion if that is what is preferred, but it is by no means required unless desired. (Ha.) Many confuse the practice of witchcraft with the religion of Wicca, as well; though witchcraft is a core part of Wiccan practices, not all magic users have faith in the religion or its deities, nor follow its beliefs. You may be religious in any way and practice witchcraft – either by keeping witchcraft and your religion separate, or by combining them – or not participate in any religion at all and perform magic… whatever suits your needs and preferences.