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Can we all take a moment to agree that if gabby gets to do AA therefore taking either Aly or Laurie out of AA , we’re not gonna direct our hate toward the gymnasts? Like we’re not gonna blame gabby because as much as it can be argued (and i would agree with you) that she hasn’t earned this it wasn’t her choice. And we’re not gonna blame aly if she goes instead of laurie/blame laurie if she goes instead of aly? Because it’s not their fault either they both deserve to do AA one won’t be “taking” another one’s spot. Can we do this? No? Yeah, probably not. 

So Doug Jung said that, when playing Sulu’s husband, “[he] was a little self-conscious — for [his] physical appearance. John’s a good-looking guy!” 

Now, I don’t think this guy

has anything to be concerned about.  

Therefore, I am currently offering my mortal soul for fics in which Sulu and Ben are completely in awe of each other, both convinced that the other is waaaayyy to good for them, and completely confused how they got so lucky.  

I just need all the fics of Ben and Hikaru being so adorably in love and completely head over heels for each other.  

the fact that even after all that shit ppl STILL dont get why some of us are upset, ASTOUNDS me. it has nothing to do with the other boys or pitting them against each other or who is more ~popular or whatever else certain stans think, its about niall getting shown and recognized in his OWN DAMN FANDOM for the accomplishments hes had, not only over the course of his career in 1d but all during the break as well. 

we, as niall stans, have sat by for YEARS and let it go bc well, we pride ourselves in not taking shit so seriously and not being extra as fuck, but its 2016 and we are STILL seeing the same old shit day after day. its SO easy for someone else to say “oh lets not worry about the amount of attention each of the boys get lol” like thats literally NOT what its about? we dont care about twitter followers or the amount of articles written about him, its about the fact that we as fans have literally had to sit back and watch niall constantly get over looked and swept aside within this fandom bc for some goddamn reason, whatever he does is literally NOT enough to be consider an achievement. its never enough (haha no pun intended).

hes constantly dumbed down by everyone, besides his own stans, to be nothing more than a beer drinker who loves sports. like its 2016 for crying out loud, when will this stereotype of him end?

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What fairy tail character did you love from the moment you saw them ?

These dorks :) Maybe Zeref more because I generally just love well-written antagonists. His character design kinda reeled me in from the start plus his mysterious personalit. Also, his past is really interesting and I adore conflicted characters who make the entire story more exciting.

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Your idea of hux getting a stutter gives me life. I need an entire fanfic of it. What happens when he meets his father (if he does)? Does Hux break down sometimes? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES THANK YOU

Hux would avoid his after at all costs. All correspondences would be over text. The galaxy cannot know about this. Hux knows what his father would say. /Foolish, pathetic, failure, worthless, ridiculous, weak./
Hux tries to keep his composure, tells himself he’ll fix it, he’ll figure it out.
But after his confrontation with Snoke, he loses it.
At first he disassociates. Floats away from feeling and consciousness. Accepts his fate, welcomes death. Sees all his hard work good for nothing. Slowly and slowly, he feels nothing too.
Until it all bubbles up. He tried to give orders, but Kylo wasn’t there to help. He tried to yell at him for it, but he couldn’t get the words out. He was angry, so frustrated.
When he got back to his room he went beserk. Threw things around, broke glass and chairs. He screamed until it made his voice hoarse. At least he doesn’t stutter when he screams, Hux thought.
When he finally tired himself out, he dropped to his knees amongst the destruction. Kylo entered his room, sensing it was over for now.
“I-I g-g-g-get why-why y-you-you d-d-des-st-stroy m-my shhhip,” Hux whispers. It does feel good to destroy things.
Kylo waited patiently to see if Hux wanted to say more. When Hux stayed silent he walked over to him and helped him to his bed, using the force to move the rubble out of the way. He got Hux a glass of water and helped him drink it, and stayed sitting next to Hux as he layed down facing away.
“This doesn’t dictate your life, Hux. How you decide to deal with it does.”
He leaves Hux to rest and calls a sanitation droid to clean up the mess, letting Hux cry and mourn the loss of his perfect speech alone.
The next day, Hux is back and ready to do his job as general, stutter be damned.

Me robas la sonrisa que ni yo tenia entre los labios

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