call hiddles!

Today is the day we crave most for James! (part II)

Okay, after Tom Lefroy, I believe we could use some action!

I know you guessed what’s coming next!

Oh, yes so-easy-to-love-me​! Wesley Gibson and Max Lewinsky! Let’s make this one a duo :)


almost-kisses and kisses (because they are extremely hot):

that’s all for the action chapter! see you in part III! :)


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(gifs are not mine credits to the owners)

so… @dorianslover asked me for a Cowboy Tom :D hope this is what you wanted luv *stupid tumblr someone tag them pwez*

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ok i wasn’t going to post this one but… what the hell. why not right? so here is another version of tattooed Tom. :D

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Today is the day we crave most for James! (part I)

so for my darling so-easy-to-love-me whom said this is the day for James, thought I should help her with that! :) (ahem… and myself…)

let’s start our journey with some period deliciousness shall we?

hehe, I knew you would be interested… Here we go then,

because we all know that he is quite breathtaking as Tom Lefroy…

don’t you think?

oh you need to be persuaded still?

oh, you wanted this…


ahh, he is so precious isn’t he? Okay I think we’re done with Lefroy for now!

*whispers* wait for part II

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None of these are mine by the way, credit to the maker…

Here is my beautiful king in all his gorgeous Jotun form :) Edit done by the amazing jjangredpanda *check her out* painting done my yours truly :D I love this one… :sigh: if I didn’t love Pan so much I’d have a new desktop :)

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original edit by: jjangredpanda *seriously go check her out! so awesome!!!!*

I saw this on her blog and I just had to paint it… so I asked and she gave me permission :D I LOVE THIS TO PIECES! I spent some time on it… to make it perfect…. it is after all our king in all his Jotun glory :D i’m going to dream of jotuns tonight for sure :D

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lokis-ice-queen asked for Thomas Grey :D I hope I did OK love. 

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I’m a bad, perverted girl, I know it, and I’m not ashamed of it.
Once I did a Thomas faceup commission for a customer, and I liked the result so much that I wanted a similar doll for myself. Of course, I did some alterations to faceup, like adding freckles, doing a deeper blush and changing a thing here and there…

He’s called “baby Hiddles”. Just because he’s so kawaii.
And that’s not a kilt. That’s a skirt. Just because I can. Sorry Hiddles))

The whole set took a lot of time to make, especially the curled wig. I’s my first curled wig, and it was very hard to glue the curls to the wig cap, because they sprang out and I had to press them until the glue dries out. More, I messed with the first version, making curls too thick and short, so I had to tear all the hairs out and to redo them completely.

I hoped to find a shoes of a certain design in BJD sites but despite of all the similar designs I couldn’t find anything, so I ended up making them.

You can order a faceup from me here: