call hiddles!

and of course, he wouldn’t say no…

GUESS WHAT I FINALLY FINISHED! I took advantage of today’s fortune. But please don’t forget to Save the Doodles (…and the children. And the Hiddles. His is a vulnerable species) because who knows when trouble will strike


Let’s play a game of fun distractions

Alright, soooo tonight I’m dealing with some major personal heartache and boredom, which is never a good combination lol. I of course understand there are far worse things going out in the world right now, and while I am definitely keeping all of the terrible current events, in my thoughts and prayers, I’m presently trying really hard to find a distraction from my heartache and annoying emotions.

SO I was wondering if we could all do something fun, uplifting, and/or funny together? It can be totally random…whatever comes to mind!

Laughter is the best medicine, after all, and I love love LOVE to laugh. I was thinking we could just reblog some things from this post that make everyone laugh or feel encouraged and uplifted, whatever works ^_^

I could even start a separate post from this one, talking about our favorite Hiddles/Loki and discussing all the wonderful and sexy things that he is if you guys want.

Anyone with some great suggestions, please add your thoughts! ALL are welcome to join in on this, tagged or not tagged.

The goal of tonight is to provide lots and lots of fun and creative distractions for one and all. So go forth and reblog all the awesome things! 

Also, if ANYONE is needing to vent or talk, please feel free to leave me an ‘ask’ or a ‘message’ on my blog. I have no plans tonight, so I am all yours my dears.

Reeeaddyyyy seeeeet GO!!! 

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so… @dorianslover asked me for a Cowboy Tom :D hope this is what you wanted luv *stupid tumblr someone tag them pwez*

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Today is the day we crave most for James! (part II)

Okay, after Tom Lefroy, I believe we could use some action!

I know you guessed what’s coming next!

Oh, yes so-easy-to-love-me​! Wesley Gibson and Max Lewinsky! Let’s make this one a duo :)


almost-kisses and kisses (because they are extremely hot):

that’s all for the action chapter! see you in part III! :)


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ok i wasn’t going to post this one but… what the hell. why not right? so here is another version of tattooed Tom. :D

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Here is my beautiful king in all his gorgeous Jotun form :) Edit done by the amazing jjangredpanda *check her out* painting done my yours truly :D I love this one… :sigh: if I didn’t love Pan so much I’d have a new desktop :)

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Oneshot Fanfic Master Post 10/Jan/15

Have realised i missed my mile high club fic from the last master post, plus can now add in this weeks fic, so that all my newbies can catch up on my past smut! Enjoy!

Bite Me - AU Tom Hiddleston Cowboy/Vampire Hybrid Fanfiction Smut
Rated 18+

Blood Drive – AU Tom Hiddleston/Vampire Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 18+

Cupids Bow - AU Tom Hiddleston/Cupid Fanfiction
Rated 18+

It’s a Kind of Magic – AU Tom Hiddleston/Sheriff Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 18+

Its a Monster! - AU Tom Hiddleston/Frankenstein Fanfiction/Smut/fluff
Rated 18+

Jeans - Actor Tom Hiddleston/PWP (Porn Without Plot) Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 21+

Left Hanging in Silence - Loki AU Smut One shot
Rated 18+

More Tea Vicar? - AU Benedict Cumberbatch/Vicar/Priest Smut/Fanfiction
Rated 18+

Taking Him Down a Peg or Two - Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC S&M One shot Smut Fanfiction Hardcore
Rated 21+

The Back of the Bus - AU Punk/Drummer!Tom Hiddleston Smut Fanfiction
Rated 18+

The Last Night Before War - AU Capt James Nichols (War Horse) and Lady Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey) Smut Fanfiction
Rated 18+

The Nasty Diamond Heist - AU Tom Hiddleston/Benedict Cumberbatch Hardcore Fanfiction/Smut
Rated 21+

The Mile High Club - Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC Smut One-shot Fanfiction
Rated 18+

Under the Arches - AU Jaguar!Tom AU One shot
Rated 18+

You will be -Actor Tom Hiddleston/OFC Fanfiction Smut One Shot
Rated 18+

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lokis-ice-queen asked for Thomas Grey :D I hope I did OK love. 

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Today is the day we crave most for James! (part I)

so for my darling so-easy-to-love-me whom said this is the day for James, thought I should help her with that! :) (ahem… and myself…)

let’s start our journey with some period deliciousness shall we?

hehe, I knew you would be interested… Here we go then,

because we all know that he is quite breathtaking as Tom Lefroy…

don’t you think?

oh you need to be persuaded still?

oh, you wanted this…


ahh, he is so precious isn’t he? Okay I think we’re done with Lefroy for now!

*whispers* wait for part II

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