call her queen

Not just “THE queen...”

Jon calls Daenerys her “MY queen.”

HIS queen.

If you don’t get the multiple connotations of that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Dany is destined to be Jon’s queen, his wife, and the mother of his child.

In turn, Jon will soon be Dany’s king, as well as her husband and father of her child.

I love my babies. Loved them each separately, but oh, how I love them together.

(Love them, do you hear me?! LOVE.)

anonymous asked:

What are we supposed to make of Dany's reaction when Jon calls her his queen? Is it like shock that he'd bend the knee or confirmation he loves her or what? Really having trouble deciphering that moment.

I think it’s a little of both. I don’t think she wants him to bend the knee anymore. She already promised her help without that declaration. Losing Viserion and actually feeling what it would mean to lose Jon has rocked her to her foundations. People are saying she didn’t react but I think it was shock, which is fitting for the scenario. We are probably going to see a Dany with different goals and intentions from here on.

Also, I think in this moment she has new respect for Jon. She saw him fighting, protecting his men, his bravery in volunteering for the mission even if she thought it was foolish. She’s seen his scars and realizes that Davos was telling the truth about him. So I feel pretty sure that even though she isn’t ready to say it yet, she loves him. We’ve already seen her admiring him in past episodes. Touching Drogon was huge. And now she also knows he was right all along about the WW. There have definitely been time skips so she’s known Jon for months and that means simply that she knows Jon. And let’s be real. To know Jon Snow is to love Jon Snow. 

In light of all this Dany is probably ashamed for having doubted him and so when he called her his queen I think she’s so moved because even though she is in a really vulnerable place where she might not even have faith in herself (she was wrong to doubt Jon, probably feels partially responsible for Viserion’s death, has been reminded twice that she can never have a child), Jon just declared his faith in her

That’s why her sort of sobbing and saying, “I hope I deserve it,” was so powerful to me. People call Dany arrogant and entitled. I saw none of that in this scene. She is shaken and unsure of everything and instead of criticizing her Jon has seen her courage and her compassion. It means the world to her that he believes in her.

And I do think his feelings were obvious in addition to the political or symbolic significance of him swearing fealty. I mean he was looking at her so tenderly god it just killed me. And he didn’t want to let her go when she tried to pull away. So I also believe that in light of Tyrion’s words to her that Jon is in love with her, she’s starting to realize that might be true. 

But we’ve been given every reason to believe that she feels a little unworthy of that love right now. So I think the emotional weight of it along with her grief and guilt was too much and that’s why she left when she did :(


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Shit got real and too intense for Dany. I think the reality of them being in love hit her too hard and she's trying so hard to guard herself against it. She's so scared and vulnerable. That was one of the most tender scenes on GoT tbh.

It was anon, it definitely was. Major Spoilers of my thoughts on this whole scene under the cut.

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…Ok so I did not watch the leaked episode, this is only about what I saw on Tumblr…

First, Jon calling her Dany? lmao!! Oh please come on…We got a “IDGAF” and I won’t turn back on the previous episode, plus he lied to her when she said that her dragons are “beautiful” so she doesn’t get mad…And now, Jon calls her “Dany/My queen”…This is BS, pure BS…And we don’t buy BS!

Maybe I am in complete denial idk but really this sounds “fake Jon”…He needs her dragons and without her? No dragons! As simple as that! He asked Tyrion how to convince her and he got an answer…He is saying everything she wants to hear… What’s the point? she will follow him against the WW! This is the game and he is playing.

Jon has to be “grey”…It will not be fair if he ends up being the only one with no flaws…

In 7.05 he reminds D he is king and in 7.06 he says he would bend the knee but he can’t physically and the North will accept her???!! Again BS!

Who saved him this time? A Stark, once again…A Stark that he respected and loved very much…And he will blindly serve D? Again BS! He is not an idiot…He knows the North will never accept that. They still remember the mistake Robb did…Because hey, the North remembers right?

I just hope there won’t be feelings involved from his side and I hope that when the time comes he won’t hesitate…Because if he does, then he can go back to the Wall! Sansa deserves the best and she can’t be a second choice…But actually she won’t because you know what? We had a Jon/Sansa reunion before a Jon/D meeting. Again, this is on purpose. He already loves Sansa. Period.

And btw, remember : boatsex means nothing…Just a red herring…

7x06 Thoughts.

- I don’t know what’s worst: the Hunt, the stupidity of the Hound, that Dany teletransported, THE JONERYS, or that we have an ice dragon.
- where the fuck did they get those chains from?
- benjen stark saved westeros (for a second) and he died for our sins. and you, jon snow, disgrace his memory talking of feelings with the Mad Queen.
- when the fuck did he fall in love? Can someone point out the direction to me? Last episode he was like I won’t ben the knee and now he caresses her hand and calls her his queen and dany and wants to save the realm together and have babies. what the fuck. You don’t like her and her actions and you are not the kind of guy who falls in love with a girl just because she is hot. Ygritte is screaming from her tomb.
- arya would never ever threaten sansa like that.
- where the f is bran……

firekami  asked:

so did jon give up the north then? i mean, she gave him her support and then he calls her his queen. or am i looking too far into it

At the moment it seems that is the case. After Dany saved the day having to sacrifice her child in the process and then holding off her quest for the Iron Throne, swearing that she’ll help destroy the Night King with him, Jon believes that she’s truly the best chance for his people.

The whole reason Jon wasn’t kneeling was because he was concerned for his people’s wellbeing (the flaky shits who are already turning their backs on him mind you) and now that he knows Dany will protect them, he accepts her. He never wanted to be king in the first place anyway.

“You all crowned me your king. I never wanted it. I never asked for it, but I accepted it because the North is my home. It’s part of me and I will never stop fighting for it, no matter the odds. But the odds are against us. None of you have seen the army of the dead. None of you. We can never hope to defeat them alone. We need allies– powerful allies. I know it’s a risk, but I have to take it.”

This arrangement probably won’t last for long though. Dany expresses doubt in the next episode when he pledges to her again, not to mention that in this episode her first worry was what his people would think of him.

I’m betting money that at some point early on in season 8 there’s going to be The White Wedding. It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point. The two of them getting married is a win-win situation all around.


     Jon pre 7x06: Has totally non-sibling chemistry with Sansa, gives her the North, almost kills every man who brings her up, and doesn’t seem to be into Dany despite Dany constantly shooting him heart eyes, doesn’t want to kneel
     Jon 7x06: Has the most tender and beautiful moment with Dany of the entire season, lots of hand holding and romantic looks, calls her his queen
     Sansa/Arya 7x04: happy to be back together, on a path towards reconciliation and bonding and love
     Sansa/Arya 7x05-06: In the worst sibling fight ever, seems like one might kill the other  


Like this better all be them playing the game! Especially Sansa and Arya, like they better be playing the fuck out of LF or I’m gonna lose my shit!


Meet Nikki V., the “Right in Front of My Salad?” meme’s breakout star

  • If someone told you that the breakout meme star of the summer of 2017 was going to be a woman in a man-on-man gay porn, you definitely would not believe them. And yet, here we are.
  • If you’ve been on any kind of social media in the past few days, you’ve almost certainly seen what we’re talking about: a woman, looking incredulous, taking personal offense to any number of things — transphobia, the happiness of others, capitalism itself — with six simple words: “Right in front of my salad?”
  • We spoke with the woman who started it all. She’s a model and actress who goes by the name Nikki V. — though lately, her fans have taken to calling her “queen of salad” — and she gave us the details on the meme’s NSFW origins. Read more (8/7/17)

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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Once upon a time there was a wicked witch and her name was

and there was a wicked witch and she was also called goddess and her name was
and there was a wicked witch and she was also called queen and her name was
and there was a wicked witch and she was also called witch and her name was
Morgan le Fay
Maria Leonza
and they had this in common: that they were feared, hated, desired, and worshiped.
—  Andrea Dworkin, Woman Hating

I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;

Inner Circle as high school students
  • Rhys : the popular jock, dating Feyre, also known as prom king even though they didn't have prom yet, has every girl swooning at the bat of an eye, scores straight A's, always getting Feyre gifts and flowers and calling her his queen.
  • Feyre : the popular chick, dating Rhys, gets tutored by Rhys, always blushing bc of Rhys, locker is always filled with presents bc of Rhys, also known as prom queen.
  • Mor : the hot lesbian that ever girl secretly wants and every guy openly wants, captain of the girl's lacrosse team, captain of the swim team, captain of the volleyball team, captain of the football team, Feyre's bestfriend.
  • Azriel : the quiet, brooding, emo like guy that stands in the corners, smokes weed, every guy hates bc every girl secretly has a crush on him, best friends with Rhys and Cass, still madly in love with Mor.
  • Cassian : the funny and cocky jock that everyone wants to hang out with, thinks with his dick, dated every girl on the cheerleading squad, has the librarian fainting and in a stretcher every time he walks by, lowkey trying to find his one true love.
  • Amren : the scarier version of Regina George, always wearing red lipstick that looks exactly like blood, hisses when she catches someone staring, almost stabbed a teacher to change her mark from a B to an A, always in the library and has the librarian running away and screaming every time she walks by.

Jon: *takes her hand as he apologizes*

Dany: *is teary eyed and smiles, gently pulling her hand away as she replies*

Jon: *calls her his queen*

Dany: *shakily takes his hand*

Jon: *squeezes her hand as she runs her thumbs over his knuckles*

Dany: *gently tries to let go of his hand again because wow we’re being really intimate rn and I’m not sure if it’s just because we’re caught in the moment*

Jon: *squeezes harder because he doesn’t want to let her go*