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CALL FOR SUBMSSIONS for newish indie rock zine MINIMUM ROCK AND ROLL. We are hoping to receive submissions by the 15th of each month, and publish on the 1st. Please email ACORNERSOUL@HOTMAIL.COM

Hear her story tonight at 5!

Submitted by: icameinlikeawreckingboar

We see a shot of a burned down building, a few children celebrating, and one Jona standing there facing the wrong direction, mic in hand. He coughed to one side, noticed the camera was rolling and fumbled little as he spun to face. “And I am here at the site of the incident now. As you can see the place has been almost completely destroyed thanks to the recent terror attack. However no civilians suffered more than minor harm thanks to the noble actions of one police officer earlier this morning. Just an average day, she had been begrudgingly assigned to give a talk to the children of Western high, when a group of armed men walked in and turned it into a hostage situation while she was in the bathroom, trying to sneak a smoke. One of the children had been playing with her walkie talkie and got a message to her, and soon the game was on. We do not know exactly what went on inside, but scattered reports from the children indicate at least 8 armed men and a bomb were inside. The only footage we have is from right before the explosion, shown here.” 

A clip of one officer Sejuani throwing a long lasso made out of skipping ropes from a PE class onto a lamppost across the street, grabbing a child under her arm and abseiling down out of a building, which explodes shortly after she lands. She didn’t look.

“As you can see, no child was left behind. 3 of the men behind it were successfully apprehended and the rest are missing presumed dead in the rubble. Back to the studio.

*Catchy outro music*, we see a well dressed man named Steve. “Thank you for that report Jona. And coming up after the break our very own Janna has an interview with the heroic police officer from that very incident. We also have a report on the rising price of donuts and then sports. Stayed tuned.” 


"You don’t mind if I smoke in here do you?” Sejuani strode in, lighting one up before anyone could answer. She flipped herself down in the indicated chair for her interview. She probably wasn’t even going to get paid. Apparently heroes don’t. She even got yelled at by some mother for touching her child. Because apparently carrying her son out a building that’s gonna blow up was the wrong thing to do. She was getting too old for this. 

And then she saw the pretty little thing that would be interviewing her sit down. Maybe being a hero does have some rewards after all. I mean I bet heroes get loads of action. She stubbed out her cigarette and flicked up her shades. “Well hello my dear, and what can I call you this fine day?”