call for freedom

Modern Lovers

There are no corrections
when every mistake
is intentional

Already plotted and planned

written in Sharpie
in cryptic abbreviations
on the back
of the hand of Fate,

Doom sits cross legged
on the carpet by the fireplace
playing three handed pinochle
with Inevitability
because they both know
where its all going and when,

It’s not as if

an insincere apology
for deliberate aberrations
is going to hold water
when the roof gives way
and the deluge
roars down the buckled stairs

We were made for this
before this was made for us
carefully calculating
how to follow the restrictions
of free will
to portray with utter sincerity
all the illusions delusions and lies
of the forthright deceivers
believing as a matter of principle
that having nothing
we can call our own
is freedom

I heed echos of your laughter in the corners of my mind
While I memorise each detail of your intricate design
In your hair there is a symphony
Your lips, a string quartet
They tell stories of a Neon Valley Street
Where we first met
now somewhere time pursues us
As we love in Technicolor
But I dwell in silence on your words
Which move me like none other
This time I shall be unafraid
And violence will not move me
this time we will relax
This time we will stay in our movie
I see beyond tomorrow
This life of strife and sorrow
My freedom calls and I must go
—  Janelle Monáe
a list of male excuses when called out on misogyny:
  • “freedom of speech! that means you have to shut up and can’t criticize anything I say!”
  • “jokes are just jokes! I don’t care what psychologists or sociologists or anthropologists say about their use in society! human beings are not affected by their environment, socialization doesn’t exist, culture isn’t a thing, and every idea exists in a vacuum!”
  • “you’re just supporting censorship! that’s why your critical analysis of this situation should be censored.”
  • “aren’t you the real intolerant one, since you won’t tolerate my intolerance?”
  • “you don’t have a sense of humor! I know this because you can’t possibly have a sense of humor unless you’re able to make fun of people who are suffering. that’s the best and only source of humor there is! I can’t imagine someone could have a more refined taste in jokes than this!”
  • “you’re just being a bitch! this is why no one likes you! if I keep calling you names, that’s the same as an argument! now, I am going to comment on how mean you are, completely ignoring that I am doing the exact same damn thing I’m complaining about.”
  • “being strong means having thick skin! I feel qualified to tell you this even though it’s literally impossible for me to experience the feeling I am telling you that you are obligated to feel.”
  • “but your beliefs make you a BIG MEANIE because it hurts my feelings when you accuse me of misogyny! nevermind the fact that I already hurt you, you were supposed to lay there and take it! when I said you need to have thick skin, that only applied to you, not to me! I can’t handle criticism!”
  • “your human rights and sense of dignity aren’t worth supporting unless you’re being super sweet and kind to me right after I have been very rude to you by saying this misogynistic thing.”
  • “Women can’t make feminism succeed on their own! They require men! That’s why winning over men should be the main goal of feminism. Men are the most important part of feminism! Know your place and be sweet to me or else I’ll withdraw my support for your human rights!”
  • “that isn’t misogyny at all! let me, a man, tell you, a woman, what real misogyny is!”
  • “real feminists don’t make men angry! real feminists make sure to prioritize my comfort over their own emotional satisfaction and their personal dignity! as a man I get to judge who the good feminists really are!”
  • “I’m a male feminist, that means it’s literally impossible for me to ever say or do anything misogynistic by virtue of the way I label myself. Nevermind the fact that I still act the same way as every other dude. I pay lip service! That should make me a saint!”
  • “but these other women agree with me! these are what good women look like. as a man, I get to make that decision, not you. be like these good women who agree with me! you should just agree with them and forget all of your own ideas because these women agree with me, a man!" 
  • “aren’t you being the real sexist by saying that men are sexist?”
Analysing the paintings in Blood, Sweat & Tears

Since I’m majoring in art, I asked my teacher of history of art if he can recognize the painting is this scene:

After watching the scene approx 8 times  (istg I began to regret) he told me that this painting the “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” 

If you have already read my explanation on the “Lament of Icarus” (aka the painting behing bts and jungkook @2:17 for example) then you recognized the name “Icarus”. 

If you didn’t please read it here or you won’t understand!

Nothing abnormal in this picture right? huuum look closely. In the right corner you can this a drowning man: this man is Icarus

Icarus is the courage, the adventure, he’s young. Locked by Minos in the labyrinth he has the willingness to try to escape. But his flaw/mistake was to succumb to the intoxication of the success. This painting represents the call of the freedom and the dream of escape

Apparently, the farmer with the red clothes is an allegory of the Hope (he didnt tell me why, maybe because the farmer looks like he’s always working?). This allegory contrasts with the fall of Icarus who represents the sufferings. Also this painting creates a separation between the dream (Icarus) and the reality (the farmer)

In the Mv

Taehyung also falls. But look at his face. He chose to fall and he’s happy about it. I think this represents Icarus flying before falling into the ocean, when there were no sufferings.

My teacher advised me to analyse the mv like I do with a painting or a sculpture (bc i told him that i didnt understand it lmao i wanted help), so thats what i did.


Look at the sculpture, the man (?) is about to fly (his right foot is almost in the air, his back and his right hand are moved forward), he looks confident. This man is obviously Icarus who is about to fly to escape the labyrinth.

In the myth, the wings were glued on his back with some wax (obviously hot wax, keep that i mind it’s important)

Then we see this

This scene contrasts completely with this scene:

In both scenes we see Taehyng from the back. In the first scene everything is bright, he’s smiling. In the last everything is dark, he’s in the same clothes but we can see his (beautiful) back, the light comes from above.  An the most important thing: In the bright scene Taehyung is (almost) in the air and in the dark scene, he’s not anymore, he’s on the ground.

Again in the myth, Icarus flew way too high and the wax melted, then he fell into the ocean. It means that the wings arent on his back anymore.

It looks like the supposed wings on Tae’s back were extracted. Like Icarus, he losted his wings. Taehyung flew but fell on the ground. He didn’t succeed 

Now my own interpretation of the wings: they can represent the dreams. We aren’t born with dreams like we arent born with wings. When we find our dreams, they are glued on us. They can make us happy and confident. We can fly with them. But it’s fragile! The wax can melt and we can lose our dreams easily.

Was not every human a mistake, a blunder?

Buddenbrooks, Thomas Mann

… Did we not, at the very moment of birth, stumble into agonizing captivity? A prison, a prison with bars and chains everywhere! And, staring out hopelessly from between the bars of his individuality, a man sees only the surrounding walls of external circumstance, until death comes and calls him home to freedom.

I think one of the most important things we must learn on earth is that we alsone are in control of our own life. Not society, not materialism, not negative people. We can break out from their chains, it’s called freedom.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the Hippie novels “Lonely Traveller”

At Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington, inmates participate in a program called Freedom Tails, which partners them with dogs who have been labeled as “unadoptable” and might otherwise be euthanized. Stafford Creek was the first prison in state of Washington to implement a dog training program, and the project was such a huge success that nearly every prison in the state now has a similar program. The inmates who participate in Freedom Tails go through a screening and interview process, and must not have a history of domestic violence, child abuse, or animal abuse, and they must be infraction-free. Inmates are not paid to be in the program, as their participation is on a volunteer basis. There is a very long waiting list to get in.

The dogs that come into the program are often traumatized by abuse or neglect from their former owners, and are not socialized to interact with humans. The inmates work with the dogs to overcome these obstacles and build trust with their handlers. They then learn basic obedience, potty training, and recognizing verbal and hand-signal commands. Some dogs that show a special proclivity for learning and working with humans are trained to be service dogs for the disabled. On occasion, Freedom Tails brings in dogs who already have a home, but need to be trained for specialized commands specific to their owner. For example, a wheelchair-bound woman needed her dog to be able to open doors, retrieve her medicine bag, or help her up if she fell out of her chair. The dog learned all of these skills at Freedom Tails and earned an International Therapy Dog certification.

you don’t love me
you don’t even know me

you try to pretend
that i am a piece of art
that only you can
but the truth is
that i’m a masterpiece
a classic
and you cannot
study me
until you find meaning
in me

don’t touch me
don’t want me
don’t dream of me

i belong to no one
and you are not
going to change that
—  don’t call me babe

i feel like jacob probably doesn’t give 2 fucks about america / independence day , he has like 0 national pride , but when he’s around enoch he’s all “back in america we have a little thing called freedom , u probably haven’t heard about it” and is just the most patriotic prick in the world just to piss enoch’s british ass off