call for fire

I’m reading this book called Of Fire and Stars that I bought at Powell’s in Portland and it’s a medieval fantasy novel with magic and castles and the main character is a kick-ass princess (who also happens to be able to wield magic which is incredibly shunned in their society so she’s… dealin’ with that) betrothed to a far away prince but she falls in love with his SISTER who rejects her own royalty and shoots bows and arrows and shit and is teaching the princess how to ride horses wow

Also together they’re trying to unravel all of these religious conspiracies and crimes occurring in the kingdom this is incredible I LOVE IT

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spencer, what do you like about blaine?? isnt he a little... eccentric?

Blaine is very eccentric. You’re right. But in between chess club and ap chemistry I need something eccentric so I don’t die of boredom. And trust me Blaine is the exact opposite of chess club. He actually created this thing called fire chess? It’s regular chess but the pieces are on fire.

Xoxo Spencer


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sketch of some sort (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)


| I can’t forget, with you on my mind,
                                              The moment we started to live separate lives
  |                                                           [ x ]

Morgan and Inigo give me lotsa feels when I think about Awakening bleeding into Fates. Why’d you leave your lil sis behind, Nigo-kun?

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