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VAST Zine Application
PLEASE READ: This zine is intended for non-fandom related works. This means you can include original characters, places, ideas, etc. as long as they pertain to space, space exploration, the vastness of the void (joking, but not really), etc. However, you are more than welcome to include fanart in the samples of your work! Please answer these questions as fully as possible! After submitting, please keep an eye on your email in case we send you questions c:

Applications are open! Please follow the link above to fill out and submit C: 


@wintermoth and i have been asked what the difference is between kitti (a kwami character who will be featured in our collaboration called Chanceux) and tikki soooo moon planned out this little comparison sheet and i drew it

huzzah, the difference between two sweets-loving floofers

bonus: bonding over two silly kids ♥


Love Steve/Bucky? Love American Gods? Wanna collaborate on a fic with less grumpy old dudes and more canoodling? Have deep fondness for Bucky Barnes with long, luscious hair? I’M YOUR PAL.

I currently have about 12K of a Steve/Bucky American Gods AU/crossover WIP that I started last year, and I’m looking for artists who’d like to collab with me on the fic. I already have the awesome @redwriteblue on board, and I’m more than glad to get any other interested artist to join! My 12K is so far very little plot but a lot of descriptions of Bucky’s lush hair and great taste in interior design.

Estimated word count will probably be around 20-25K. Since there are several big bangs going on, the working schedule for this fic is very flexible. I’m looking for people who’d like to bounce ideas for the plot and characters. This requires knowledge of what happens in the book, since the plot is more or less following American Gods’s general plot.

Interested? Message me for any questions or for a more detailed plot summary! I’m an excellent writer and clearly not afraid of tooting my own horn, I love yelling about fics and ideas, and my awesome collaboration credentials can 100% be backed by @sulasaferoom and @misspaperjoker with whom I’ve worked for Cap Reverse Big Bang 2017 and Stucky Big Bang 2016, respectively. (Tell only nice things about me if someone asks, guys, okay.)

I appreciate all the signal boosts that I can get, so thanks in advance!


PUNKJABI is a collaborative zine for Muslim and Hindu artists and writers.

rules: no sexism, racism, casteism, colorism, antiblackness, homophobia, transphobia, or islamophobia

email submissions to with your name and “punkjabi zine submission” in the subject

My Favourite Human - Joe Sugg

Request: Joe Sugg imagine where you’re both youtubers and you do a drunk girlfriend or boyfriend tag

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I thought I would do a boyfriend tag with Joe…my boyfriend.” You stated, laughing at your own stupidity.

You and Joe have only been dating a couple of months after meeting through Oli. He had introduced you to the crew after filming together and you and Joe instantly hit it off. You were constantly texting, calling, hanging out and even collaborating together so it was only a matter of time before things escalated between you two.

“But there’s a catch,” Joe said, jumping in on your introduction. “We’re drunk!” You laughed as Joe held up a half empty bottle of Grey Goose before taking a shot of it.

“Joe!” You said, snatching the bottle away from him. “That’s our forfeit! If we get the answer wrong, we have to take a shot, which should be really interesting.”

Although you liked to drink, you preferred to keep your partying life off your channel (other than in your vlogs) but Joe was constantly bugging you to do this video and you had to admit, the videos you saw from other Youtubers made it look like so much fun so you eventually caved.

“Now guys, please don’t drink unless you’re legal, there’s really nothing special about it so it can definitely wait.”

“Oh shush, let’s start.” Joe said, getting impatient.

“Alright, when did we first meet?” You asked him. 

“We met in January when Oli introduced us and I instantly fell for your gorgeous (y/e/c) eyes.” He explained, leaning towards your lips.

“Joe!” You said, placing your hand on his chest to stop him. “You can’t kiss me after every answer.”

“But I can’t help it, I want to kiss you all the time; drunk, sober…in my dreams.”

“I knew we should have done this when we were sober; you’re always so flirtatious when you’re drunk.”

“But you love it.” He said, placing kisses on your cheek. “Alright, which sport do I really like?”

“Rugby or Football.” You answered.

As you two shuffled through the questions, shots were taken and kisses were placed and all throughout the video, Joe kept his hand around your waist. He was always placing his hand on you as a way of saying “I’m here” and “You’re mine”. You were never too fussed about it though, you liked the thought of Joe wanting to show you off.

“Alright,” You said when it came time to end the video. “Now that we’re a little more drunk than we were before, I think we should end it here. Thanks so much for watching, make sure to like, comment and subscribe if you haven’t already. While you’re at it, make sure to subscribe to this gorgeous man,” You said, squeezing Joe’s cheeks. “and I’ll see you all next week with another video. Bye!”

“God, I love you.” Joe said, pulling you towards him, causing you two to fall backwards onto the bed. “You are my favourite human.”

You looked over at him with a smile on your face and couldn’t help but place a kiss on his lips. “You’re my favourite human too.”

anonymous asked:

im seeing things calling cholesterol harvest collaborating with katy perry as "ultimate revenge" on taylor and im just here like..................................................................lmao okay

i just…revenge for what? i’m honestly so tired of people acting like taylor played any sort of role in initiating these feuds??? like katy was horrible to her so she wrote a song in response without ever stating who it was actually about while calvin was just flat out hostile towards her on social media after she had the nerve to break up with him and admit to writing one of his songs ??? to which she is yet to respond??? at this point neither of these ‘feuds’ could be any more one sided and it confuses me to no end that people not only see taylor as a major player but the AGITATOR in these situations like fidkdkekdkks LEAVE HER ALONE

[NEWS] Listen: GOT7’s Youngjae Releases New Sentimental Ballad Track On SoundCloud

GOT7’s Youngjae shared a new song titled “Call Button” (literal translation) on his personal SoundCloud account!

“Call Button” is a collaboration song by Youngjae (Ars) and music producer J.praize. The sad ballad accentuates Youngjae’s smooth voice and proves his outstanding vocal talent once again.

Listen to the track below!

Meanwhile, GOT7 is getting ready for a comeback on March 13 with “Never Ever.” Check out Youngjae’s teasers for the upcoming album!



I met Solange through her sister. Solange had an album that came out and we collaborated on it. Well, we met in passing at one of her sister’s videos that I was directing, and then I directed one of Solange’s videos; it was our first collaboration, called “I Decided.” We met on a conference call and I totally thought she was high, but she’s just a slow talker. We worked together, we collaborated and we realized we’re of the same kind. She was living in L.A. and we just started hanging out and she became my soul sister for life.
“He’s a Charlatan”: How Trump Tricked the White Working Class
Keith Ellison opens up about the health-care debacle, winning over Trump voters, and why millennials are pissed.
By Maya Kosoff

In February, one month after President Donald Trump took office, some 400 Democratic leaders convened in Atlanta to assess the damage and elect a new Democratic National Committee chair—a perhaps unenviable job that includes rebuilding a party in disarray. While establishment candidate Tom Perez won the title, he immediately appointed his more progressive runner-up, Keith Ellison, a populist Minnesota congressman and Muslim who leads the Congressional Progressive Caucus, to the newly-created role of deputy party chair. A month later, Ellison is leading the charge against Trump’s travel ban, calling on Republicans to collaborate on infrastructure and tax reform, launching a nationwide “Democratic Turnaround Tour” to bring the party’s message to states it lost in 2016, and, among other things, restarting his podcast. We the People covers how working-class Americans affect the economy. The first episode will focus on women in the age of Trump, and includes an interview with NARAL’s Ilyse Hogue.

“If you look at the podcast in general, it really is about how people outside of the millionaire and billionaire classes experience the economy,” Ellison told me. “It really is about dealing with people who are struggling to get a union or right to work. How people’s faith informs their economic outlook. How money informs politics.” Past episodes have touched on working-class issues such as payday loans and prison phone rates. Here, Ellison talks about the recent health-care debacle, how his party can win back women who voted for Trump, and how to get millennials on board with the Democratic message.


Vanity Fair: You had a front-row seat to the G.O.P.’s health-care debacle. After eight years without the White House, is this Republican Congress incapable of governing?

Keith Ellison: It’s hard to see how they’re going to get their act together. People tend to do what they’ve been doing. So will they learn? I don’t know. We’ll see. The question is: will we learn? Will we learn that we have to promote unity, stick together, organize the grass-roots and always, always, always be on the side of the average American working person, male or female? Because women don’t get much attention when we talk about how the economy works. We sort of ignore the fact that women live longer, and therefore depend longer on Social Security, but they don’t get to earn as much because of discrimination. Therefore their pensions and retirement funds are lower. This is something the podcast is really going to focus on. We know that if we can correct this economy and make it fair and equal for men and women, America will be better off.

Vanity Fair: Republicans clearly have a different view, given how the American Health Care Act would have disproportionately raised premiums for women. What’s the strategy for Democrats going forward in terms of health care? Will you oppose Trump or try to work with him?

Keith Ellison: We’re not going to simply obstruct them for political purposes.

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