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Blogger au vibes

Modern day au where instead of midwives the girls are all successful bloggers?

Trixie runs a super well known fashion and beauty blog and is probably an asos buyer too lets be honest (did someone say dream job??) [inspo: @/meganellaby, @/shotfromthestreet, @/alicecatherine]

Patsy has a general lifestyle blog about fashion, books, travel and politics etc. Maybe works as a journalist and does a lifestyle column for The Pool or one of the lifestyle magazines in a major newspaper? [inspo: @/meowitslucy, @/hannahwitton, @/rosiannahalserojas]

Delia has a health and fitness, travel and food blog where she goes thrill seeking on holidays (patsy blogs about the culture and architecture etc, delia goes and jumps out of a plane or climbs a cliff face. They meet for dinner at a local restaurant and argue over who gets to blog about the meal. They end up taking it in turns each night.) [inspo: @/funforlouis, @/hopscotchtheglobe, @/emily_hunt]

Barbara has a cute lifestyle/ music youtube channel (not technically a blog but similar sort of vibe) where she does crafts, funny collabs with friends, is v open about life and posts the occasional cover or original song. [inspo: @/doddleoddle, @/candysomething, @/dotttiejames]


one in a million: taeyeon of snsd ::  my life is a beauty

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saw your post on americawakiewakie ----> fullpraxis now and 1. i'm really disappointed to hear/see this but 2. can you recommend better, more reliable blogs?

Any blog whose main focus is leftism/communism/marxism/antifascism/anarchism will inherently overlook or diminish the lived experience and material conditions of People of Colour, especially Black/Indigenous peoples, by which almost all other oppressions are perpetrated or predicated.

Disfruta del primer amor, aunque ten
cuidado, porque dicen que este es el que
te mata.
—  Al final de la calle 118, Clara Cortes.

It turns out Night Blogger Steven is more powerful than any of us realized


I can be your hero,

I can be your man

Parece imposible que alguien este tan roto y aun así siga respirando.
—  Al final de la calle 118, Clara Cortés.

One trend that I’ve noticed, especially with this recent wave of white bloggers calling Black ones ableist or insensitive to survivors because *spins wheel*

Is that people feel pressured into disclosing their status as a mentally ill person or an abuse victim in order to defend themselves against a baseless accusation. Some white person will come out and say some shit like “As a person with —–, this is wrong. Saying that someone is trash for sleeping with racists is, in fact, ableist.”

People who respond and disagree with them often feel compelled to reveal similar personal information about themselves just so that they can have what is seen as the authority make a common sense argument. An environment where abuse victims and mentally ill people feel the need to do this just so that they can counter blatant foolishness or even defend themselves against a baseless accusation is wild.

Feminist blog looking for bloggers!

Call to bloggers: “If you would be interested in helping run a feminist blog with 5,500 followers currently, @sorrynotsorryfeminist is looking for a couple of people to help run the blog. She just needs help posting/reblogging feminist articles and art. If anyone is interested in becoming an admin, please message @katherinethekid and she can give you the specifics!”


Oscar Isaac photographed by Mark Seliger for RollingStone (June 2016)

He’s bemused by the fervent female fan base he’s acquired, with bloggers calling him “the Internet’s boyfriend.” “The Internet never struck me as being into monogamous relationships,” he says with a small laugh. “It’s very promiscuous, the Internet.”

On that note, what’s the biggest reach that y'all have ever seen on here? There have been a lot, but one that really stuck out for me was when someone called a blogger ableist for referring to another person as ‘greasy’.

It honestly annoys me so much that anti-shippers are so insistent that shipping something problematic somehow encourages behavior.

Like. They rally so hard against abusive/age gap/problematic ships, saying shipping it makes you an abusive and/or pedophelic person.

That’s honestly so disgusting? Let me break this shit down.

1) Calling people abusers and pedophiles for being interested in a fictional thing, severely downplays the severity of actual abusers and pedophiles.

2) it’s emotional abuse to harass people and suicide bait and put people down. It’s bullying. Suicide baiting is illegal. Its toxic and it’s hypocritical.

3) you’re putting all this effort into calling out internet bloggers. Every anti I’ve seen devotes all their time to tearing down people who ship problematic ships, but can’t be bothered to talk about the actual real life abuse/pedophelia. Does it only matter to you if it’s fictional?

4) You completely disregard actual abuse survivors who use these fictions to cope. You’re calling abuse survivors abusers, you’re calling csa survivors pedophiles, you’re calling sexual assault survivors rapists. That is emotional abuse, that is manipulation, that is gaslighting.

5) idk if anyone agrees (I’m sure someone does), but hearing all these people say shippers and artists and fanfiction writers are responsible for abuse and assault occurring is so horrifyingly offensive to me as a multiple abuse and csa survivor. The idea that my ships, fanart, fanfictions, my favourite characters, has ANYTHING to do with my abuse is so offensive and I’m tired of hearing it.

My abuse has had nothing to do with fandoms. My abuse came from ACTUAL pedophiles, ACTUAL people taking advantage of me, ACTUAL people feeling entitled to me. It’s been a result of misogyny, untreated mental illnesses, male entitlement, people excusing damaging behaviors, people not taking me seriously. It’s come from a lot of things, and not a single one of those reasons had anything to do with Steven Universe villains or Gravity Falls ships or some noncon fanfiction on Ao3 or a smutty drawing on Tumblr.

6) Even if an abuser used fandom as a tool to achieve the abuse, fandom was not a reason it happened. In case you guys forgot, but this shit has been going on since the beginning of time. Abusers will find tools in anything. They don’t need tools though. Abusers will abuse no matter what.

Stop trying to strip people of their ships/favs/art just because an abuser might be using it. Fight the CAUSE of the problem. You can take away every problematic part of fiction and there will STILL be abusers, because fiction is not the CAUSE.

7) Separate fiction and reality. Separate Tumblr from the real world. Fiction doesn’t represent what the creator condones in real life settings. If you truly want to combat these problems, fight the real life problems and stop harassing survivors and shippers and writers and artists. Your ‘social justice’ helps no one, all it’s doing is hurting people.

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Oh my gosh, where can I get my hands on these freaking awesome tamagotchis you reblog? I've never seen ones like them!

Hmm I’m not sure which ones you’re talking about because I went through the tamagotchi tag the other day and was just spamming my page haha 

Most releases can be bought from this site

I’ve bought from them before, their prices are decent and they are trust worthy! I recommend taking a look through it first and finding the release you like first then youtubing a review of it to see how it works :) A lot of the newer ones were only in Japanese. Even if you don’t know Japanese they are pretty easy to figure out though and there is a youtuber and tamagotchi blogger called MrBlinky who has released some english patches for different releases. 

Also, check ebay and amazon because sometimes there will be second hand cheaper ones. 

also also check out my video from the tamagotchi store !

I have a rather large tamagotchi collection I want to make a video about but I’m waiting until the newest released comes out which is a collab with sanrio <3 which I think is april 15? I will be making a full tama collection vid after that 

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I think the belief that all 'antis' are anti shipping is one of the probs with this fandom. Having read many of their blogs, I can say a few are (militant ones 😬) but def not all, so some would be offended by being called that. These bloggers have said many times they are not against shipping per se but the actions of some, especially those who denigrate T, MM & exshippers. I despair at both sides for lumping people together and name calling. Many different opinions exist. Thx for answeringí ½...

Well, I just read that NST means “Non shipping/truther” so they ARE in fact anti shipping, aren’t they?

And I know what they say. I know what the shippers say, too.

Both groups have a lot to say about each other and every argument finds a counter argument. Both sides find a lot of negative things to say about the other group. It’s always the others who are the bad apples.

I’m not interested in this fan war. I like what I like, I ship what I ship. I love Sam and Cait and I think they’re adorable together. I’m not an ounce interested to find out what they’re REALLY in their private life, because I think their private life is for them only. Sam and Cait as I ship them are only what they publically give me and that is very likely not any less fictional than Jamie and Claire are. 

Personally, I would be ashamed to death to go and gush over their real life partners, because neither of them has publically allowed us to do so. I think it is wrong to “fan” their real life relationships, because that is indeed an invasion of privacy and even if there’s a positive intention behind it (but they must be happy if I support them?!!!) I think that’s crossing a line. It’s like peeping through a forbidden window.

So I am a shipper. A fantasy shipper and someone who doesn’t believe in Sam and Cait as a real couple, but who feels entertained by the idea of it. I think it’s romantic and sweet and exciting and I take every public picture, interview and appearance to fantasize about my ship. 

I don’t force anyone to think as I do.