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ok so…….puts hands together………..dragon!lance………………..

(also thank you so much for 1000+ followers!!! TTATT seriously it means the world to me ;;;;;)

We have reached 900 Followers!

We have finally reached 900 followers! Yay! Now I know some of you have been waiting follower after follower to hear this special gift. So here it is!

We are hosting a competition of art! There are 24 spots open for drawings. Search through our web page and find the different spots you can apply for which will be pointed out with this logo:

(Hint 1, Hint 2, Hint 3, Hint 4

Each logo that is open will have a number next to it, one person can enter multiple times AND win multiple times so send as much as you would like! 

Look at the content around each number and try to base your drawing off of that, it will raise your chances of winning. 

Each winner will get a shout out and credit for their art on the page. 

Remember the only two themes we have are ZOMBIES and HOMESTUCK.

YOUR ART DOESN’T HAVE TO BE GOOD! It can be like SB&HJ humor, inside homestuck jokes, or just silly! Although for the number one spot we are asking for your best art because where will the number one placement be you ask? 


The timeline of the Skaiapocalypse page! That’s right folks, your best Zombiestuck drawing could be right there for everyone to see!! So be creative!

The end of this competition will be the end of next month which is August! 


1. Submit the drawing in our audition form box which can be found HERE

2. No inappropriate drawings, blood and gore is okay. 

3. Fill out the audition form for the drawing (It will be on the Submit page).

4. You MUST be following the us

5. Be nice! If you don’t get in you don’t get in, oh well, people are going to lose at this!

6. If we have missing spots we might take yours back so just because you lose does not mean that you won’t get messaged later asking if you would like to take a different spot!

7. Your tumblr URL must be in the TOP RIGHT corner of the picture/gif animation so we never lose your credit! 

8. The size of the picture has to be 228x228 pixels 

9. Have fun!

Here is the format we would like your drawing submission in: 

Tumblr account (If there is more than one artist please list them all): 

Position Number: 

Drawing/Gif (if it is a gif it has to be an animation): 

If you are confused as to how to get your work onto the submission page there is a guide on the audition page (HERE) that walks you through how to put gifs on there, same concept for pictures. 

“What do I get out of it?”

You get recognition from our blog which now has 900 followers so you may get some extra commissions and/or followers. Along with the fact that your picture will NEVER be taken down nor will your credit unless you ask us to take it down. 

Calling for an artist's help!

Myself and Kezia, being artistically inept, need some help from one of you lovely, talented people.

We want to make little banner/header type things for our bigger, mulit-part fics. The thing is, we don’t know how. This is where you come in.

If anyone is particularly good at that photo, computery, artistic stuff, then please help us!

At the moment we’re going to try and get one for Through the Window. If anyone wants to give it a go please message us and we can discuss everything!

Similarly if you know anyone who might rise to this task, feel free to pass it on, reblog the post etc.

We’re desperate here folks.

anonymous asked:

Ahhh in case you need someone to block there's a very popular porn artist called s/ha/dman who is blatantly racist/anti-Semitic/transphobic/etc :( he draws cp of popular children's characters/'raceplay' porn/characters in nazi uniforms/futa / etc !

^ signal boost for anyone who wants to entirely avoid this sort of thing!

kawaiijapantattoolover  asked:

Exactly! And with those kind of "pranks" they're making fun of real victims and they don't give a shit. And if an artist calls their asses out they get all offended and shit and try to make that artist look like the bad guy like nope, now you take responsibility of your acts.

I remember I saw a group on twitter thinking thar they were getting called out on their behaviour by an artist and suddenly everyone was going private, being like “better keep on the low” and “no one snitch on us”…bunch of idiots. Can’t wait till their accounts get deleted or something

Get to know me

I was tagged by @xxlashtonxjonnorxx and @timetosaylashton :)

Rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

Name: Julia

Nickname: Lia mostly but sometimes Juli.

Gender: female

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: usually don’t measure in inches and stuff but i think I’m around 5′5 or 5′6

Sexual orientation: straight

Favourite colour: blue or pink

Time right now: 12:08am

Average hours of sleep: either 2 hours or 12, there is no in between 

Lucky number: 29 i think

Last thing i googled: Emotional roadshow merch (haha love me some merch)

Favourite fictional character: hm probably rapunzel from tangled

Number of blankets I sleep underneath: uhh none cause I have a duvet, I think its called

Favourite band or artist: okay so I have a lot but my two most important are The Vamps and Twenty One Pilots

Dream trip: New York, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, San Fransisco, Brazil, Barcelona, Tokyo, Croatia…. lots and lots of places

Dream job: i have no idea ahaha, but maybe something to do with helping people or animals. or working with music and radio maybe, and would really enjoy getting to travel lots and seeing the world, oh or under water life and maybe fashion cause i love that too.. okay I could go on forever.

When did you create this blog: hmm.. I think October or November 2015

What do you post about: anything my brain is obsessed with that week, I have no structure on it whatsoever.

What made you decide to get a tumblr: I was feeling lonely and needed a distraction

Do you get asks on a daily basis: no, and my ask is closed

What made you choose your url: well I’m called Lia and idk does that rhyme with tortilla? here it does so that’s why it’s my url. I’m so boring. 


Im not gonna tag anyone sorry don’t want to bother you. Byeee

What TIME is it?!  Time for our all-new, second and most mathematical Adventure Time Design Contest!!!

Click HERE to Visit Our Contest Page & Begin Submitting Entries!

Our first Adventure Time Design Contest was one of our most exciting and chock-full of whimsical, brilliant and totally rhombus designs. The winners have gone on to be among our best-sellers, we have been so excited to bring you another Adventure Time competition… and now it’s here! With a grand prize of up to $2,000 for the top rated design! You can submit your entries from now through November 19th.

And this time our AMAZING Guest Judges are:
- Flame Princess herself, Jessica DiCicco!
- The one and only BMO (*and* Lady Rainicorn!), Niki Yang!
- Plus, Hot Topic will choose a design from among the finalists which will be available exclusively in their stores!

Get designing, adventurers… and as always, GOOD LUCK!


Hello everyone! The Ladies of Literature project is pleased to announce that we’re beginning work on Volume 2! We’re hoping to make this book even bigger and more beautiful than Volume 1. We’ve invited our Volume 1 veterans to come back to contribute, but we’re looking for even more fresh talent to fill the pages!

For those who don’t know, Ladies of Literature Volume 1 was an illustration anthology that celebrated our favorite female book characters and authors.

This time around, we’re still working with the same premise, but we’re placing a stronger emphasis on illustrations that tell stories. We want well-composed illustrations that showcase exactly why you fell in love with your character or author. Make us want to pick up their stories for ourselves–like the ultimate book recommendation.

The book is going to be Kickstarted to cover cost of printing and compensation for all contributing artists. All artists will get a copy of the book. Any remaining Kickstarter and book sale funds will be donated directly to in-classroom childhood literacy projects via

(That being said, obviously this is a project that may include copyrighted characters so if we run into legal trouble, we’ll have to shut the whole thing down.)

We’re aiming to have 75 artists in total so if you’re interested in participating, fill out this Google Form with your name and portfolio by AUGUST 31, 2014. We’ll notify our final choices by mid-September. Thank you! So excited to see all of your work!

Call for Feminist Art

I’m putting together an online exhibition for contemporary feminist artists!

This exhibition will be a collection of contemporary art submitted by women and female identifying artists in attempt to claim a space for women’s voices in art. The artwork featured in this exhibition directly relates to feminist issues as a whole, but also the experiences of women artists and the space they inhabit in the art world.

The final date to submit your work is November 23

The guidelines for your submissions are:

  • Images must be high quality. You can photograph or scan your work, but they must be high resolution. I would prefer .png or .tiff files but .jpeg is ok if the resolution is high.
  • You may submit up to 3 works.
  • With the image of your work please include your full name, the title of the piece. the medium, the dimensions, and the year it was made.
  • You may also submit an artist statement for your work(s). I would like to have around 10 artist statements for a more in-depth and educational section of my exhibition.
  • I will accept artwork of any medium.
  • By submitting your work you are agreeing that I can use it in an online exhibition that will be available to view in early December

Email your submissions to me at
Calling African Creators: Disney and Triggerfish Want Your Animation Ideas
Disney and Triggerfish are launching an animation development program exclusively for African directors and writers.

With the success of feature films like Adventures in Zambezia and Khumba, South Africa’s Triggerfish Animation Studios is on the rise. And its pan-African profile should grow after the recently announced launch of Triggerfish Story Lab, a $3.5 million initiative between Cape Town-based Triggerfish, South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry, and the Walt Disney Company.

An all-star panel of Disney and Triggerfish development execs and artists, crowned by Aardman co-founder Peter Lord, will evaluate entries, which must be received by August 31 from African citizens or permanent residents aged 21 and older. Other panelists will include Lion King co-screenwriter Jonathan Roberts, South African storyteller and activist Gcina Mhlope, and comedian David Kau.

Selected participants land weeks of workshops (at both Triggerfish’s studio and the Disney lot in Burbank), mentoring, and financial support, as well as a relationship with the William Morris Endeavor agency. If a creator’s film is selected for feature production, the creator will receive R1 million (approximately US$80,000).



do you like PJO? do you art? do you wanna collab with other artists to produce something fun and cool like this and this?

Then read below!


Then here is the script!

And questions, comments, concerns, send me a message or ask!



Cardcaptor Sakura is a Japanese shoujo manga written and illustrated by CLAMP. The first chapter came out on the monthly magazine Nakayoshi on May 1996, making the series 20 years old! It’s time to celebrate this special occasion.


RELEASE is a a collaborative Cardcaptor Sakura fansize dedicated to celebrate the story of Sakura Kinomoto and her hunt for the Clow Cards.

Organized by Shouri, the goal is to release a full color, 6"x9", all-new original art, fan-made book. Once finished the book will be up for pre-order. Contributors will receive free copies to own and sell themselves, and all extra proceeds will be going towards printing extra copies to distribute among the artists.


Send an e-mail to with the subject “RELEASE ARTIST APPLICATION”. Tell us your name & a link to your portfolio/tumblr art tag/deviantart folder (ie: make it easy to see your best artwork!). DO NOT MAKE ART FOR THIS YET! We will review all applications and reply back!

Artist applications will be open until March 14th! :) E-mails will be replied on the following week, and a new update will be posted March 23rd.


Follow this blog for news, or follow the hashtag #ReleaseFanzine on Twitter!

This year, The AfroFuturist Affair Annual Charity & Costume Ball has expanded space-time from one evening to a month-long celebration of Afrofuturism.  In addition to the 4th Annual Costume Ball on Saturday, November 8 2014, we will have events throughout November, including workshops, dance party, readings, book club, film screenings, art exhibit, and more. We are seeking self-identified AfroFuturists to perform or display their Black sci-fi, spec-fic, and Afrofuturistic themed work at the Ball. We are also seeking submissions for workshops and presentations.

We need: Authors, Poets, Inventors, Vocalists, Rappers, Visual artists, Performance artists, Filmmakers, Dancers, Designers, Musicians, Magicians, Producers, Metaphysicians, other creatives/creators

Deadline to submit: Sunday, October 5 2014

This month we will explore the theme of Black Holographic Memory, the collective unconscious memory of Black folk through all permutations of space-time. Like a hologram, each individual contains the whole of the collective memory - we must simply learn how to access it.  We appreciate afrofuturistic and speculative works that incorporate this theme or hints at ways to access the memory hologram (however you interpret it).

To share your ideas, talents, and proposed performances for inclusion in this year’s celebrations, please email by October 5, 2014 with the below info, and “Charity Ball” in the subject line.

Name or Organization:

Contact info (email/phone):

Title of proposed performance/display/workshop:

Brief description of proposed performance/display/workshop:

If available, attach at least one image or video URL illustrating what you do. It can be a past example or a sketch of the proposed idea.

Website (if available):

If you are interested in sponsoring, vending, or volunteering, please submit an email to We are able to offer promotion and advertisement space to all sponsors. Vendors will be charged a low registration fee.

Photos of Past Charity Balls:

The AfroFuturist Affair Charity & Costume Ball

The Museum of Time

Dark Phase Space

We are pleased to present Magpies: A Book of Muses! An artbook of beauty and inspiration. 

It is said that King Pierus named his daughters after the nine muses, claiming that his daughters were more beautiful and talented than the muses themselves. The muses punished King Pierus by turning his beautiful daughters into magpies.

For each artist, inspiration takes different forms, we are curating an artbook that will characterize that fire of inspiration that is lit in each and every one of us. We are using this book as a celebration of the passion and imagination that allows us to keep creating.

We are gathering artists to create their own personification or representation of who their muse is and we are using these pieces to fill a colorful and inspirational artbook.

If you are interested in having your work featured in this artbook please submit to

Submission guidelines are under the read more.

Watch for our Kickstarter campaign for the printing of the book! We are hoping to get it started once we have at least 20-30 artists, with ongoing applications as we begin the campaign!

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated :)

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‘Digital Native’ is a non-profit zine about early web culture. This means all the stuff we were obsessed with back in 2005. We’re talking about Homestar Runner, Neopets, dollmakers, forum sites, RPing, Salad Fingers, Albinoblacksheep, ‘vintage memes’, AND MORE!

We’re looking for artists and writers who are inspired by the clicks and scrolls of yesteryear who want to get involved with this project!


‘Digital Native’ will be a digital zine (8.5″x11″ .pdf file available for download) that will contain written pieces, illustrations, and comics relating to what we’re calling ‘early web culture’.


Once the zine is finished, it will be for sale on gumroad (or a similar platform) and all profits will go to Fierce NYC - a reputable organization that builds leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color in New York City. Really…they are AMAZING and you can learn more about them here! We will operate with full transparency and post updates regarding the donation process on this tumblr for our supporters to see!

The zine is run by @madygcomics​ and @ilanablady​, two artists who have forged a deep bond and friendship partially due to goofy web memories like these.


Send an e-mail to with the subject “ARTIST(or WRITER) APPLICATION”. Please include your name, the best way to contact you, and a link to your portfolio/tumblr/wherever you post art. You may also attach images to the email for review. DO NOT MAKE ART/WRITE FOR THIS ZINE UNTIL YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN ACCEPTED.

Applications will be open until March 12th! After the deadline, the ‘zinerunners’ @ilanablady​ and @madygcomics​ will review and reply to said applications. Additional updates will be posted by the end of the month!


Follow this blog for news and updates, or follow the #digitalnativezine tag on Twitter!

Call For Submissions! COMFORT FOOD ZINE!

Hello again, artists, writers, and food-lovers! I am now accepting submissions for COMFORT FOOD ZINE, the successor to 2013’s FOOD ZINE, scheduled to debut this spring!

Comfort food can be anything! I want to hear about your mom’s mac & cheese. I want to hear about that time your friend made you chicken noodle soup when you were too sick to get out of bed. I want to see your illustrated tribute to roasted brussels sprouts. I want to know all about that greasy fast food you get to cheer yourself up at the end of a bad day. I want to know what foods just plain make you feel good!

You may interpret the idea of “comfort food” however you wish, just be sure to focus on the positive aspects of food and eating! You may submit anything from single page illustrations to illustrated recipes to multi-page comics.

The due date for Comfort Food Zine submissions is February 16th! Please email your submission (and any questions you may have) to laurenmichelejordan AT gmail DOT com!

  • I am NOT looking for completely finished comic and illustrations! What I am looking for are completed scripts, thumbnails, and one complete page as an example of what your final submission will look like. If you are submitting a single page illustration, please have a finalized composition and linework.
  • You may submit previously created work you own the rights to and that has not been published elsewhere as long as it fits the theme of Comfort Food.
  • Notification emails will be sent out starting February 23rd.
  • Accepted submissions must be completed by March 16th to be included in the zine.
  • An indiegogo campaign will be held March 1st - March 30th in order to raise funds for printing and as a way to take pre-orders.
  • My goal is that all artists published in Comfort Food Zine will be provided with multiple copies of the Zine to keep, sell, or give away as they wish. This is dependent on the content that is submitted and accepted, however… if the majority of submissions are single-page illustrations, I will have to accept more artists to make a full zine, and therefore won’t be able to give each artist as many copies. If necessary, I will divide books among artists based on the number of pages published to make things more fair. All artists will be provided with copies of the zine if they want them as long as the zine receives enough funding to be printed.
  • You do not need to live in the US to submit to this zine, but if accepted you may need to pay a small shipping fee to receive your books if you live outside of the US.
  • Pen names are totally fine as long as they are not offensive.

Some things to keep in mind with submitting:

  • The finished book will be 6x9 inches.
  • The book will be printed in black/white/greyscale.
  • Submissions may be between 1 and 8 pages.
  • You may submit scripts in the body of your email. You may also send a .txt or .doc file.
  • Please submit thumbnails/comic pages as a single 300 DPI .PSD file with each thumbnail/page flattened on a single layer. Please name your layers with the appropriate page numbers. Please use your name as your file name.

I want to accept as many artists as possible, but please remember that this is a curated zine and not all submissions will be accepted.

Thank you all!

PS: If you need some inspiration, consider downloading the original Food Zine on Gumroad! It’s free, but any dollar amount you enter is donated to the Chicago Food Bank.