call for abstracts


Aries: New years midnight. Fireworks go off and music plays. Everyone is kissing and drinking champagne. Pulling your coat tighter to you and bracing the cold. Eyes glitter and hands shiver

Taurus: Arizona, dry and barren. Sitting atop a cliff and watching an orange drenched sky set over a green and beige land. Standing up and screaming in an empty void. No one hears you but you feel good

Gemini: A birthday party at an amusement park. The anticipation you feel while waiting in line to ride the biggest ride at the park. Eating churros and birthday cake ice cream till you throw up

Cancer: Late night movies and pizza. Building blanket forts and crawling under with pillows and food. Cuddling and burrowing your face in the nape of your s/o neck. Staying up and talking and laughing long after the movie ends

Leo: The feeling of the ocean on a hot summer day. Picnic-ing on the hot sand surrounded by friends. Walking along the beach at sunset. Singing iconic songs around a fire and staying up way past midnight

Virgo: Walking the streets of a rainy city. Taking cover under a tarp. The warm you feel when you walk into an aesthetic coffee shop. The sip of coffee. Curling up on the couch and reading a good book

Libra: Hiking in the woods. Deep breaths you take to push yourself forward. Motivating others to keep going. Hearing the sound of the waterfall in the distance. Crisp water. The cool wind against your neck when you reach the top

Scorpio: The neon lights of Vegas. The electricity in your blood from the excitement of the city and its’ people. Stuffing yourself at an over priced buffet. Viewing the city from a skyscraper. Hearing muffled honking and screams from below

Sagittarius: Keeping a journal in your bag. Crossing off things from your bucket list. Bungee jumping in a foreign country. Trying new foods and cringing at the smell of it. Starting over. Creating a new persona in a new place

Capricorn: Art museums. Interpreting a piece from your point of view. Driving home in wonder. Being inspired to create your own art. Splashing red on a white canvas and calling it “abstract art”. Dreaming of being a millionaire

Aquarius: Making eye contact with someone from across the room and not looking away. Looking down at the ground and blushing. Time stopping. There’s only the two of you, everything goes dark. Your future flashing before you

Pisces: Pointing to a random place on a map and traveling there. Taking so many pictures that your camera becomes a part of you. Wearing aesthetic clothes. Looking at little cakes in a cute cafe. Eating ice cream by the pier

Beauty? It seems to me that beauty is an example of what the philosopher’s call reification, to regard the abstraction as a thing. Beauty is a series of experiences. It is not a noun. People have experiences. If they feel an intense aesthetic pleasure, they take that experience and project it into the object. They experience the idea of beauty, but beauty in and of itself does not exist.
—  Louise Bourgeois from a conversation with Bill Beckley, 1997

cool and fun things in software engineering

me: *writes up code edits, gets it working, fills out pull request* Hey I made these code changes so now it does This New Useful Thing, feedback?
more experienced coworker: Cool, but it would be more robust and more efficient to *restructure the code this way*
me: Oh yeah, you’re right. Will do.
me: *has literally no idea how to restructure it*

Sweet like caramel macchiato. (sugakookie AU)
External image

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

Summary: Yoongi likes americano’s, but Jungkook thinks he’s sweet like his caramel macchiato.

Genre: fluff

Min Yoongi (Suga):

  • Intern at Bangtan Records (Music Producing Team)

  • 24 yrs old

  • Family members: father, mother, twin sister Yoonji, older brother

  • Friends: Namjoon, Hoseok, Jin

  • Likes: music, rapping, Kookie, coffee, Min Holly

  • Dislikes: crowded places with a lot of noise, brussel sprouts

  • Underground rapper name Agust D

Jeon Jungkook (Kookie):

  • Art student at Seoul Institute of the Arts

  • 19 yrs old

  • Family members: father, mother, older brother

  • Friends: Jimin, Taehyung, Jin

  • Likes: art, sweets, singing, dancing, memes, Suga, coffee, working out, Justin Bieber

  • Dislikes: being stressed out, how much time it takes on a project, one of his professors

  • Came up with Yoongi’s nickname “Suga” while baking sugar cookies

    • “Suga! And I’ll be Kookie! Suga Kookie!”

  • Tries to be happy all the time and bottles up negative emotions (which isn’t wise)

  • Majoring in graphic design, minoring in fine arts

The meeting

  • Cute guy in a suit came to complement Jungkook’s portfolio

  • BANG! Eyes meet!

  • Oh! He’s cute, don’t you dare screw it up Jeon Jungkook not this time

  • “Name Jungkook mine is, Hi”

  • Good job, boi

  • Jungkook doesn’t know how to talk to people (too shy)

  • Yoongi smiles

  • Jungkook’s heart flutters

  • Yoongi wants to know more about this kid and his talent

  • Jungkook couldn’t say “no” to a coffee

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Adolph Gottlieb
Oil on canvas
72 x 60”

“Different times require different images. Today when our aspirations have been reduced to a desperate attempt to escape from evil, and times are out of joint, our obsessive, subterranean and pictographic images are the expression of the neurosis which is our reality. To my mind certain so-called abstraction is not abstraction at all. On the contrary, it is the realism of our time.” 

– Adolph Gottlieb 

taetaereporter  asked:

Hi I am an INTP n have often been dismissed as irrational when I speak. However, I feel my ideas or thoughts do make sense, but I hv great difficulty trying to explain them to others. Furthermore, I realise I sometimes speak too abstactly n end up looking like a fool when I cant seem to spell it out. I hv tried to share less of my ideas but cant help myself when I feel enthusiasic abt the topic, so I seem to have resigned to the fact that I am illogical now. Is there anything I can do about it?

It’s not that they see you as illogical, it’s that they don’t understand.

I have never seen a type more capable of what I call “high abstraction” than the INTP. This is because Ti is abstract in and of itself, and Ne is abstract also – so when put together, the NTP becomes capable of speaking without any tangible perimeters. I grew up in a house with an NTP brother, and I see him almost daily as an adult, and he still speaks on such an abstract and “vague” level even on simple things that it can throw people unfamiliar with his brain function and process for a loop.

He is often frustrated, both by his inability to articulate himself simply, and with other people’s inability to follow his complex train of thought. If they ask him for specific examples, he struggles to find them – because everything in his mind is an inner web of connected abstract ideas and possibilities. If you present him with a moral argument, he can construct, within five seconds, a made up scenario (without specifics, again) in which that moral truth becomes irrelevant or is challenged by circumstances. His annoyance with singular perspectives frequently conflicts with his own desire to FIND a moral truth from an objective perspective.

Most people cannot communicate on his level, and do not always grasp what he means; so his frustration intensifies, because he cannot make them understand what he is actually saying.

I have seen other NTPs, especially INTPs, take a very slow, repetitive, and methodical approach to explaining their ideas – with the belief that if they can achieve “correctness” and “precision,” they can somehow dampen their Ne and subdue it into a method others can easily understand; this sometimes works and sometimes does not, but can seem too repetitive (”You said that already… just with different words”) to other types. Ti tends to self-repeat, possibly out of an inner awareness that it may be misunderstood.

In short, what you experience is a normal frustration for the NTP types. NFPs experience some of this also, in that their thoughts are so scattered and fleeting that they too can struggle to grab hold of them and put them into words, but they have the benefit of Te-bluntness which allows them to bounce between Ne/Te and self-correct AS THEY SPEAK. NTPs don’t have that luxury and as a result, high abstract communication is a natural “problem” when it comes to communicating.

I asked my ENTP friend what he does about it, and he says talking to oneself helps refine communication. If he can sort out his thoughts and ideas alone before he tries to communicate them, he can often find greater precision and clarity, as well as consider all potential side arguments (Ne), which enables him to think them through and form alternative arguments (Ti) in advance, so he has less improvising to do once he breaches the subject.

You may also try writing your ideas down; seeing it on paper may enable you to find a better method in which to explain it simply. (This may or may not be useful; but I have seen a continual progress in my NTP brother over the years as he has taken to using writing as a communication method. His ideas and thoughts started out entangled, confused, and abstract; and now are much more straightforward and ‘with a purpose’ – practice has helped him refine his thoughts. I’ve also found greater clarity for Ne by writing things out. Seeing it on the page helps me organize it into a shape that makes sense, whereas in my head it’s a tangled mess of profound but incomplete thoughts :P)

- ENFP Mod

Not to force my opinions on anyone buuuuuuuuut… elementary school!Amis is the purest AU on the planet, like:

- Fifth grade Enj trying to start a protest because Kindergarteners shouldn’t be the only ones to get nap time (not that he ever slept during nap time but eVERYONE DESERVES THE OPTION OKAY??)
- Ferre drawing crayon moths on EVERYTHING and his teacher is just so done. “You HAVE to do the classwork! You can’t just draw on it! If you can draw a moth, you can write a compound sentence!”
- Whenever someone sneezes, Joly starts crying. A kid tried to pick on him for it, so R poked him in the eye and got sent home. This was the start of their friendship.
- Bossuet thought the whole ‘boys pulling girls’ hair to show they liked them’ thing was okay riiiight up until Musichetta spun around and slapped him across the face. He apologized and brought her a flower at recess every day for the rest of the year.
- No one can prove its him, but every time there’s a test in R’s math class, all the test papers go mysteriously missing.
- Bossuet is the only kid in the class whose dog has ACTUALLYA eaten his homework.
- Half of the school thinks that Jehan is an actual fairy because of his long hair and flower crowns and the way butterflies always seem to land on him when he goes outside.
- Feuilly secretly brought his pet snake to school in his backpack once, but it escaped. Bahorel walked from classroom to classroom, hissing, until it came slithering out to him. From then on, several kids called him the Snake Whisperer.
- Cosette is like a hurricane in art class. A spotless table becomes a huge mess of paint and glitter and ribbon the second she gets near it. The other kids laughed and said she was bad at art, but R called it /abstract/, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

i’m no political scientist, but i constantly find myself torn between “there are tons of perverse incentives out there that the government can and should act to regulate out of existence”, and “practically speaking, a huge amount of our regulation is useless or counterproductive and ‘deregulation’ is a worthy goal in light of this”

(particularly since the things that actually get regulated and deregulated only bear a vague resemblance to the things that ought to be regulated and deregulated, but everyone on earth has different opinions about which things those are, so… hardly a useful thing to point out.)

but it seems to me that a productive compromise between “we need lots of regulation” and “we have tons of shitty regulation that needs to be removed” would be… what if every law we passed came with an expiration date, after which it needs to be actually reviewed for effectiveness before being renewed? because it seems to me that “does this regulation stay or get removed” is a question currently resolved by “does this ever get brought up, and if so, is the Regulate Things More Party or Regulate Things Less Party in charge at the time?”

my worry is that a situation like this would fail because “review legislation for effectiveness” would either be vague enough that who’s-in-power-right-now would still determine the answer, or strict enough that you’d end up with people attempting to selfishly game the evaluatory metrics to control legislation.

also, some legislation is attempting to influence broad behavior patterns in a way that we can’t measure effectively- if our best social science experiments routinely fail to replicate now, how much worse would it get when political interests get tied up in the outcomes of experiments? kind of a nightmarish thought.

still, would it be better than the current system?