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Lmao u werent this woke when gigi did all those racist shit get out of here loooool

When gigi is wrong she should get called out. (And she is!!) Its ugly as fuck that she never apologized for that photoshoot or the cookie thing. But I just think its funny that posts calling gigi out on tumblr dot hell or twitter dot ugly get 80k notes but perrie is just being funny and quirky but anyway,

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Ok but maggie calling her alex while dropping another iconic speech... ugh. Please. Marry already. My headcannon is that alex forbids maggie to call her danvers in bed, "it sounds like you're mad at me :(" "Ok, no more danvers in bed. Only alex... Maybe Alexandra?" "Omg no...I mean... let's try just one time"

Ugh. Please. Marry already.

Just little LDR things:

  • Napping at odd hours with your phone clutched in your hand so you’ll wake up when your boyfriend messages you “good morning”
  • Describing the best hypothetical cuddling scenarios in graphic detail
  • “Kiss me” “I just did”
  • Arranging pillows on your bed so you can pretend to fall asleep next to him
  • That horrible feeling in your heart when the call drops and you can’t hear his voice anymore
  • The breathless feeling you get when he buys the tickets to come see you (and every time you remember he’s coming)
  • Memorizing timezone conversion charts
  • Trying to pack months’ worth of romantic frustration into a few days
  • Knowing how good you’d look in his clothes but not being able to steal them because he’s so far away
  • The moments after you end a conversation so one of you can sleep or go to class and everything suddenly feels a little empty

The culture of college education in this country is so frustrating to me, because it ends up feeling like life and death when it really really shouldn’t. Failing an exam or dropping a class or taking more than four years or even dropping out of school shouldn’t feel like the end of the world, and we all know this, rationally, at yet they do. 

(And people who went to college when you could basically always get into your first choice school and pay for the entire year with your summer job busing tables, perpetuate this by making everything about arbitrary metrics of ~success~ rather than happiness/general life satisfaction).

And yeah, there are a lot of cultural and societal factors at play, not least of which is the way that our education system treats college like the goal, something that must be harnessed to guarantee the highest possible earning potential, a necessity for future success and happiness. 

But expecting to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re what? 17/18/19? is ridiculous. Hell, I’m in my twenties and in grad school and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life most days. Basically no one I graduated from college with is doing what they ultimately want to do (if they even know what they want to do). 

Idk idk. Life isn’t linear and it’s a lot longer than it seems when you’re 19 (which I realize is rich coming from me, the 23 year old), and they way we treat college is kind of (very) fucked up. 

“Where were you when you found out you’d booked the show?”

Chris Lee: “I was in Walmart buying some cocoa butter, and I got the phone call and dropped my phone and the butter. I went up to this older lady and shook her and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m in Hamilton.’ She screamed.”

Jose Ramos: “My wife’s reaction [was better]. I called her and said: ‘Hey. We’re going to move to Chicago. I got the job.’ She said: ‘Let me call you right back.’ She called her job and said: ‘Hey, y’all, I quit.’”

Lexi Lawson: “I screamed so loud. It definitely sounded like someone was being murdered.”

5 Things You Need to Know From BroadwayCon’s Hamilton Panel

Fic Masterlist!

ok, since the lovely anon asked, here it is:

Elorcan :

“I need this” prompt: X

Elucien : 

A Sorta Fairytale: X

Feysand :

Starshine: X

Moriel :

angsty smutty fic(nsfw): X

“Can I tell you a secret?” prompt: X

Amongst the Quiet Things: X

Nessian :

The Killing Moon: X

Nesta feat. Suriel: X

“Person A suspect the new neighbors are serial killers. Person B attempts to placate them.” prompt: X

Drunk!Nesta: X

Lullaby: X

First time nsfw: X

“ Person A is having a phone call with their friend/boss/relative and cannot drop the call. Person B becomes impatient and starts distracting them (nibbling their ear, kissing their neck). This leads to awkward stutters and gasps over the phone. Bonus: The person over the phone understands what’s going on at the other end and tells A to ‘go enjoy themselves.’ ” prompt: X

Illyrian!Nesta wingsin: X

Wicked Games: X

First Kiss: X

Home: X

Se Trouver: X

First-time thingie number 2: X

Rixalata: X


Cassian feat.Suriel: X

Invisible!Cassian: X

A Court of Wildness and Ice: X

Wingsin: X

“On location in Mississippi, Elizabeth Taylor threw off her sombre mood and left the rest of a marooned cast speechless when she bounced out on the balcony of the film-set house and into the pouring rain. In checked cotton pyjamas, she played and danced like a twelve-year-old, shaking her head free of drops and calling to the others to join her. Ever since she was quite small, she has hated to wear shoes, and her unconventional–or at least decidedly informal–outfit suited her mood exactly.“


At some point of his life, Kageyama became the best setter of Japan and then one of the youngest and greatest of the world. He’s like 22years old and after an Olympic match, with a gold medal on his chest, an interviewer from the NHK just stops and asks him some questions.

Interviewer: Kageyama-San what can you say about this Olympic? It’s your second time in this court.
Kageyama: Yeah, it was knif.. nice.
Interviewer: What about you? We know that Oikawa-San was your senpai, did he taught you something?
Kageyama: I learned everything I know from a magnificient senpai called Sugawara. *drops the mic and leaves*
Interviewer: …
Team: …
Sugawara: *at home, on the couch, passes out*
Daichi: I can’t believe he really… *holds Suga*
Iwaizumi: Chill, you never really taught him how to improve himself.
Iwaizumi: Babe, shut up. The cameraman is recording you.
NHK’s Cameraman: …

Today, I fucked up because I made my boss think I was suicidal.

I was at work. I was bored and tired and waiting for a client to call (dropping off a package) and I was typing random stuff into Google to see what the auto-suggestions were. I typed “I’m tired” and looked at the drop down list, selecting the first item just as the phone rang. I ran downstairs to get the package and then came back upstairs and went home without turning off my computer. I got a strange email an hour later from my boss:

Hey. Pardon me for asking, but you left a screen with a Google search up on the computer at the front desk, and I was worried. Three things. First, thank God you’re part of this team. Couldn’t do it without you. Everyone’s glad you’re here. Second, if you ever want to talk about anything, including bad times and ugly shit, I’m here. Third, I can’t promise you that life will be wonderful, but I can promise you that you can feel better about it. I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.

I emailed him telling him I was fine and asking what I had typed.

I’m tired of living

My boss is hyper-aware of depression and suicide and was scared for me. Now, all the senior attorneys are treating me with kid gloves.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.