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Destruction of the Heart

Genre: Angst

Words: approx 1k

Member: Namjoon x reader bit of Yoongi x reader

You spent your night alone, again. Namjoon was no where to be seen. The last time you felt his warmth, his hands tressuring your waist, his sloppy morning kisses had been too long, 2 extended months. It was like he didn’t try to see you. Didn’t call, text or drop in to see if you were still functioning. It was like he completely forgot about you. You sent him texts about your day, since he always asked but stopped. You sent photos of your surroundings with a cheesy poem about his dimples sinking so deep in his cheeks as if the Titanic took place in them or how his legs remind you of spiders. But no reply would come through, he didn’t even seen you. You asked the members if you could pass the phone to him but they would reply with a “he’s not around” or “he’s out somewhere”. You knew deep in your core something was off.

After a few moments snugged inside your bed you flung yourself out and got dressed to go out. Since their comeback stages were finished you could finally re visit the company. You took a quick shower, threw on a thick turtleneck of yours on and your boyfriend’s perfectly fitted shirt on, since he loved seeing his tall women put his clothes on (so he says). You threw on some loose distressed jeans on that were lying on the floor and a black mask and hat to keep your identity low-key. Grab your casual bag out then escaped the gloomy studio.

The walk was silent but thoughts kept shouting inside your hectic mind. The place was 30 minutes away on foot so you just decided to walk, giving you time to think. WHAT IF HE GETS MAD? you chuckled aloud MAD? I SHOULD BE THE ONE MAD HE HASN’T SENT ME ANYTHING, NOT A SINGLE SYLLABLE. BUT WHAT IF HE DOES CAUSE IM INTERRUPTING HIS CAREER? GOSH I HATE OVER THINKING! Many unnecessary scenarios popped out of nowhere like the flash of lightning, it couldn’t be helped. You decided to stop at a cafe to grab you breakfast and stroll through a park as it was a short cut.

You felt loneliness posses your body as you were surrounded by kids or old couples. You were walking around unaware of where you were walking, too stuck in your thoughts and conclusions. When you were dazed by the sight of what had caused you pain, Kim Namjoon. You could tell by the way he walked and how his shoulders slightly rolled back. He was accompanied by someone, not just someone. The person you greatly despised, your ex-best friend. She dated every single guy you had a crush on during high school. But this wasn’t just any guy you crushed over. It was your boyfriend, the many embarrassing moments you experienced with him just so he noticed you. But when word got out that Kim Namjoon was dating a ordinary girl which was you, you had him locked. What stunned you the most was that she was in the same country, when the last time you saw her was graduation back at your home country.

Before you could scream your head off and beat the crap out of her, you felt petty stab a wound in your heart. The sight of his lips on someone else’s made you want to throw up and shed tears till you physically couldn’t. Tears trickled down your cheeks staining the mask that hid your quavering mouth. You felt so dumb, idiotic that you didn’t think he would snap and throw your trust away like a stick. You stood still, weak, until you saw the face you now wanted murdered, your ex-best friend. She looked at you and smirked as if you were a foreign stranger, though you knew she was enjoying your suffering state. She wanted you to suffer. She mumbled something to Namjoon and he than followed where her slender finger was pointing to. You locked eyes with his. He could read everything that sparked from your eyes. Rage, hurt, pain, disappointment. He let go of your ex-bestie and strode to you.

Nj: “y/n shit fuck i-im i-”

Y/n: “fuck you asshole, i spent these two months thinking you were working your ass off, but you were sleeping with this bitch, the bitch that hurt me more than once. I told you about her, what she looked like and you went searching for her so you could what? Shove your fucking dick in her!! Go fuck yourself, actually go fuck her shes like you trash!”

You ran as far as you could hearing Namjoons voice faintly fade away. You were a bit happy that you could run pretty fast, but it all flushed out of your system once you thought of him. You didn’t stop running till one hour passed. You were now physically and mentally tired, sitting at the closest bus stop bench. Tears gushed out of you, fulled with pain and hurt. You knew the members knew about this affair but they didn’t tell you, not even Yoongi. Now that you think about it, Yoongi stopped replying to you once Namjoon did. You had no one to talk or cry on. Your friends were all at home, making babies or expanding their careers, too busy to think about you. You stared at the ground tears blurring your vision.

[y/n: Why didn’t you tell me…]

[Yoongi: I’m sorry I was too ashamed.]

[ y/n : yeah well thanks for the heads up.]

[Yoongi : Im sorry im gonna call, tell me where u r?]

[y/n: honestly it doesn’t matter anymore, whats the point of talking when the only reason u talk to me is because of Namjoon.]

[Yoongi: please just let me give you a ride]

A bus stopped in front of you, it felt like what just happened, felt like it happened years ago and you were waiting in that spot for decades. It was now the afternoon, you sat in the same bus till you were forced to leave as it was going out of order. You got out, unaware of where you were left. You kept walking, no destination in mind. You strolled through alley ways that leaked danger, busy roads that yelled crashes. But the only thing in your mind was Kim Namjoon, the true God of destruction…

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I like to think that Angus still does detective work after Story and Song. It seems like something he was really proud of, so I don’t think he’d give it up completely. Of course, he has so much else going on in his life now that he’s probably more selective with his cases - ones that need to be solved quickly, interesting ones, ones that have everyone else stumped, that kind of thing. And it’s usually not murder cases anymore, so it’s a much safer line of work.

Angus also now has an enviable list of consultants.

“Good morning, Taako! I had a question about a seasoning that I haven’t heard of before, but I thought you might be familiar with it? It’s called - what? It’s not… it’s not that early in the morning, it’s almost noon! …I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Thank you for calling me back, Magnus! I actually had a question about woodworking, specifically… oh? Yes, I remember the new puppies. Wait, really? You mean it? Thank you so much! I, I can’t keep a dog on campus, would it be okay if it stays with you?”

“Mavis, could you ask your dad if Pan worshippers are required to keep a garden? And if a garden of exclusively poisonous plants is acceptable? Oh, no, I have his number it’s just that he’s not answering again…”

“Good evening, Madame Lucretia! I, I was wondering, the view from the moon base lets you see the layout of Neverwinter pretty clearly, right? So, if a street wasn’t marked on any official maps, you’d still be able to see it from there, right? …yes ma’am, school is going very well. It’s not a dangerous case, I promise, and I’m being very careful.”

“Lup? I’m glad I caught you! I had a question, if you don’t mind, about explosives? Do you know how much magic power it would take to level a building, say, three stories high? …Lup? No, no you don’t have to test it! Please don’t actually blow up a building! That would be very bad!”

“Barry, I’m sorry I know this is very sudden but can you please stop Lup from doing whatever it is she’s about to do because I think it might involve blowing up a building and now she won’t answer her stone?”

“Kravitz? I know this is a strange question, but how can you tell a real skeleton from a fake one? …um, thank you for that, but I don’t really want to get that close. It has a sword. And I guess I should have mentioned this first, but it’s actually swinging that sword at me right now? I… would appreciate some help, yes, thank you.”

The actual helpfulness of these consultants is sometimes questionable.


An Alpha!Bucky One-Shot

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 5,109 (oops!)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ EXPLICIT Smut! A/B/O Dynamics, fingering, sexual penetration, slight(?) impregnation kink, unprotected sex, a NSFW gif, some angst (blink and you miss it), language, dirty talk…

A/N: I make my own rules. 

 You smelt him before you saw him.

Your senses came alive when you saw him walk through the main entrance.


He exuded the title perfectly.

This isn’t the first time you had seen him at the museum but this was the closest you had ever gotten to him. He was at the ticket counter, smiling at Mandy as he presented his membership card. The leather jacket he had on moved like soft butter as he put the card in his wallet before it went back into the side pocket.  

Catching a whiff of his scent in the air, you wanted to melt to the floor. Sandalwood. It was earthy and it warmed your whole body.

You could make out his voice from where you were hiding in the gift shop. It was deep and raspy as he talked to Mandy. He took off his baseball hat and ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. He stuffed the hat into the back pocket of his jeans as he laughed at something Mandy had said.

Damn her. You were jealous.

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[shows up to meme months late with starbucks]


au where jimin and jungkook are both youtubers on the rise and they’re both crushing on each other. taehyung is stuck in the middle


So the first part of the story ends here! the sequel will be about them going on tour and it will not only be about jikook. there wil be some taegi or sope and namjin! Hope you enjoyed the first part :)

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Karen + progression of Frank’s name (1) (3)


Newt: What if she asks me if I’ve been married?
Percival: Have you!?
Newt: No.
Percival: Well then say that.
Newt: But then she’ll wonder why I haven’t been married. You know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna say that I was married. The real question is should I say that I have kids? Girls like guys that have kids right?
Percival: Whoa.

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date) 

Dirty Animal Companion

Context: So we just started our 5e campaign, and we had just finished killing the lookout for the bandit base we were sneaking through.

Ranger: I take my wolf to the river to wash the blood off him.

Me (The DM): I mean it just mauled a person to death, but I guess.

*pause to see if anyone with prestidigitation wants to mention the fact they can just clean the wolf*

Me: *internal sigh* Since we can’t spend 30 minutes cleaning your wolf, I’m gonna be generous and say it only takes 5.

*as the Ranger is cleaning the wolf we get back into combat, but he rolled a nat 1 to notice*

Me: Man, you’re really intent on cleaning your wolf lol.

Ranger: *sighs* yea I guess I am…

*group proceeds to get into combat again, and the Ranger rolls another 1 to notice. The whole group is laughing as this starts getting funnier*

Ranger: *getting angry at this point since he hasn’t been able to do anything for the past 15 minutes (in game it had only been 2 minutes* OH COME ON!

Me: You’re reeeeaally intent on cleaning your wolf.

*at this point the Ranger only has a minute of cleaning left, but is spotted by more bandits*

Me: Ok, bandits have spotted you roll perception to see them.

*rolls another 1, everyone but the Ranger is dying of laughter*

Ranger: *defeated at this point* oh come on……. WHY?!?!

Me: You are oblivious to the bandits as you clean you wolf. You’re cleaning your wolf with almost a religious fervor, as if it was a command from the gods themselves.

*the group protects the Ranger and his wolf, but because of the fighter, one of the corpses lands on the wolf, making it even dirtier than it was at the start*

Ranger: GOD DA- *drops from call, and rage quits*

Legend says the ranger is still clean his wolf to this day.

Me: I wonder what the new cypher will be?

Bangtan: oh there isn’t one, it’s called MIC DROP instead

Me: oh cool, who’s it dissing this time?

Bangtan: you

Me, blinking white guy meme:

The culture of college education in this country is so frustrating to me, because it ends up feeling like life and death when it really really shouldn’t. Failing an exam or dropping a class or taking more than four years or even dropping out of school shouldn’t feel like the end of the world, and we all know this, rationally, at yet they do. 

(And people who went to college when you could basically always get into your first choice school and pay for the entire year with your summer job busing tables, perpetuate this by making everything about arbitrary metrics of ~success~ rather than happiness/general life satisfaction).

And yeah, there are a lot of cultural and societal factors at play, not least of which is the way that our education system treats college like the goal, something that must be harnessed to guarantee the highest possible earning potential, a necessity for future success and happiness. 

But expecting to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you’re what? 17/18/19? is ridiculous. Hell, I’m in my twenties and in grad school and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life most days. Basically no one I graduated from college with is doing what they ultimately want to do (if they even know what they want to do). 

Idk idk. Life isn’t linear and it’s a lot longer than it seems when you’re 19 (which I realize is rich coming from me, the 23 year old), and they way we treat college is kind of (very) fucked up.