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TianShan chapter 214 thoughts

I see people wondering why He Tian is acting so still and quiet. 

Personally, I don’t think there is anything that deep going on. We’ve seen this type of behavior from them once before. And this is just the way they are: He Tian is the calm (well, sometimes) one and Guan Shan is the one that overreacts (all the time).

 Let’s go look back a bit….

When I first saw the last panel of chapter 214 this came to mind from chapter 160:

Remember that He Tian talked about how he doesn’t want Guan Shan to like him more and more and this was Guan Shan’s overreaction. Guan Shan is just not there  yet when it comes to romance/intimacy/sexual awakening/whatever you want to call it. GuanShan is completely clueless when it comes to that stuff. He still has a childish mentality; At this point he thinks love is gross, he totally flipped when He Tian kissed him, he ends up reading freaking astrology for advice on his relationship with He Tian. Also, remember that before He Tian entered his life,his focus was getting out of school. He’s not preoccupied with the normal teenage school life like getting involved in romances or getting good grades or participating in school activities, he rather be a delinquent, get kicked out of school and work to earn money. 

So now He Tian disrupted his plans, and for once somebody is giving him attention and a change to make money. I know He Tian has unconventional methods, but his heart is in the right place, he genuinely care for Guan Shan and wants him to succeed. He’s also head over heels for him and he has learned his lesson not to push it too far with him. “it” being sexual advances. 

So now we end up here:

There is not room on either side, He Tian is backed against the wall, hands in his pockets, again to show that he has no intention of doing anything shady, and  Guan Shan is pushed forward. He overreacts like he did in chapter 160 and He Tian, again tells him that it’s not big deal and that she shouldn’t overreact lol, like it’s normal for two dudes to rubs their dicks against each other. He’s not flirting or joking around because he doesn’t want to escalate the situation to which Guan Shan behaves like the after the kiss. If a forceful kiss made Guan Shan react that way imagine a forceful, unwanted dick girding. 

During this studio arc, He Tian has behaved pretty well and calm. He has flirted with Guan Shan a bit and nothing more, he tried testing Guan Shan with the fork but he saw that Guan Shan wasn’t ready for it yet, so He Tian is keeping his cool, and acting like this is totally normal. 

Maybe if He Tian keeps his cool,and tells him that this is not a big deal, the thought will rub off on Guan Shan as well, until he’s more comfortable with being close to He Tian, that intimacy is not so scary, that  he can TRUST he tian not to do anything stupid that Guan Shan is uncomfortable with. 

He Tian is  not saying much verbally but he sure is expressing himself well with just his actions –or lack of actions in this case. He’s telling Guan Shan that he can trust him not to break the boundaries that Guan Shan holds on to. He Tian is showing that he intends to wait for Guan Shan to be comfortable enough to make the first move. 

After The Kiss, He Tian has been atoning for his mistake. He wants Guan Shan. He doesn’t want to scare him away. 


Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman // Bordighera, View Of Cap D'Antibes, Peaches, The Sheltered Path by Claude Monet


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