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و أنا يا صَديقي لا أَعرِف أبداً مَلامِح الغُروب في حَيْفا، و لمْ أَجلِس يَوماً في ظِل سُور عَكّا، أو أَتتبع آثار خُطوات تَركتها جَميلة على شاطئ يافا، و لمْ أَعرف طَعمْ الخُشوع في القُدس، ولا لون الحِصار في غزّة ! 🌞

لا أعرفُ أيضاً مَتى يُقرع جَرس البِشارة في النّاصرة، و لا كَيف يَذوب الثّلج في الجَليل، و لمْ أُشاهِد الشّمس تَتوضأ في بُحيّرة طبريّا، أو القَمح يَرقُص في بيسان ! 🌾

لكنْ شيئاً مَا كان يَجب أنْ أعرِفُه، هو أنّ هذه البِلاد لنّا، و أعرِفُ ذلكَ جَيداً.

calling Shiro space dad is Coran erasure so jot that down 


😔 request • in which jealousy happens because jungkook is spending time with another idol & things take a dark turn 💔 

 (i may continue this in another set of texts… we’ll see 😅) 

bts fake text requests open 💌

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What does jeast look like?

like this

I actually really love Sasha’s drag & she was one of my picks for top 3 since the cast was announced….which is why I am NOT super stoked abt her win. IDK…..she statistically didn’t deserve it, if it hadn’t been for the finale switch up (which was….FOR WHOM exactly???) she probably wouldn’t have even been runner up lol. shea fuckin BLED for her wins and acting like she didn’t deserve the crown because of a last second rule change is chicken mcbonkers. you can’t deny Sasha coulda pushed her aesthetic more, pushed her alleged political reasoning behind being on the show (fucking Alexis Michelle was more political than her bye), & if she hadn’t won I would have loved to see her really fucking go for it on allstars.

but she won 😐😑😐😑😐……and now there’s gonna be a redundant ass allstars season where Shea wins AGÁIN. anyways that’s my piece I’m over it now bye


Blindspot 30 Day Challenge - Day 24: Favorite Jeller Episode

Season 2 Episode 22 (Lepers Rebel)

It wasn’t until Nas ditched Kurt and Oliver ditched Jane that Jeller really got back on track. After a couple of inconvenient interruptions, they finally got it together at the end - and it had everything we could have hoped for (short of a less-than-satisfactory sexual encounter thanks to some unsympathetic editing).