Call: Chad
  • Lila:-Scrolls through her contacts looking for someone to call, past her mom and all the way down to Wes and then back up to select Chad's name and press send-
  • Lila:-phone rings-
Listen to me...

I hope every couple who is going through it or who have broken up and know they belong together sees this.

Make a list. Put the good times on the right and the bad times on the left. If your good times outweigh your bad and you know y'all had something real, don’t give up. Fight for who you love. Genuine love is so rare in this day and age, don’t throw it away.

It takes more than one day to learn how to ride a bike. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.


오랜만에 올리는 낙서들입니다. Beck이 유난히 많네요.(웃음) 현재는 Mighty No. 9 일러스트를 그리고 있습니다 :) Ray가 여자잖아요! 어떤 스토리를 가지고 있을지 궁금합니다, 어서 Ray DLC를 하고싶어요!~


It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but every call is an act of courage.

An institution for over 25 years, Kids Help Phone is an invaluable Canadian resource that continues to help generation after generation.

Kids will keep calling, so let’s make sure someone is there to answer. Here’s all the info about donating and supporting this wonderful organization: