calista walker

So… I’m watching Brothers & Sisters and suddenly in episode 5 THIS happened

Cat Grant from Smallville 

meets…  Cat Grant from Supergirl

and I’m like ahsghasdgahsdgahdgahd WTF… I’M SCREAMING also SHOOK


and now i’m thinking of all the possibilities of Kara traveling to different Earths and I CAN’T STOP THINKING OF SUPERCAT… 


M O T H E R S & D A U G H T E R S by Maude Meehan

There is a cord between us not yet cut. On it we move like tightrope walkers novices uncertain of the net. Take tentative steps across the gulf toward one another. Careful not wishing to turn back. Hopeful that keeping balance we can meet can then embrace and pass each other as we must.

FWW Archetypes

↳ Calista Walker

The explorer

Explorers are looking for something that will improve their life in some way, but in doing so may not realize that they have much already inside themselves. They embrace learning and are ambitious in their quest and often avoid the encumbrance of support from others. Needing to ‘do it themselves’, they keep moving until they find their goal (and usually their true self too).