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Supergirl 2x22 “Nevertheless, She Persisted” (Season Finale) Inside - Supergirl challenges Rhea to battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman (guest star Tyler Hoechlin) returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice.

Supergirl fans who hate seeing what’s happened to the show, hear me out!

I want all of you to go to Twitter and TELL the writers you’re sick of Mon-El and lack of FEMINISM and women power on this show! That you’re TIRED of Kara NOT being the main character that drives the plot. I’ve spoken to the writers of this show privately and some HATE MON-EL!!! But after hours of talking to my fellow writer friends and artists of this show they always say, it’s all about the demographic!! So if you want more Sanvers or more Lena… and less of the males over powering this show, then GO TO TWITTER AND TELL THE WRITERS OF SUPERGIRL THAT YOU’RE SICK OF IT!! Make an account if you have to. Vote on their website and on their polls! Please… the writers have told me they go by demographics and if we really don’t want it… then they will stop giving it. But we MUST let them know this!! Make your voices heard. Tell them you want the show to focus on Kara!! Tell them how you feel about the relationship they are forcing her into. Kara deserves better. Kara deserves to be the focus in this story. WE DESERVE A WOMAN POWERED SHOW THAT CATERS TO US AND INSPIRES WOMEN TO BE INDEPENDENT, STRONG CAREER DRIVEN HEROES!! Let them know!! 

You can share your tweets to the Supergirl Writers below. Let your voices be heard!

“Kira what the hell”

“You know it’s Kara Miss Grant”

“I left you with a good man, A new career, your own TV show. I come back . You ditched him, we barley see you working and I don’t know whose show this is anymore”

“Miss Grant i’m–”

“Save it..I’m going back to Han Solo”

Supergirl Characters as Goths

badass goth. lethal and smart. listens to bring me the horizon and slipknot. has that megan fox from jennifers body vibe. everyone wants to sleep with her

party goth. wild and smashes things. probably listens to MCR and the pretty reckless. will burn ur truck. also intense that even cops fall for her. rumour has it she made 8 girls cum at the same time with three knuckles alone

some kind of goth-hippie hybrid. head of the parents association of carter. daily snarks and roasts jessica who is a homophobe about her pies. sells weird and mystic antiques. has own book. gives huge donations to burning man. you will be enthralled by her wisdom.


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So Isabella Gómez (Elena Álvarez/One day at a time) posted this on her Insta Story and I’m cryinnnnnnggggg… We asked her on her Insta live a couple weeks ago to watch Supergirl and she did and she loves Cat Grant and life is good and I’m emotional djdkdjdjkdididkdhdjdusjs *sigh*


Do you want to know the real reason why I left National City? I wasn’t happy.


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