Allah made our Shī`ā (followers) to acknowledge our Wilayah (Leadership with Divine Authority) whey they were only in the realm of small particles (`Āalam Al-Thār). It was the day when Allah made the small particles to acknowledge Him as the Lord and Muhammad (peace be upon him & his family) was his Prophet
—  Abū Jā`fār Muhammad b. `Ālī Al-Bāqīr (peace be upon him), Al-Kāfī, Shāykh Al-Kulyānī, H.1170/1

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‘There might have been a Caliphate had Umar bin Khattab allowed Prophet Mohammad to speak on the subject, but he wasn’t allowed. The Companions took their swords out and started a filthy, ugly quarrel and Prophet Mohammad felt so disgusted that he asked everybody to leave. So those who think the worldwide Caliphate system comes from Islam have very little knowledge of Islam.' 

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How To Defeat ISIS
The Paris attacks have made it clear that our battle with ISIS is a war of ideology, not of geography. To win, we must fight back with our beliefs.

…The beliefs fueling Islamic militants aren’t contained by borders. If anything, we’ve seen enough examples of Americans becoming radicalized via the Internet and joining their cause. The fight isn’t over land; it’s over the hearts and minds of people, not bound by lines on a map.

Indeed, no one is talking about the ground that we’ve won back from ISIS, yet everyone is talking about the horror that resulted in 129 casualties last week. Pretending that this is a war like other wars and using indicators of victory like death tolls and geographic advances is inaccurate, to say the least. The Paris attacks have made it painfully clear that this is a war of ideology, not geography.

Blueprint for Islamic caliphate by 2020

WND, by Pamela Geller, March 15, 2015:

Back in 2005, Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein published al-Qaida’s manifesto. In his book, he outlined al-Qaida’s seven-point plan over a 20-year period: “An Islamic Caliphate in Seven Easy Steps.” Ten years later, we can see how al-Qaida and other Islamic jihad groups have followed this plan to the letter – with remarkable success, thanks to the weakness, fecklessness and willful ignorance of Western leaders.

Journalist Yassin Musharbash wrote about Hussein and his book in the German publication Der Spiegel on Aug. 12, 2005, in an article entitled, “The Future of Terrorism: What al-Qaida Really Wants.” Musharbash wrote, “[W]hat this small, slim man has to report is nothing less than the world’s most dangerous terrorist network’s plan of action: al-Qaida’s strategy for the next two decades. It is both frightening and absurd, a lunatic plan conceived by fanatics who live in their own world.”

Der Spiegel appears to be laughing at the plan in this article. But read it now – 10 years on. Who’s laughing now? From Sept. 11 to “the awakening,” the focus on Syria, the overthrow of secular Arab regimes, the declaration of the Caliphate – it’s all there. The article declares it “unworkable” at the time – as well as “both frightening and absurd, a lunatic plan.”

Musharbash wrote: “And not to mention the terrorist agenda is simply unworkable: The idea that al-Qaida could set up a caliphate in the entire Islamic world is absurd. The 20-year plan is based mainly on religious ideas. It hardly has anything to do with reality.”


***I can remember Glenn Beck talking about this when he worked for FOX. Shep Smith mocked him and said, “We don’t say “Caliphate“ here at FOX News. Soon after Glenn quit FOX and started the Blaze. All I can say is, Glenn was right on here.

O people, do not commit the crime of opposing me, do not be seduced into disobeying me and do not wink at each other with eyes when you hear me. By Allah, Who germinates the seed and blows the wind, whatever I convey to you is from the Prophet. Neither the conveyor (of Allah’s message, i.e. the Prophet) lied nor the hearer misunderstood.
—  The Commander of the Faithful `Ālī (peace be upon him), Part of Sermon 101 of Nāhj al-Balaghāh
How did Omar Kill Imam Hussein (as)

“Hussain (as) said to Marwan: ‘My grandfather said: 'Khilafah in the family of Abu Sufyan is haraam, since they embraced Islam after the conquest of Makka’.
My grandfather (saws) also said: 'When you see Mu'awiya on my pulpit then rip open his stomach’.
The people of Madina failed to kill Mu'awiya, which is why Allah (swt) on account of His wrath gave them the leadership of Yazeed”.

In the year 640, Umar ibn al-Khattab appointed Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan as governor of Syria when his brother died in an outbreak of plague.
Muawiyah gradually gained mastery over the other areas of Syria, building wealth and politically instilling personal loyalty among his troops and the people of the region.

Source :  Maqatil al Husayn

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Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
September 28th, 2015
Overpasses For America

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Sister Hatune Dugan, who runs the Hatune Foundation that helps persecuted people around the world, especially Christians and other religious persecuted for their faith, said that people who claim the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam are lying because “ISIS is Islam” and “Islam is ISIS,” and that the goal of ISIS is to convert the world to the Islamic religion.

“The mission of [Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi, of ISIS, is to convert the world completely to the Islamic religion and to bring them to Dar Al Salaam [an Islamic state], as they call it,” said Sister Dugan in an interview with CBN News posted on May 11.

“And Islam is not peace, please,” she said. “Whoever says ISIS has no connection to Islam or something like this is — he’s a liar. ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS.”

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ISIS is the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham, or simply Islamic State.

Members of the Islamic State, widespread through Syria, Iraq, and Libya have slaughtered — beheaded, crucified, burned alive — reportedly thousands of Shia Muslims, as well as Christians and Yazidis.

Some of their barbaric executions have been posted to online. Sister Dugan is religious nun with the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church under the Holy See of Antioch. Her international aid group, the Hatune Foundation, is based in Germany but Sister Dugan frequently travels in the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq, to help the religious people being persecuted by the Islamic State.

In the CBN interview, Sister Dugan talked about the Yazidi and Christian women and girls kidnapped, raped, sold into slavery, and sold into marriage by the Islamic State.

“They choose the most beautiful one, even if they have a small child, and they sell these girls, these ladies, to each other [Muslim men],” said Sister Dugan. “They don’t sell to another religion, only to Sunni Muslim.”

“There have been 12,000 kidnapped at the hands of ISIS – Yazidi [women] alone,” she said. “What is going on here, what I was hearing, is the highest barbarism on Earth in history through today.”

Concerning her travels and work in Syria and Iraq, Sister Dugan said, “I’m coming here, not for a holiday. I’m coming here to bring a voice to the voiceless – so the world can hear their voice. They don’t have a voice. I am the channel for them. That is my mission.”

CBN noted in its report that Sister Dugan’s family, when she was very young, had to flee Turkey because of the Islamic oppression there.

In addition to her remarks about the Islamic nature of ISIS, Sister Dugan said, “We know that in Islam there is no democracy. Islam and democracy are opposite, like black and white.”

“And I hope America will understand,” she said. “America today has the power that they can stop this disaster on the Earth, with other Western countries.”

The Obama administration denies that the Islamic State is Islamic, and instead refers to the jihadists as “terrorists.” At a Feb. 18, 2015 summit on countering violent extremism, Obama said, “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.”

He said al Qaeda and ISIS “portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam,” but “we must never accept the premise that they put forward because it is a lie. Nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy that they seek. They are not religious leaders. They are terrorists.”

America’s largest Patriot ACTION Movement
Investigate Obama
Never forget!!
Bangladeshbd71: A Nigerian sister asked about one Caliph for the Prophet (S)'s Ummah ~Sh. Said Rageah
Islam means - Complete Submission to the Will of Allah. There is no but, if or else. Once you have declared yourself a Muslim then you have to abide by the Commands of Allah and Rasulallah (salallahoAlaiheWasalam), specially when the commands are very clear and unambiguous

Preserving our Muslim identity is both an obligation and a challenge at the same time. It is paramount for Muslims anywhere and at anytime to remain aware of the concept of brotherhood as a most critical tool in striving to keep our distinct identity, especially in the West. Therefore, it is an obligation to follow the lead of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and his Companions in this manner and do whatever is necessary to maintain it.

May Allah سبحانه وتعالى bless us with the same brotherhood the Sahabah had under the shade of Khilafah Rashidah. Ameen.
Al Qaeda Insider’s Account of 9/11 Plot: Islam’s 20th Century War on the West | Pamela Geller
This will be roundly ignored by media and political elites. More’s the pity. It should be required reading for every civilized human being who cherishes his freedom. And it validates everything my colleagues and I have been saying for well over a decade. This has always been a holy war — a religious war — to impose Islam across the world.

Clearly, all practicing Muslims understand these religious supremacist objectives. For decades, Islamic military groups wanted to overthrow secular “Arab” leaders and impose the sharia on Muslim majority countries. But it wasn’t until Osama bin Laden changed strategy to first conquer the West  that Muhammad’s mad totalitarian dream of Islamic conquest could be realized in the 20th century. Bin Laden understood that he could unite the ummah in a war against the “Jews and Christians” and only then go after the “apostate” rulers in Muslim majority countries.

The writing was on the wall long before 9/11. 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Muhammad dreamed of attacking the West even as a child. When he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, KSM wrote a play in which a character “ponders how to down an American aircraft.”

This was an all-out jihadi war against Western civilization. Read the whole thing.

The age of A'ishah (la) when the Prophet (s.a.w.) married her.

Those who hate Islam will use absolutely anything just to defame our religion and resort to whatever it may be to ruin the image of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.).

Among these dirty tactics is the accusation of Pedophilia.

Unfortunately they have been very very successful in their propaganda and have established this as a fundamental piece of knowledge that any non-Muslim, or even many Muslims know of.

What does Pedophilia mean? Is it in reference to American law, or Christian law, or Australian marriage law?

Who is imposing whose laws onto who???

As Muslims we believe in Divine legislation, and our jurisprudence and legal system is different to the forever-changing secular Western laws.

Aspects and conditions of marriage in Islam is also different than today’s Western laws.

As Muslims we believe a female reaches bulugh with the completion of 9 years, entering 10.

This is the Law of Allah ta'ala, but there are many factors that surround this as well in regards to marriage. It is not as simple and straight forward as this.
For example, consent of guardian, her approval, her being mentally and physically able, there being a Maslaha for her, etc.

The Bible allows marriage when one enters puberty.

In Judaism minimum age for marriage is 12.

Please do some reading on the laws and practices of early-age marriage in Medieval Christianity and Judaism. Also, read about age of consent in American history. In some states the legal age of consent was a young as 7.

ABC news has reported that Australia has some of the world’s highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates.

There are girls here as young as 13 who are terminating their pregnancies.

Queen Elizabeth was groomed for her husband when she was 13.

In I.R.Iran the legal age for marriage is completion of 13 years, and the marriage can only be consummated at 15 years of age.

We believe that the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) marriages were never for physical desires.

As for the age of A'ishah when the Prophet (s.a.w.) married her, there are a few views:

1. Betrothal at 6, marriage at 9. Most Sunnis.

2. Betrothal at 9, marriage at 14/15. Some Sunnis.

3. Betrothal at 14/15, marriage at 19. Some Sunnis.

4. Marriage at 22-24. Some Sunnis - All Shia. [Many say she was previously married to Jubair ibn Mut'im and had a son from him by the name of ‘Abdullah]

Our historians and scholars have proven through mainstream Sunni references that the age of A'ishah at her marriage to our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) was 22-24. Shia scholars did not speak about this topic for many reasons, and therefore some just mentioned what was commonly known in Sunni circles.

So, why do they insist she was 9?

Lowering her age in history was a sly and cunning tactic perpetrated by Bani Umayah to elevate her status more than the status of the other wives, due to her father, Abu Bakr, being the first Caliph. This would give him more legitimacy as being the father in law of the Prophet (s.a.w), and her being the youngest, the only virgin, and most favorite of the wives.
Of course, we believe otherwise.