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Kalimarimba es una agrupación chilena de música de Fusión Étnica Sudamericana. En el año 2008 es nominado al Premio Apes como mejor Grupo Musical Asociación de Periodistas de Espectáculos.( APES)

El espectáculo de Kalimarimba incluye en su repertorio Canciones en Castellano y en distintas lenguas originarias: Aymará, Ayacuyano Chanca, Mapudungún, Quechua, Cunza y Arará.

Además incluye temas con muchas influencias africanas en el continente americano al son de la Marimba, Djembe, Ritmos Afro-americanos (Uruguay, Cuba, Colombia, entre otros.)


Mexico Calimba Cave Diving (by surfie77)

Calimba / Arisa Tajima

「ポロン」という、優しい音色。使用している木は ひとつひとつ異なる形、表情をしています。弾いていく内に あなたの手に馴染んでいき、弦も柔らかくなり、少しずつ 音色も変化していきます。木の大きさに合わせて弦の 長さも異なる為、Calimba は、あなただけの音色を 奏でます。

Dinner: Surprise me she says||Calimba
  • Simba:took fifteen minutes to get ready after recieving Calli's text. After taking the quickest of showers known to man to get rid of the sweat he had aquired from working out at the gym. He threw on a pair of jeans that hung low against his hips,a baby blue t-shirt,with a matching plaid shirt over it,pairing it with pair of matching sneakers his hair would dry on the drive there.Grabbing his car keys and wallet and was out the door to go pick up Calli. Simba had an adversion to ever being late engrained into him by his uncle in childhood that simply stuck with him until adulthood. He looked at his phone memorizing the address of his destination. Simba drove of and mulled in his head on where he should take Calli. As he arrived and parked infront of the place he finally came to the conculsion of where he would take her. He walked up and knocked on Calli's door.
Something about you baby|| Calimba para

It was surprising how much effect the arrival of his best friend, Nala the day before and Calli’s arrival today had managed to brighten Simba’s spirits. They brighten them to point where he had cut back a bit on his drinking, he finally had something to look forward to and didn’t feel so unbalanced. He had spent the previous day catching up with Nala and Kekes and hanging out which was something that he had really needed. He needed to be surrounded by people who he cared about and yes Calli puffs was one of them. In her he felt like he had found a kindred spirit. Damn that sounded sappy but the truth is he cared and he was surprisingly okay with that. He had no idea why it was so. Though sometimes he had dark thoughts and pessimistic ideas about letting people into his private life and circle but Calli was different. One might say she was a special case, the exception to the rules he had long before established for his mental sanity, and the orchestrated perfection of his public life. She had unknowingly slipped through the cracks of the walls he had built so long ago. 

Simba left the house quietly not wanting to wake a jet lagged Nala up. Poor thing was exhausted from her trip and had fallen asleep on the couch. He made the drive in less than the regular thirty minutes it took to get to the private air strip to pick up his Calli puffs from the airport. Well technically she wasn’t his yet, only time could tell with that one. Stationing the car with ease he waited. Her flight he knew from checking  the jets flight maps from his phone was expected to arrive in a few, it was thankfully on time. Running his fingers through his hair a nervous gesture that he had. Leaving his hair slicked back as he looked up at the jet that was landing a few yards away. Yep right on time. He couldn’t wait to see her.

  • Calli:You’re welcome. I know how worried you probably would have gotten if you hadn’t. Aw, tell her not to worry about it. And mama fed me, no worries. It was..I slept so I can’t say..
  • Simba:Yes I would have I've heard about 911 okay. I'll let her know she'll probably still text you or something. That's good then tell your mama I said hi and thank you for feeding my favorite Muse. Oh you can actually fall asleep on airplanes lucky. What time is it over there?