Siblings, please listen up!

I am excited to announce that I have reached 100 followers - thank you! So, in celebration, my vessel has volunteered to make this human art form called calligrams using our fallen angel URLs to shape of a version of our angelic wings. This concept of calligrams is actually very beautiful…and, hopefully, so will be the end result.


All you, my brothers and sisters, have to do is:

- reblog or like (or both if you’d prefer, but that doesn’t mean that your URL will be written twice) this post.

- Also, my vessel will only include URLs that are part of the fallen angel apocalypse, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Has to be reblogged/liked by more than 20 people (or else it won’t work out nicely)

However, I must inform you that my vessel is not exactly free; she still has three more weeks of school until the event of summer holidays. So the end piece should be done at around that time. My vessel and I are aware that the fallen angels apocalypse would be done by then, we just hope that you would be patient. After all, it was this apocalypse that enabled me to get 100 followers. When she finds time, she can start early. If so, updates are possible.

So, yes, siblings, I encourage you to do this. Thank you in advance! (My vessel tells me that I talk very formally, and that it is weird. Am I? I did not notice. Humans are strange…in a good way.)