californication tour

(The Bill Simmons Podcast w/David Duchovny)

I listened to the whole thing! And honestly, there is something altogether amusing & soothing about this man’s voice. Boo is captivating, but I digress…This was pretaped, about a week prior to Shandling’s death and so David’s discussion of The Larry Sanders Show and meeting his friend for the first time is especially sweet. David really loves basketball; he’s a dude’s dude, a guy’s guy. He is truly a romantic. Loves his kids, loves The Kiss Cam, for ‘beautiful’ reasons and is quite proud of himself for creating his very own X-Files Bitmoji :)

Did you know he auditioned for 'White Men Can’t Jump’? Yeah, neither did I! Says he wasn’t ready for such a role at the time. Bottom line, I love him. He’s funny, humble and tells adorable little anecdotes about the quirkiness that is his life. Like this fun moment with an unexpected, high profile X-Phile:

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