Tim Doyle - UnReal Estate Art Show 4 at Spoke Art Gallery

Tim Doyle est de retour à la galerie Spoke Art de San Francisco avec le quatrième épisode de sa série Unreal Estate ! Pour ce nouveau rendez-vous, l'artiste Texan s'est attaqué à de nouveaux lieux directement tirés de la pop culture, et du cinéma en particulier, avec de nombreux prints inspirés par des paysages ou des habitations de films cultes comme Pulp Fiction, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story et bien d'autres. Au programme, 10 designs différents déclinés en sérigraphies “regular” et “variant”, ainsi que des originaux et des variantes embellies à la main. Un show incontournable pour les chanceux qui habitent la Californie, pour les autres pas de panique : les prints seront mis en vente le 7 juillet sur la boutique en ligne de la Spoke Art.

Tim Doyle is back at Spoke Art San Francisco with the fourth episode of his “Unreal Estate” series. For this new art show, the Texan artist got his hand on new cult locations from pop culture, especially cult movies. For tonight’s premiere, you can count on prints inspired by Harry Potter, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars or Toy Story. 10 different designs, with regular and variant editions, as well as originals. For those living in California, this is your time. For the others, no worries : the prints will be on sale the 7th of July on Spoke Art.


“You’re one to talk about odds, didn’t you get it right the first time–isn't that what you’re always bragging about? What makes you so fucking special? ”

from “Californie” by Jill Koenigsdorf:

I had never been to Europe before my arrival in Paris and had never seen a castle outside the pages of a fairy tale book. I wanted this job, whatever it was. So, apparently, did the other thirty girls who were lined up outside when I arrived. A gaunt man motioned us into a courtyard. He was wearing a linen suit the color of butter, and clapped his hands once, telling us to form a line. He asked each of us one single question: Where are you from? Simply for answering “Californie,” I was hired, along with Ana, the girl who answered “Barcelona.” Our new employer, Jacques, explained that he had fond memories of those two places, and thought that was a fine criterion. He introduced his wife Hélène who reminded me of a freshly groomed Afghan, all swishy, shiny, and leggy. And Ana and I became Barcelone and Californie.

Jacques picked us up in a red convertible sports car that he drove at hair-raising speeds from Paris to the château. Everything felt new to me, the monumental size and age of the château, the stone barn where Ana and I would sleep, and the dream-like vision of a dozen nuns gliding though the mist that first dawn, the hems of their long habits darkened with dew. Ana explained that they were there to bless the fishermen.

photo: Caroline Dattner Blankstein

Castle of Quenza / Château de Quenza

© Collection Corsographie /// Work about South Corsica’s incredible beauty & diversity along with the seasons - 2009-2015 © Caroline Dattner Blankstein

writer: Jill Koenigsdorf is the author of the novel Phoebe and the Ghost of Chagall, published by MacAdam/Cage in 2012. Her essays have appeared in Sunset, New Mexico Magazine, Sonoma Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The New Mexican. She is currently at work on her second novel.

The complete story “Californie” by Jill Koenigsdorf will appear in the inaugural issue of Nimbus Cat to be published online October 2015.


Rocket Man cover by My Morning Jacket <3

Creative Writing

“Rome is burning,” he said, as he poured himself another drink. “Yet here I am knee-deep in a river of pussy.”

“Here it comes,” she thought. “Another self-indulgent, wiskhey soaked dad talking about how fucking great everything was in the past.”

And how all us poor souls born too late to see the Stones at where ever or snort the good coke like they had at Studio 54… Well, we’d all just missed out on practically everything worth living for. And the worst part was, she agreed with him.

“Here we are,” she thought. “At the very edge of western civilization and all of us are so desprate to feel something. Anything that we keep falling on to each other and fucking our way towards the end of days.”

serenityoverreality asked:

Hey beautiful :) would you do me a huge favor and tell your followers i follow back everyone and i'm a surf/boho/cali blog? it would be soooo nice of you, please thank you and hang loose :)



serenityoverreality asked:

Hey beautiful :) would you do me a huge favor and tell your followers i follow back everyone and i'm a surf/boho/cali blog? it would be soooo nice of you, please thank you and hang loose :)

of course :)

I just followed, you guys should also! Lovely blog run by a beautiful girl :) <3


Live the language - Los Angeles

Шикарное видео по-моему.


Vanessa Blue

Vanessa Blue, née le 27 mai 1974 à Long Beach, est une actrice pornographique et réalisatrice américaine

Elle grandit à Beaumont dans le Texas puis retourne en Californie. Elle devient danseuse dans un bar dans lecomté d'Orange. Elle y rencontre Persephone, une top modèle qui fait du bondage. Elles deviennent amies. Vanessa fait ses premières photos de bondage en 1996.

Vanessa est une actrice afro-américaine. Elle débute sa carrière dans le X en 1996 avec le film “Black Video Virgins #02” et se retrouve vite sur le devant de la scène. Elle est une des actrices porno noires les plus connues. Signe distinctif : elle a le symbole astrologique desGémeaux tatoué sur son épaule gauche.

Vanessa coprésente avec son ex-petit-ami Lexington Steele une émission sur le site web qui s'intitule Lex in the City. Elle réalise également des films X sous le pseudonyme de “Domina X”.

Par ailleurs, elle est apparue dans les médias grand public, notamment dans des films non pornographiques et des magazines comme Rolling Stone où elle interviewe le rappeur 50 Cent.

Elle a fait une apparition dans la vidéo Wouldn’t Get Fardu rappeur The Game.

En 2013, elle est admise dans l’AVN Hall of Fame