californian architecture

David Hockney painting his pool

HOCKNEY (2014)

Documentary portrait of the British artist, which features, amongst other things, his iconic paintings of swimming pools and Californian Modernist architecture. Bonus appearance by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Sturges House. (Image via Architizer)


TRI Furniture Store – retail, 20x20, no cc

I wasn’t too crazy about Netflix’s Flaked, but I fell in love with Will Arnett’s character’s furniture store. In the show they used two locations for the store (one for the store itself and the second one for the studio apartment), which looks kinda silly when you’re watching closely to get a feeling of the place (or probably not even that closely).

So here it is, a furniture store/workshop and a studio apartment inspired by the one in the show. The building on the left is empty – can be used for another store or to enlarge the living area.
There is nothing set for sale – in my game I plan to use it as a living space and sell furniture/sculptures made by my sim.

TRI Furniture Store is in the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff

Of course the building doesn’t match any other lots I have in my game, so I decided to turn Magnolia Promenade into a sort of faux Abbot Kinney Blvd/Venice Beach – we’ll see how it goes, as I don’t really get the Californian architecture style xD.


Thoughts on Los Angeles  

Los Angeles. The city of angels. For me, this city is The One for me. Its laid back attitude is super conducive to just relaxing and having a good time. Palm trees sway and swoon up high in the crisp, bright blue sky, sometimes washed lightly with softs strands of clouds. The weather is absolutely stunning. Warm for the majority of the year, and sunny all year round. During winter, which was the time in which I went, it does get a little chilly and breezes can get nippy, but the sun sweeps these all away under its warm gaze. 

The city exudes a sense of cool, in its buildings, which are typically low and flat, and painted in bright, sunny yellows, blues, reds and greens with colourful motifs and swirling graffiti swept vibrantly along its walls, or, alternately, in clean cut modern styles, with elegantly designed structures, the two different styles fusing together very well, and in its people. From what I’ve experienced, the people of Los Angeles are constantly friendly and super chill, warm smiles on their faces all the time; a refreshing change from the reserved attitudes of central London. Such a variety of people too! You want to surf? Cool; huge surf community there. Like skating? Awesome, skateboarding is huge there. Are you a cool fashion blogger who likes taking pictures of their brunch and coffee? Welcome to blogger central. I was afraid of coming here and the people would be ‘too cool’ in a sense; arrogant and cavalier but that is absolutely not the case. The weather is totally reflected in everybody’s characters: bright, warm and sunny. 

The skateboard seems to be a preferred mode of transportation here in California. It makes sense, as you can actually get around very quickly on that board. You certainly cannot rely on walking, the city is simply to spread out for that. The rush of skateboarders racing past you is exhilarating, even as a pedestrian. It made me want to join in even though my balancing skills are actually hopeless.

The roads are wide and very open, and there’s just so much SPACE there. I love it. I love the little low shops whose different colours and patterns dot the landscape with splashes of colour. I love the rows of palm trees lining the streets. In the residential areas, the trees bloom in shades of bright, warm greens, and the houses are so…just so perfect, in their simple Californian way. Neat porches, little front lawns, and warm hues like yellows and sun-blushed oranges, light blues and rusted whites, surf greens and sleek brown wood. I’m a huge fan of the typical Californian architecture in terms of houses and its warm Spanish influence, so maybe I’m slightly biased. 

Los Angeles is a clean city (in my experience). The streets are well-kept andvery neat. The whole city just feels fresh. Like in a simple, pure way. No overly-complicated skyscrapers, just simple buildings, neat and clean. The aesthetic is clean blues, warm sunshine and splashes of vibrancy in its buildings. Simple and clean. My instagram was banging while I was in L.A (if I do say so myself)

If you’re not careful, though, I feel as if it’s easy to slip into some sort of haze, a delusion almost. I feel like it’s easy to relax a bit on the work ethic, and fall into a daze in L.A’s easy-breezy attitude. But on the whole, to me, city just gives off a really pleasant vibe, and I highly recommend it!



i was doing some tv stuff at universal and i found myself wandering around with some time to kill and lo and behold i was in ye olde timey western land. and that’s architecture, isn’t it?

it is. and specifically southern californian architecture, as i don’t know if other cities have plywood ghost towns in their midst(s).

so, plywood ghost towns. and a plywood mexican village. to be fair, there’s plaster, too. plywood and plaster.

it’s like a grad student thesis on architectural semiotics and the folly of follies.

i hope you get a chance to wander around plywood ghost towns some day.

it’s odd.