A getting to know you post

tagged by: clarkierys
Name: Jennifer

Nickname: Jen, Jenny from the block, denfolk

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′3″

Sexual orientation: bisexual

Romantic orientation: also bi

Favourite Colour: Blue/Burgundy

Time right now: 5:43pm

Average hours of sleep: School is starting, so let’s say none

Lucky numbers: 24, 37

Last thing I googled: The isbn of books for class

Favourite fictional character: Don’t make me choose…. maybe Michonne from the Walking Dead

Favourite famous person: it changes by the day. Currently Park Jimin from BTS

Favourite books: You can’t expect me to answer this

Favourite bands: Fall Out Boy, P!atD, Paramore, everything KPOP, etc…

Dream trip: California. I’d kill a man to go to California.

Dream job: I honestly don’t know anymore. Ask me after my existential crisis.

What I am wearing: Green tank with an elephant on it and high-waisted shorts

I’m tagging whatstheproblembaby, snarlingdoghelm, trufflemores, broadwayklaine