Seaworld trainer on facebook posted her thoughts about BWP and the proposed ban on breeding.  

“Beyond frustrated right now. Please be advised, a long rant begins here.

I don’t understand how so many people turn their back on the very place that is directly responsible for making them come to know and fall in love with killer whales? Before SeaWorld, these animals were feared, mindlessly hunted, and actually used as target practice, and today they are one of the most loved animals in the world. I would have NEVER had the opportunity to see such an animal up close and personal during my childhood if SeaWorld didn’t exist. That type of connection cannot be replicated anywhere else, and I cannot even begin to express the impact it had on me as a child. It has shaped me into the environmentally aware and animal loving adult that I am today.

With the California Coastal Commission’s approval of SeaWorld’s killer whale enclosure expansion, comes a stipulation to ban the breeding and movement of a whale and/or genetic material in or out of California, and that is completely outrageous and unacceptable. Just like you cannot force a 10,000 pound animal to do ANYTHING, you cannot stop them from breeding either. In order to fulfill that demand, SeaWorld is left with two options: separate males and females for the rest of their lives (I’m talking keeping pools in between them because they can definitely still breed through a gating system if so desired by the animal) and separate and disrupt the social structure, or have all of the females on birth control for the rest of their lives, where there is still a possibility of pregnancy occurring. Please be reminded that both of these options are something that animal rights activists have complained about; stating inaccurately that we separate families of whales, or that we drug up all of the animals in our care. One cannot complain about these issues, yet enforce them.

Before the announcement of our plans to expand the exhibit, those who oppose SeaWorld claimed the enclosures are too small. Now SeaWorld is essentially being told to accept imminent extinction of killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego, or simply be denied the opportunity to further enhance the lives of these whales by nearly doubling the exhibit from 5 million gallons to 10 million, and an overall surface area of 1.5 acres. Not to mention all of the new enrichment that would be added with the advancements that have been made in technology. That logic is without reason, completely unjustified, and beyond hypocritical. It also tells me that those who voted on this proposal do not actually care about the animals involved and how they will be effected by this decision, at all.

The whole point of this expansion is to continue what SeaWorld has always done: be a world leader in animal care, to evolve and improve allowing us to better understand these amazing animals and share that knowledge with others, and to educate the public on the importance of conservation efforts. Because we are a for profit company, we have the ability to take top notch care for the animals we house and offer our assistance to animals in need out in the wild.

When there’s an oil spill, who is there to assist and clean up the animals? SeaWorld. When there’s an unusual mortality event such as the massive die off of sea lions, who is there to provide care for these sick animals and get them healthy again so they can be returned to the wild? SeaWorld. (I actually worked close to 80 hours of overtime in addition to normal 40 hour work weeks during this event). When there’s a whale entanglement issue, who is there to assist and provide experience to ensure the whale is freed of the trash that a human has deposited into its environment? SeaWorld. When there’s a stranded manatee, who is one of the three facilities in the world qualified to rescue and rehabilitate it? SeaWorld. When there is a stranded dolphin or whale, who is one of a very small handful of facilities in the world qualified and equipped to rescue and rehabilitate it? SeaWorld. Who do non-profit rescue facilities turn to in times of need? SeaWorld.

As if that isn’t enough, in 2013 alone, SeaWorld and Busch Garden’s Conservation fund granted 1.2 million dollars to 93 different conservation projects around the world. They have awarded over 11 million dollars in conservation grants to over 800 organizations since the creation of this non-profit private foundation in 2003.

There is a common theme in this post, and it is one of hypocrisy. The activists and scientists who claim SeaWorld needs to go away are the very same people who would like to, instead of SeaWorld, house the animals in their care (because they believe they would do a better job), and/or sentence them to imminent death by releasing them into the ocean, which a signifiant majority of the whales have never seen because they were born at SeaWorld. They only care about their personal ideals and gains, not about the best interest of the animals.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking it out and reading till the end. I will always stand up for these animals and continue to be a good steward for them and their wild counter parts. Always.”

Absolutely love this.  Thank you Melissa for voicing your opinion!  

  • SeaWorld: *forces killer whales to live in completely unnatural and extremely under stimulating environments where they can't swim far, dive deep, use echolocation, hunt live prey, or experience waves and currents*
  • Seaworld: *feeds killer whales cocktails of medications and sedatives in order to keep them alive, artificially inseminates whales at very young ages, breaks up orca families*
  • Seaworld & Pro-caps: seaworld cares :) :) EDUCATION1!
  • California Coastal Commission & scientists: need to stop breeding these whales.

Ingrid Vissers presentation at the Coastal Commission vote on the Blue World Project. 08/10/2015

anonymous asked:

Okay I know nothing about who CC are or anything and I just feel so stupid as all these posts are coming up. Would you be so kind as to give me a brief summary of who they are, what they've decided, what SeaWorld have said and just and overview? I'm soooo sorry to be so annoying and thank you if you do help me! <3

No problem your not annoying anon! 
The ‘CC’ are the Coastal Commission (or California Coastal Commission) and Seaworld needed their approval for their plans to build and expand their tanks (The Blue World Project) So they had a vote yesterday where people could come and voice their opinion on the project (and boy did a lot come!)

Anyway the Coastal Commission have approved those plans to build the blue world project with the provision that if they do they cannot breed or transfer any orca out the park. (with the exception of four who are technically there on loans from other countries but that gets complex) So the 11 that reside their now would be it for san diego. 

Seaworld have expressed disappointment in the ruling but have not said if they are continuing/discontinuing the project. The no breeding rule only applies if they build the blue world project, if they don’t they can still breed, and regardless of building or not they can still breed at their other parks.  

California Coastal Commission hearing so far

SeaWorld has presented. They made some good points, some of them I would say were valid. But they still hold onto the same old lies - no separating calves from mothers unless “it’s necessary”, no drugs to treat depression or anxiety, teeth are broken from food in the wild so there’s nothing wrong with our orcas etc. etc. Same old same.

One thing appaled me really, REALLY much. The lady, I believe her name is Lindsay (I’m so bad with last names lately) came to the stand and almost cried when describing how she loves the orcas and she wants them to live a better life and so on. And how it was amazing for her to become a mother and that it would be inhumane to deny orcas the right to reproduce.

Than she started to throw dirt on former SW employees, didn’t drop any names but it was clear from her speech who she is talking about. She even said they were all telling lies.

That was textbook emotional blackmailing and faul play. I can’t call it anything else. She didn’t give any facts, she just played on feelings of people and played on the side orcas = humans and literally threw dirt on anyone who is opposing SW. It was disgusting to watch and hear.

Then Dr. Ingrid Visser took the stand. From my POV she started on kinda weak legs, I believe many people didn’t really get what was her point. But in about two minutes it got better and it was all uphill from there. She made a lot of valid points and the attack on SW could begin in full force. She ended her speech with a couple of points about seapens. She didn’t diss anybody, she didn’t really throw dirt on SW, she was just stating facts. Including the most recent one - that she was thrown out of SW facility. Bravo, Dr. Visser!

Then the stand belonged to Kimberly Ventre. She made some more valid points on behalf of Jeff Ventre and John Jett about captivity issues, health problems of orcas etc. The last one speaking before the lunch break was John Hargrove. Like him or not he is the closest thing to general public member we have (I am part of GP but I consider myself at least little more educated on the subject. most of GP are still not aware of many things about orca captivity) and he’s a gem when speaking to the general public. He used simple words and described many things that are wrong inside SW and how the company behaves and proved he was legally threatend by SW and that SW employees were made to lie to public about certain things that were unhealthy for a good PR but significant when it comes to orcas’ well being. His speech was powerful and included - I believe - every last nail into the SW’s coffin. In the eyes of general public I think he’s the winner now. And we need all of the support we can get. Well done John!

Every single presentation by “anti-caps” focused on issues that won’t be prevented by bigger tanks. They were all very well prepared, weren’t too emotional but weren’t stone cold, it was great and I thank them all, no matter if the Blue World Project passes or not.