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Vivid Racing at 2013 Nisei Week Car Show

Nisei Week is a celebration for Japanese Americans. It is described like this by the Nisei organization,

“The Nisei is a new American. Racially of the Orient, he is true and loyal citizen of the United States, his native land. Young, ambitious, hopeful, though at times oppressed, he seeks to take his place in civic development and community progress.”

The Nisei car show has been hosted by various vendors for over a decade now. It is a display of the best of the best in the aftermarket and JDM industries. California is known to be a hub for aftermarket world. STANCENATION and SHOWOFF are hosting the 2013 Nisei Car Show and we’re going to be there in full force!

If you haven’t already, Join Our Facebook Event Page for a chance to win some cool prizes like,

Upload a picture of your car and show it off HERE. Upload pictures of past Nisei shows, or other events your car has done. We want to show of the best of the best that will be at Nisei this year. If you go to the show be sure to TAG US in all your Nisei photos at the show. You can TAG US on Instagram @vividracing, Facebook, or Twitter @vividracingcom.

 We’ve personally had some 


do pretty well at 

Nisei shows

 in the past. We are excited to make some memories with our super rare 


 at this year’s 

Nisei show

. We will have the R34, some 

Agency Power


Status seats 

in our booth, along with a 

Clutch Master’s 

setup and some awesome new stuff from 


 and other vendors. We will be giving out stickers and have our 

STANCE shirts

 on sale at our booth as well. 

You’re not going to want to miss our booth!


(via Cars and Coffee 8-31-2013-1613 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)