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Her name is Joy and she loves her girlfriend, Iris, very much. They often go on road trips in the summer and they own a puppy named Ollie. They alternate between going to Venezuela and Taiwan for Christmas every year to visit both their families. Joy is pretty calm and soft, and Iris would fight 10 000 bees for her. You’ve already briefly met Joy and Iris here.



UPTHRUST is a playlist which will (hopefully) fulfill all your killjoys/BLI vibe needs for a solid six hours. contains music from Danger Days + Conventional Weapons, as well as a lot of other shit from bands who are not My Chem. slap that shit on shuffle and enjoy. 


(Unlike Bee and Boris, Bendy and India don’t really care about the fulfillment that comes with slow and steady courtship; caution and patience are values that neither of them share, and they’d be happy to get married and move onto the next adventure. Unfortunately, *because* Lampblack is toon-central, that’s where state law has pushed back hardest against toon/human marriage laws. In California, however… -HG)