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Stars Hamburgers, located near the Arcata bottoms, is said to be the inspiration for the Krusty Krab in the kids show SpongeBob Squarepants.  Steve Hillenburg, 52, the creator of the show attended Humboldt State in CA. Hillenburg majored in marine resources and his favorite place to catch a bite was the restaurant Stars. There is no coincidence of the restaurants resemblance to Bikini Bottoms renowned burger joint, the only mystery that still remains is the secret recipe.

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If anybody actually wants to go to Elsewhere university, then Humboldt state university in California is pretty much the closest you can get! It's beautiful and literally in a forest that may or may not be home to a few mystical beings.



Hello, everyone! I think its been about time that I make an official studyblr intro since this blog is still a baby. 

About Me

  • My name is Monica, I’m 18 yrs old
  • I live in Los Angeles, California. (for now) 
  • I’m an incoming freshman @ Humboldt State University in NorCal
  • Majoring in Environmental Studies
  • I have ADHD 
  • Hufflepuff, Puckwudgie, Capricorn 
  • Mexican & Salvadorian 
  • bisexual
  • Can you guess what my favorite flower is??


  • community service
  • nature- whats not to love??
  • science
  • bullet journals
  • READING- I really like science fiction and maybe romance?
  • I really enjoyed Colorguard in HS but idk if Humboldt has a team :(
  • TEA- I cannot express my love in words

Classes I’m taking this year

  • English (GE)
  • intro to Statistics
  • intro to Env. Studies
  • Intro to Women’s Studies
  • Intro to Asian Art

Goals & Why

  • I want to be more productive (since I’m going into my first yr of uni)
  • I want to be better at Studying
  • To document my bullet journal and growth as a student. 


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also, my main is @wokeblr so if I follow/like from there, just know it’s me :)

If you’re a senior in Highschool and you live in California I suggest Humboldt State University in Arcata California. If you’re passionate about the environment, social justice and feminism HSU might be the place for you. Not to mention is fucking beautiful here and we have cheap weed because we’re literally famous for it.