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California Topiaries by Marc Alcock

In his captivating series, California Topiaries, British photographer Marc Alcock documents the relationship between houses, plants and trees in the Californian suburbs. In some cases foliage is considered an architectural statement, while in others it seems to devour the very building it surrounds.

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Yes Sir Part 8

Yes Sir Part 8: California

Professor Winchester and his girl head off to California for the Thanksgiving holiday.

SERIES MASTERLIST  Warnings: Smut of course. Some feels and a lot of fluff. Also I went meta for a scene cuz fuck the haters. Images aren’t mine.
WC: 6080 On AO3  A/N: Thanks for your love. You guys made this part happen when I needed the encouragement to keep writing. Also my laptop lives! Sorry for the delay, the bitch is back!  

It’d been one of those days. First I missed my afternoon class due to an overtime lunch shift, then I found out I’d received a negative grade on my paper which I then argued over with the teacher’s assistant. And finally I had a parking ticket for being in the lot without my pass visible. All on the cusp of winter break. Fuck.

My hands were trembling with frustration as I pushed open the door from John’s garage leading into his house. I could hear the radio on at the other end of the house, the quiet hum of a Boston song. He must be home grading papers.

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LA Times: California Fights Back
Where does California go from here to protect its values under a Trump presidency?

Here is “California Fights Back”, the sixth (and final) part of this week’s editorial series from the Los Angeles Times about President Trump.

Each of the installments of the editorial series are must-read pieces. I urge you to read all six parts. In the event that you’ve missed any of the previous articles in the series from the Los Angeles Times, here are links to each part:

Part I: Our Dishonest President
Part II: Why Trump Lies
Part III: Trump’s Authoritarian Vision
Part IV: Trump’s War on Journalism
Part V: Conspiracy Theorist in Chief
Part VI: California Fights Back