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when will people realize that not every lesbian is a white blonde girl with super long hair who has a “nice” body with tattoos and resides in california

black lesbians exist (incl. dark skins)
brown lesbians exist
east asian lesbians exist
indigenous lesbians exist
islander lesbians exist
latinx lesbians exist
jewish lesbians exist
muslim lesbians exist
fat lesbians exist
nb lesbians exist
lesbians who aren’t able bodied exist
trans lesbians exist
mentally ill lesbians exist
lesbians who don’t fit eurocentric beauty standards exist

and we’re not just here to be a token post on your blog. we exist and we’re real and we’re just as valid.

JOHN LAUTNER, The Schaffer Residence, California, USA 1949. Wooden stools by George Nakashima (c.1960s), counter balance ceiling light model no.A 1965 by Paavo Tynell (c.1947) and the Standard chairs by Jean Prouvé (1934/1950).


Between 1984 and 1985, a ruthless serial killer that became known as the “Night Stalker” instilled fear into the hearts of Southern California residents. He entered homes at nights where he would dispose of any men in the house before sexually assaulting, and quite often killing, the women and ransacking the house. Age was of no consideration to this ruthless killer: he raped and killed children and he raped and killed decrepit elderly ladies. Not following much of a particular modus operandi, he used a wide variety of murder weapons. He slashed throats, he bludgeoned, he shot, and he stabbed. On one brutal occasion, he gouged the eyes out of one of his victims.

The downfall of the Night Stalker commenced after the August 25 murder of Bill Cairns and the sodomy of fiancee, Inez Erickson. As he was fleeing, a neighbourhood boy spotted him and reported him to the police, taking down the registration number of the car in which he fled. Three days later, the aforementioned car was discovered discarded in Los Angeles. A run of the registration confirmed that it was a stolen car. The car was delivered to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where it would be vehemently combed for evidence. 

Chemical fumes were pumped into the car and as a result, hidden fingerprints reacted to the fumes and turned white. After the fumes dissipated, the fingerprints were investigated with a high-power laser ray. The fingerprints were then analysed and flown to Sacramento, where an Automated Fingerprint Identification system had just recently been installed. The fingerprints uncovered from the car were run against the database of previous offenders.

Moments later, they had a match: Richard Ramirez.

Colt Python

.357 Magnum chambered revolver from the famous but discontinued “Snake” family by Colt. Very collectable, they are often compared to the Rolex of revolvers because their price keeps going up as time goes on. On a bit of a ridiculous side note, I was told by a California resident that the stainless steel model of the Python is legal to own in California but the blued version is not. (GRH)


The Schaffer Residence, 1949 by American architect John Lautner. Hidden in a wooded valley at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains, the redwood, concrete and glass residence opens to the oak forest that influenced the form and orientation of the design. The property was used as the home of the title character in Tom Ford’s ‘A Single Man’.


What’s good!?I'm Christian but most people call me Chris.I'm 21 born and raised in sunny California but now I reside in Atlanta Georgia.I’m in college still got a few more semesters left.I work as a Basketball Coach for an elementary school.But once I graduate I might become a business man idk yet.Ummmm what else do you guys wanna know?Don’t be a Stranger 

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