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Temari Cosplay: Building the Fan

So for Anime California I put together a pretty simple Temari cosplay. The fan was probably the hardest part to make, considering I got paint everywhere from time to time. In addition to accidentally stapling my hand. 

To build the fan. I started off with buying some faux wood for the outer frame, plastic blind segments, and yard sticks. I stapled the yard sticks to the back of the plastic blinds, then lined up all my materials and drilled a hole through them - so as to screw them together later. 

After having the hole drilled and the support (yard sticks) attached to the plastic blinds, I then proceeded to spray paint the frame!

Afterwards, I screwed the pieces together to make the frame of the fan, and placed in on top of some white costume silk. Keep in mind that the side with the yard sticks is the back of the fan, not the front.

Next, I attached the silk to the faux wood with a staple gun. After doing that I cut the silk around the top of the plastic blinds to make the shape of the fan.

Once I had the bottom of the silk stapled to the wood, I then turned the fan over and stapled the silk to the plastic blinds with a little hand held stapler. I tried using the staple gun at first but the force of it snapped the plastic. So I switched it out with a desk stapler, which worked really well.

Now that the fan was all attached and put together, it was time to paint!

I got some cheap purple fabric pain from Michael’s craft store, which worked wonderfully.

And thus the fan was complete!

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