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During his 1995 trial for the murder and robbery of an elderly cancer patient, California murderer Christopher Lightsey violated court conduct by swearing at the judge and making obscene gestures at the jurors. As punishment, the judge ordered Lightsey to be gagged and bound in gauze for the remainder of the proceedings.

Here he is making his feelings known to his lawyer.

waiting here for catastrophe

aka that buzz.feed unsolved serial killer!shane fic i only mentioned writing to like two people, no one is here for this but i’m posting it anyway
pairing: lowkey shane/ryan
rating: probably T? maybe M? there’s a severed head involved but no graphic descriptions of violence
content: mentions of murder, like i said there’s an instance of a severed head, this gets a lot more comedic than you’d expect, shane eats cocoa puffs 
on ao3

Ryan.” Shane breaks off and sits down again, slides his chair closer to Ryan’s, stares him down. “God, fuck, look at me, okay, I did this. I did this, this is my case, this is mine, everything you’re talking about—”

Ryan can’t help it: he laughs. It comes out a little anxiously, but it’s a laugh all the same, because Shane can’t really expect him to buy into this, right?

And Shane looks—well, murderous is either the wrong word or the right one. “I’m not kidding.”

“You really want me to believe—”

“You entertain all possible theories, right?” Shane says, exasperated and angry, and Ryan notices it’s the first time he’s ever said that seriously. “That’s what this stupid show is—that’s what you do. So entertain this one.”

All at once, it stops being funny. Something the size of a golf ball seems to lodge itself high in Ryan’s throat. He realizes it’s alarm, fear, a caged bird thrashing against the bars inside himself. He’s waiting for Shane to break, to burst into laughter, to say it’s all a stupid joke, but it doesn’t happen.

“What the fuck,” he croaks out.

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Born in Pasadena, California, on 1 August, 1936, William Bradford Bishop Jr. earned an American studies degree in Yale University before receiving a Master’s Degree in Italian in Middlebury College in Vermont. He married his high school sweetheart, Annette Wels, and the duo went on to have three sons. Bishop joined the army where he became a Foreign Service Officer. He was able to speak four foreign languages fluently.

On the 1st of March, 1976, Bishop learned he wasn’t getting the promotion he had been anticipating at the State Department in Washington D.C. He quickly left, claiming he felt ill, and went to a local bank and lifted out several hundred dollars. From there he went to Sears and purchased a sledgehammer and a gas van which he filled with gas at a service station nearby. He then went to a local hardware store and purchased a shovel and pitchfork. By the time he returned it was 8PM and his children - aged 5, 10 and 14 - were in bed.

Lifting the sledgehammer from his car, he first of all bludgeoned his wife to death. He waited for his mother to return from walking the dog and bashed her across the head with the blunt object. Then he went upstairs and murdered his three sons. Bishop placed the bodies of his family in his car and drove 275 miles to swampland off North Carolina Highway 94. He buried them in a shallow grave and set the bodies alight. Bishop then disappeared.

In 2014, he was placed on the FBI’s most wanted and reported sightings of him have popped up worldwide. Some even believe he remained in California after the brutal murders. Bishop was, and still may be, an avid outdoors-man. He enjoyed camping and hiking as well as canoeing, fishing, swimming, and jogging. He is a licensed amateur pilot who learned to fly while posted in Botswana, Africa. He was described as being 6'1" and weighing 180 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a six-inch vertical scar on his lower back.


Patrick Kearney - The Trash Bag Killer

“Murder excited me and gave me a feeling of dominance”

Hitchhiking was a popular mode of transport for young travellers in the 1970′s. Most would arrive to their destination, but others weren’t so lucky. During this time there was a number of serial killers on the loose, on the highways and byways of Southern California, Including Randy Craft, William Bonin and Patrick Kearney. 

Patrick Kearney was born in 1940 in East Los Angeles. He had a relatively stable home life, but was a victim of severe bullying at school. He became a painfully shy young boy and instead of losing himself in books or games, like other children would, he instead went into his own world and developed dark and violent revenge fantasies. Kearney said that from a young age he knew he would kill someone, and in his twenties he made this a reality. 

Kearney was well educated and served in the military after graduating high school. He was discharged after being diagnosed with a personalty disorder. Before this, he had also got married and moved to Texas with his wife. After being discharged, his marriage fell apart and he so he left. Kearney then met David Douglas Hill, a high school dropout from Texas. The two fell in love and moved to California. Their relationship lasted ten years but was described as stormy and they would separate for days at a time. When David would leave, Kearney would use this opportunity to search the streets and gay bars for victims. Often he would target men that reminded him of old school bullies. 

The trash bag killer was also a necrophiliac and had no interest in keeping his victims alive for torture or other methods. He would shoot them as soon as he could, and then have sex with the corpse before dismembering them and placing the body parts in trash bags to dispose of them in various locations along the highway or in the desert where wild animals would consume most of the remains. 

Kearney would study serial killer books, and so when he murdered some victims at home, he knew what to do with the body. He would dismember the victims in his bathtub and carefully wash the bodies and drain the blood, before packing the body parts in to bags secured with duct tape. 

Patrick Kearney was charged with 21 murders but confessed to 35, although investigators who worked the case believe the number could be as high as 43. Amongst the victims were two children. 8-year-old Merle Chance and 5-year-old Ronald Dean Smith. 

All of Kearney’s crimes were committed while the death penalty was suspended in California. He received a life sentence for each charge and is currently serving his time at the California State Prison in Mule Creek, He will never be released. 


This Day in True Crime

13 February: the murder of Robert Dorotik

On 13 February 2000, Jane Dorotik (pictured above left) beat her husband, Robert Dorotik (pictured above right), to death and strangled him before dumping his body by a mountain road. After investigation, it was found that Dorotik was killed by his wife in order to prevent him from receiving 40 percent of his wife’s income if the couple divorced. On 16 February 2000, Jane Dorotik was arrested. She was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on 1 August 2001.

Big Ed and Little Herbie

Mullin was my cellmate for several years. I even got him a job in the prison kitchen where I worked. One of the guards asked me to do it in order to protect Herbie. I always called him that. It’s like me, I never introduced myself as Edmund Emil Kemper III before the authorities did it for me. Herbie was hated by the other prisoners, because he pissed them off all the time. Often they would break his face. One day I find him in the showers and I realize that he has kept the bar of soap, although he has already bathed. "Excuse me, Mr. Mullin, do you have soap? There’s no more around here.“ "No.”   That short guy hates me, I thought, he’s always intimidated by those who are taller than him. That’s how we met. I said to myself : “Little guy, you don’t lose anything by waiting.” And then I find out he loves Planters peanuts. I buy about twenty packs, I give him some and he must think: “Wow, that guy offers me peanuts and I haven’t done anything for him. I don’t even know him.”

Milwaukee Ghosts - Justin’s bike and mine after riding though a pretty epic amount of thunderstorms and wind. Some of the best times I’ve had in a while. There’s a few more photos on my personal Instagram: @josegallina  


Carroll Rablen was a veteran from World War 1 who, after the war, returned home to Standard California. During the war he was wounded bad enough that it left him deaf the rest of his life. When he got home he married, but in less then a year it was over, partly because he had a very domineering father. He began writing women from a marriage agency and, after many no-go’s, he finally found a woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He just didn’t know his life wouldn’t be that long. Her name was Eva Young, a fellow divorcee with an 11 year old son. Although his father again did not approve he went ahead with it and were married in 1929. She loved to attend weekly dances in another town a few miles away, enjoying the attention she got from the other men at the bars. Carroll would not join her, mainly due to the fact he was deaf and could not dance. He did however drive her to the dances and waited in the car outside, not trusting the men or Eva to get home without some naughtiness happening. One night she brought sandwiches and coffee out to Carroll, who was as usual waiting in the car. Soon after she left people noticed he was writhing in agony in his car seat. Unfortunately he would die before anyone could help, however he did have time to complain of bitterness in his coffee. Suspicion fell on Eva immediately, thinking she had poisoned Carroll, however the autopsy showed no poison in Carroll’s stomach. There was no other evidence to charge her with the murder. Eventually the prosecution would call upon a man named Heinrich who was known as The Wizard of Berkeley. He examined the corpse and found traces of strychnine in his stomach. He also inspected the cup which Ava brought the coffee in and also found strychnine. Seeing as that doesn’t 100% directly connect Eva and the murder, Heinrich surmised while she was bringing him the poisoned coffee she may have spilt some on her dress. When he examined the garment luckily for the prosecution it had not yet been washed. He found strychnine in the coffee stains on the dress. Due to the damning forensic evidence Eva pled guilty to avoid the death penalty. She was sentenced to life imprisonment at San Quentin Prison without the possibility of parole. Her son was left in the care of Eva’s sister. She promised to bring the boy up right, saying he would"not suffer for what wasn’t his fault, we’ll see he wants for nothing.“ Pictured above: Eva Rablen, the Rablen household at the time of the crime, Eva in court and a pic of Carroll’s grave.