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Guy tries to block me in traffic, gets mirror adjusted.

I ride a motorcycle in California and lane split, where it is legal (and encouraged by the CHP) to do so. Some jack-ass in a prius saw me filtering up to the front of a red light and pulled all the way over to block me. Mind you, he is like 3 cars from the front anyway, and my filtering has exactly 0 effect upon his commute. Hell, I am actually reducing traffic by not taking up space in line.

Well, rather than rage out and honk my horn or rev my engine, I just wedged in a car and a half behind him and waited for the light to go green. When the light went green the guy gets back into his lane and starts driving normally. Now, knowing that he is in a prius, I was pretty sure he only checks his mirrors when he is stopped at a light and has nothing better to do. Now was my time to strike. I stayed in position in lane until the next light approached, and this time as I coasted up I held out my left hand and folded his mirror backward as I passed.

No damage to his vehicle, of course, but he’s going to have to stop what he’s doing at some point to put his mirror back into position, inconveniencing him roughly about the same amount of time as he inconvenienced me this morning. Worth noting that intentionally blocking a motorcycle in traffic in CA is considered against the law and in some cases can be ruled attempted homicide.


Shredders CC by Alex

I was pounding my way down Hi-way 101 in a mad rush to get to the redwoods, when I realized “what’s the rush?”
So I grabbed up a campsite at a place called Big Lagoon.
Got setup, sipped on some whisky, wished I’d had a fire, and listen to the ocean.
Because you can’t see it in that picture but if you turn your head and look to the right there is the water.