california gear up


Highlighting some of my PSP/MGS pick-ups! I was lucky enough to snag a few of the pre-order bonus from some PSP releases. For instance the Peace Walker face buttons from the JP release as well as the Portable Ops protective shell (from Gamestop - I think). Anyways - happy to have gotten everything so cheap!


And this is what I got from my visit to Texas! I was told that I am legally obligated to say, “I found this really cool Whataburger™ waiting number/card in the parking lot during my first trip to Whataburger™!” Now that the legal stuff is done I can talk about this brand spanking new MGS2 guide my amazing girlfriend picked up for me! Really, she picked this up a few weeks ago when she initially went back to Texas to stay with her family but I’m still excited about it! I actually have my Dad’s original guide from 2001…but I beat the hell out of that thing in during the end of my elementary school and beginning of my middle school years. I had a really hard time transitioning (from elementary to middle school) and I started going back to MGS2 around 2004-2005ish and played that game 17 times to completion using our original guide. And I only stopped counting after 17..I still used it every so often after that but at that point (and still holds true today) it’s just muscle memory and I no longer need it - even for the secrets. 

I am so happy to have this new copy! Even though I’m 90% sure I still have the poster in my Dad’s old guide - I decided to remove the poster from the new one and I plan on having it framed when I find a permanent place!


I picked this up today! Going to start reading it but I was pretty excited and wanted to show this off now. My cousin and I found this while we were snooping around Barnes & Noble. We were literally nearing the end of an hour long conversation regarding Kojima when we came across the title. I’m very excited to read through this! Printed MGS anything is great!