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America’s Most Overpriced Cities 2015

While many of these cities offer a plethora of universities, arts organizations, top-notch health care institutions, and strong start-up culture, if there’s one thing they don’t offer it’s a cheap cost of living.

ok so niall rolls up to coachella wearing a deep v-neck shirt that shows off both his tan and his chest hair and a pair of hideously, delightfully expensive sunglasses. (run me over with ur sports car, NADDY. i still have student loan debt.) southern california is warm in the late spring and his skin and arm and leg hair glow under the sunshine. the music festival air reeks of body odor and weed and the unique scent of earth freshly tamped down by a thousand pairs of feet. all the acts niall meet invite him to do a song with them when he gets a chance. he instagrams a pic of the crowd and snapchats a pic of his slightly tipsy face even tho he knows his eyes are a dead giveaway. his hair is flat.