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There’s a dysphoria of the body that i am currently experiencing. Im listening to music that carried me through winter, and now instead of exploring a snow covered forest at 2 am while listening to it, I am on a gym floor. I am missing school? That’s weird to me. Maybe i am missinc my freedom.

okay so I’ve seen a few hc about Matt around related to football that honestly don’t make any sense related to the position he plays and since I’m a huge sports fan and ex-cheerleader I thought it might be helpful if I posted a short guide to football for non-football fans !!

football basics

  •  a football game is made up of four quarters (each 15 minutes long but the game lasts longer than an hour due to time-outs and the clock stopping once the ball goes out of bounds)
  •  is played with 11 players on the field from each team at the same time
  • each team has both offensive and defensive players (at smaller schools it’s common for players to play both but if Matt is hoping for a college scholarship he probably devotes all his talent to defense)
  • there are about 45 players on each team (high school being more lenient on team size than college and professional leagues) 


  • since matt is a linebacker he plays defense where his main goal, the specifics depending on position, is to prevent the other team from scoring by tackling the other team’s offensive players if or before they get the ball
  • linebackers are different from the offensive line in that they have to be both strong and fast 
  • Note: inside linebackers play directly in the middle of the defense and are sometimes considered the “quarterbacks of the defense” b/c they align the rest of the defense and shout out adjustments for the rest of the team if need be (tbh i can definitely see Matt as an inside linebacker)

things linebackers would not do

  • have the football (unless it was an interception which is rare but definitely something Matt would be very proud of)
  • score a touchdown (unless like before it was an interception)
  • throw the football (that is the quarterbacks’s job so unless you hc Matt playing both positions his throwing of the ball would be illegal and result in a penalty)

things related to football Matt might talk about

  • getting an interception !!
  • getting hit by an offensive lineman
  • “sacking the qb” aka tackling the quarterback 
  • other famous linebackers he looks up to/wants to be like (Ray Lewis currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens and is considered one of the best linebackers in the history of the sport just as an example)
  • talk about schools he might want to play for (Top overall football schools include Alabama, Florida State, and Ole Miss. Top defensive schools includes Michigan State, Michigan, and Notre Dame. Top California schools would be UCLA, Stanford, and Southern Cal.)
  • his fave pro teams (the Raiders, Chargers, and 49ers are all from California while the Patriots, Packers, and Seahawks are all popular out of state teams, too.)