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Robert F. Kennedy scored a major victory in winning the California primary. He addressed his supporters shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968 in a ballroom at the Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles. Leaving the ballroom, he went through the hotel kitchen after being told it was a shortcut, despite being advised to avoid the kitchen by his bodyguard, FBI agent, Bill Barry. In a crowded kitchen, Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, opened fire with a 22-caliber revolver. Kennedy was hit three times and five other people also were wounded. His body was returned to New York City, where it lay in repose at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, on June 8. A high requiem mass, attended by members of the Kennedy family, was held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 10:00 am, on June 8. Immediately after the mass, Kennedy’s body was transported by a special private train to Washington D.C. The four-hour trip took more than eight hours because of the crowds lining the tracks on the 225 miles journey. Bobby was buried near his brother, John F. Kennedy. 

“My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life. To be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it. Those of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today, pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will some day come to pass for all the world. As he said many times, in many parts of this nation, to those he touched and who sought to touch him : some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not.”

– Edward M. Kennedy

It’s a long flight from Boston to California. It’s not particularly Itachi’s favorite thing to do, but after Sasuke left and never looked back, he has no other choice if he wants to see his brother more than once a year. He’s still a little sour about the whole thing. Sasuke hadn’t even told the family he was planning to move to the other side of the country. It came as a surprise when they walked into his room one day and it was all packed, a luggage by the door. Sasuke had told them to ship his stuff to his new address in California and that had been it. Itachi puts on a good face though because his brother is happy, something Itachi knows he wasn’t living at home.

When Sasuke moved out to California, it took Itachi a whole year to get out there to visit him. It was hard taking time off as an intern is one of the most competitive hospitals in the country, but he managed to pull a few days together to give himself a long weekend.

The change in Sasuke had surprised Itachi greatly. He blames his parents for making him miserable. They put so much pressure on Sasuke that he often struggled to even keep his head above water. Itachi had tried to help, but there was only so much he could do. Sasuke had been a brilliant child, but he was brilliant in all the wrong things. Itachi was the perfect student when it came to the sciences. He graduated college with a degree in Chemistry and went on to med school. Sasuke had been much more into English. He was a phenomenal writer and his teachers used to praise him, but English was considered a pretty useless subject to their parents. It wouldn’t get him more than a studio apartment.

Sasuke had pursued it and after his first book was written, he moved out to California without a care about what their parents thought. Actually, Itachi admired that about Sasuke. When his younger brother went to college, he was finally able to break away from their parents and do what he loved. He got a taste of freedom and then ran head long across the country.

The first visit had been pleasant. Sasuke lived in a one bedroom apartment and insisted that Itachi sleep in his bed. He shyly admitted that he met someone. Itachi hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting him, but he knows Sasuke is happy with this man. They had talked on the phone a few times and Itachi has never seen Sasuke smile so much in one conversation.

Sasuke was doing well and Itachi was really happy for him.

He’s gotten out a few more times since, but he’s always managed to miss the boyfriend. This time around, they had already made plans to go out for dinner. It was actually kind of stupid to make plans though. Itachi knew they were bound to run into Sasuke’s boyfriend since the two had moved in together only a few months ago and Itachi was staying with them. Itachi hadn’t been too happy when he heard about that, but Sasuke was happy and that’s all that matters.

That’s how he finds himself sitting his Sasuke’s new apartment with a cup of tea in his hand. It’s a Saturday and Itachi has the privilege of staying a whole week with his brother. Sasuke has actually taken some time off so they can go sightseeing and such. It should be a good vacation.

Sasuke is just updating Itachi on his new book when a blond comes barreling into the room. He throws a quick good morning over his shoulder and goes right for the kitchen. Itachi can hear him rustling around in the kitchen, muttering curses about being late under his breath. Sasuke rolls his eyes at Naruto, trying to catch his attention. It doesn’t work though and when the blond comes out, he presses a kiss to Sasuke’s cheeks, telling Sasuke he was late for work.

There’s toast hanging out of his mouth when he gets to the door, shooting Sasuke a smile and a good day before Sasuke can even utter a word.

“He has work today?” Itachi asks, eyebrows furrowed. It was a Saturday and Sasuke hadn’t mentioned anything about Naruto working on the weekends. Plus, they had plan for lunch together.

“He does this all the time. He’ll be back in the few minutes,” Sasuke shrugs, sipping his tea.

Sasuke was right, Naruto is definitely a moron.

When he comes back ten minutes later, he blushing and muttering embarrassingly about how it was Saturday and now he looked like an idiot in front of Sasuke’s older brother.

Naruto might be a moron, but the smile on Sasuke lips when Naruto walks back into the apartment pouting is definitely a sight to see.

Awkward Plane Rides

“You have got to be kidding me.” Beca mumbles to herself.

She was supposed to be going back to see Chloe and her dad for the weekend on a nice plane. Meaning the plane was not supposed to be crowded. So what the hell was she looking at?

The plane was totally crowed. Almost over packed. It smelled awful and she was pretty sure someone had eaten mexican before getting on this plane. Beca went to the way back and plopped down in an aisle seat. She didn’t even bother looking at the total strange sitting next to her. Putting on her headphones straight away and closing her eyes, resting her head back.

If there was one thing Beca hated about flying alone besides a crowded plane it had to be chatty partners. That’s why she booked a flight that would be leaving Germany at ten at night. There weren’t supposed to be that many people on this flight. Beca had been hoping to get a seat without someone else by her side.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like people. Well she didn’t but that was beside the point. The last plane ride she took alone the person next to her would not shut up. After that awful experience Beca was ready every time she had to travel.

Hopefully this would be one of the last trips she took. She was going to Boston for the weekend to see her dad and her best friend Chloe. Then she would be traveling to California to work on Emily’s newest album. Beca and Emily had been close friends since high school but had to separate after Beca dropped out of college and Emily stayed. Beca was usually traveling a lot as a talent scout for the music company and now after Emily had gotten out of college, she was ready to make music.

After a month Emily was signed and now Beca was supposed to be helping on Emily’s third album. Beca was hoping to stay in California now. She loved going all over the world and seeing Germany was nice but now she just wanted to stop staying in hotels.

After a moment Beca slowly started to drift off to sleep. Her head dropping and her headphones falling off. Luisa, who was sitting next to tony brunette, looked over at the noise. The black headphones the girl had been wearing were now in her lap. Her head was dropping slowly but then it slowly rotated and fell onto her shoulder.

Luisa grinned at the girl. When the brunette first plopped down beside her she looked very… unfriendly? Not mean, not rude, not angry. Just no very… approachable. Now Luisa finds herself being a pillow to the tiny girl and she wonders if she should push her off or let her be.

She turns her head slightly to get a look at her. The brunette doesn’t look so hard anymore. Her features have been softened. She looks more peaceful and far more friendly. Luisa smiles to herself and allows the tiny girl to sleep. Deciding it’s best to let her have her rest as it was almost midnight.

The brunette doesn’t rest for long. After about an hour or so the brunette stirs. Then she is jerking awake, snapping almost painfully upright and for once taking a look at the strange who she must have fallen asleep on. Beca is ready to mutter a thousand apologies when she loses her breath.

This woman is gorgeous. Golden blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Ocean blue eyes that Beca is surprised she can look away from. She thinks the only reason she is able to is because she takes in the sight of the woman’s black sweater and black shorts. Long smooth pale legs and…

Drool. On the stranger’s sweater. Fuck.

Beca blushes a deep red and the strange just gives her a toothy grin. All she can think to say is, “Holy shit how are you even real? Did I drool on a goddess?”

And now the brunette is blushing harder and her eyes find their way to the floor. A deep chuckle fills the air between them and it sounds like music.

“Why no thank you I am very much human.” The blonde says, her voice dominated by a German accent.

“I umm… I’m so sorry I drooled on your sweater.” Beca says, eyes still cast downward.

“It is nothing to worry about,” the stranger is quick to assure her.

“Still do you… Should I… I can… Would you like me to wash it? Not like right now but maybe in the future or something but like… Don’t give it to me right now either but maybe…” Beca fumbles for the words. Shaking her head and running her fingers through her hair in agitation.

She doesn’t even realize that her phone is missing till she hears a vibration next to her and sees the stranger with her phone in her hands. The woman extends her arm out, allowing Beca to take the phone back.

“Your hands are so soft,” Beca mutters as she takes the phone.

She sees a new contact and text open, the text giving her an address in California and the contact saying Luisa.

“Luisa,” Beca says, trying the name out.

The blonde smiles, “It sounds beautiful on your tongue.”

And Beca is back to a flustered mess. The brunette’s ears heat up and she smiles a little awkward before putting her phone away again.

“You are beautiful.” Beca tells her sincerely and a little shyly.

Luisa winks at her and Beca’s brain short circuits. Thankfully Luisa speaks so that she has time to think about how to respond. “I will change at the airport if you insist on washing it for me. But if you do I want to take you out for coffee. Do we have a deal?”

Beca grins. “Deal.”

And later when Beca is given the sweater she washes it at her dad’s but it just smells so much like cinnamon and Luisa that she delays the coffee meet up for about as long as she can and then finally agrees on a meet up at the coffee shop. She is pleasantly surprised to learn Luisa is living not too far away from the coffee shop.

“So you forgot my sweater?” Luisa asks. Something about the coy look in her eyes tells Beca she is onto her but she nods.

“Yeah I’m so sorry.” Beca says.

“Its okay,” Luisa says, “Just give it to me when it loses its scent.”

“Wait what?”

She grins. “You really are a bad liar but it is okay. I don’t mind I have plenty of sweaters. The rest are drool free too.” Luisa says winking.

Beca just stares at her for a moment, too damn turned on by the wink to do much of anything else.

The blonde stands and throws her empty coffee cup away. “I suppose this means I’ll be seeing you again?” She asks. Beca swears she sees some hope in those oceans.

“Yes of course.” Beca manages.

“Fantastic.” Luisa leans forward, cupping Beca’s cheek and giving her a gentle kiss. The brunette immediately returns the kiss, feel warmth spread throughout her body. She pulls back smiling and the blonde grins.

“Until next time.”

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Okay guys so this is crazy and I thought I’d share. :) I was looking over the birth announcement in the dollhouse.. and I figured out the address! At first, I thought it said widow holly drive.. But after seeing a clearer picture, I figured out that it says 10429 Summer Holly Circle! The first thing I thought to do was to type it in Google maps to see if it was a real address in California.. and sure enough, it is! The address was on because it was recently up for rent..I scroll down and look at the first names to pop up! The first two realtors last names are Harvey and Fitzgerald. That can’t be just a coincidence. There’s no way, we all know there’s no such thing as coincidences in PLL. Once I seen that, I was like Oh snap! I gotta put this in Google Earth to look at the actual house! Unfortunately, there is no street view for it.. but there is a view of the top of the house and look! Is it just me or does that look like an eye on the top of the house? It specifically looks like a red eye, like the one a lot of fans use in their pll fan art. My mind is racing and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that I found this. It has be some kind of clue! I’m not sure where this is suppose to lead us, but I’m onto something! Please leave me.some feedback and opinioms! I wanna know what you guys think! Also, please feel free to share this, all I ask is to give me credit for the info I found and posted. Thanks! 💋💋💋

In mid December [2001], a package arrived from California. The return address was Olivia’s office. It was the last Christmas present and the last Christmas card from George and Olivia. Even that he had organized before his death. It showed an angel with a lotus in its hand and the words Love and Peace.
—  Klaus Voormann, translated from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John?
Unpopular Opinion

I can’t take American Academics who simultaneously champion Free Speech and support Academic Boycotts at all seriously. It is 100% hypocritical. Either you believe in a free academy or you don’t. If you don’t want your views suppressed, why do you advocate suppressing the views of others? I’ve never gotten it and I will continue not to get it.

I’m opposed to making the State Department definition of anti-semitism the law at the University of California, but so many of these professors and students fighting for the right to express their views are every bit as self-interested and short-sighted as the people they are arguing against. Further, their continued refusal to engage seriously with the anti-semitism in their movement is undermining their argument. Just because some call outs of anti-semitism are disingenuous doesn’t mean all such call outs are. Swastikas and“Gas the Jews” graffiti are still showing up on campus. Jewish students are still being harassed and ostracized simply because they are Jewish. “Anti-Zionism” does not excuse this and blaming it all on conservative students is disingenuous at best. “Anti-Zionist not Anti-Semitic” is becoming the “All Lives Matter” of anti-semitism; well-meaning technically-true hogwash that people use as a smokescreen to ignore the real issue staring them in the face. 

The University of California needs to specifically address its anti-semitism problem and not sweep it under the rug of generalized anti-bigotry statements. But it needs to do so without encroaching on academic freedom. It will be a hard thing to pull off when the people on both sides of the debate are being disingenuous as all get out and yelling past each other instead of talking to each other, but it’s the only option here. Academic freedom needs to be protected. Jews need to feel safe on campus. Anyone who isn’t treating both of these issues as priorities is exacerbating the problem. We will not have a resolution if no one is taking both important issues seriously. 

puppy blue eyes

Summary: Stiles’ Jeep has broken down once again, and he’s stuck walking home. The way there is by the Preserve, and he hopes to get home before the rain clouds unleash their wrath.
G || 2.2k || AO3
AN: This was supposed to be a tiny ficlet based on this doodle by aredblush. It’s not exactly what the doodle caption says, since the ficlet kind of grew into something else. There be puppies and fluff. Post-S5ish ficlet that is likely to get jossed fast, but idc. 

It’s Scott who has a soft spot for little birds with broken wings, stray cats stuck in trees and on roofs, or puppies of all shapes and sizes brought in to Deaton’s. It’s Scott who can’t walk away and who had to listen to Melissa’s “Honey, we can’t afford a pet” speech multiple times. Not Stiles. No, Stiles is the one who at best helps an animal when it’s seriously hurt, who will bring it to Deaton and then walks away without a second thought.

That’s not really what runs through his mind that evening though. He’s walking home – his Jeep yet again stuck in the school’s parking lot because it wouldn’t start – and he’s musing over the latest pack meeting. They’ve grown since the start of senior year, not only in maturity but also in numbers. Liam and Mason are firmly members of the pack, and so are a few newbies – strays that Scott couldn’t let go, couldn’t leave unprotected.

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