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9-year-old girl gives care bags to homeless women

After noticing homeless people on her walk to school in Irvine, California, 9-year-old Khloe Thompson decided to start her own charity, dubbed Khloe Kares. She passes out hand-sewn bags filled with life’s little necessities (feminine hygiene products, soap, socks, toothpaste) to homeless women. Thompson’s work doesn’t stop at Kare Bags though, she just led a huge initiative for kids in group homes.

OK Californians, we’ve got work to do starting at 4 am our time!!!

I’ve tried calling her offices tonight and there is no place to leave a message. Call her DC office first thing tomorrow morning! Set your alarm clock and wake up at 4 am and call her. Keep on calling her DC office until you get through. 

And then call all of her California offices starting at 9 am tomorrow. 

This is what I’m going to say: 

I understand that you might be voting for Sessions, and as your constituent, I demand that you vote no. As my Senator, I expect you to put the rights of your constituents over any consideration of your colleague Jeff Sessions. Trump has just indicated that he wants to suppress people’s votes with his bogus claims of voter fraud denying him the popular vote. He is looking at California in particular. Jeff Sessions has actively worked against voting rights, threatening to jail people. You cannot in good conscience vote for this man who will actively erode our voting rights.

If you do not hold Californians interests ahead of your Washington colleagues and stand against Trump, we will find a Senator who will.

She’s up again in 2018, folks. 

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