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Fallout New Vegas, 2010. Obsidian Entertainment.


Gov. Brown declares California drought emergency is over.


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soft serve ice cream and  mac lip glass 
flirting with boys at the venice skatepark
white tennis shoes on and a little black skirt
school’s over now, i’m buying cigarettes.
sylvia plath and teen vogue next to
stolen cash and cherry rolling paper,
getting high under palm trees
like miss teen california 2010.
crashing parties in the valley at night
joyrides in italian cars with richie rich’s
and their dad’s loving me too,
if i’m a pretty baby today then
one day i’ll be a wild woman.

Furry, feisty, paw-erful—Otter Girl! Last but not least for Sea Otter Awareness Week: meet Kit!

Five week-old Kit was found stranded in Morro Bay Harbor in January 2010. A California Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist rescued her, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared her non-releasable. Kit became the youngest sea otter pup ever to go on exhibit at the Aquarium at just 11 weeks old! She quickly learned critical otter skills, like cracking open clams and eating live crabs without getting bit! In June 2012, she was transferred to SeaWorld San Diego where she continued to mature and learned how to socialize with other exhibit animals.

In January 2013, at three years old, Kit returned to the Aquarium to become a surrogate mother and mentor to other stranded pups behind the scenes. Kit is named after a character in John Steinbeck’s The Wayward Bus. Thanks for all of your paw-erful work for otters, Kit!

You Survived | {Brett Talbot Imagine}

You Survived | Brett Talbot x Reader

Summary: You have a panic attack in school after you have a class about the California earthquake in 2010 where you were injured and Brett calms you down.

Warnings: Panic Attack, Earthquake, Trigger Warning, Fluff.


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Song Suggestion:

‘Control’ by Halsey


Brett eyes flicker open as he adjusted to the bright light shining through his window.

He looks over to find you sound asleep with your lips slightly parted and parts of your hair laying on your face.

He scans your body admiring all your curves and your smooth skin as he started moving his fingers along your side just to feel your soft skin.

You let out a small groan in response to him waking you from your sleep;

As he drags his fingers along the side of your stomach which your tank top revealed from being pushed up while sleeping,

He notices something,

A long faded scar across your stomach right next to your abs.

He stares confused at the scar,

He has never seen it before.

“Y/N” He says softly.

“Hmh?” You asked still half asleep.

“What is this scar from?”

“Nothing, Not for now.” You said as you opened your eyes and pulled your tank top down.

“It doesn’t look like nothing Y/N.”

“I know but not now okay?” You said dragging your fingers along his cheek looking into his crystal clear green eyes.

“Okay babe, get dressed cause we need to leave in 30 minutes.” He said giving you a soft kiss before getting out of bed.


You were sitting in geography, bored out of your mind.

You were drawing some random little doodles in your notebook,

You liked drawing, it was kind of like therapy for you.

They calmed you down.

Your teacher was going on and on about explosions underground and seismic waves and all that kind of shit.

You weren’t exactly listening until something caught your attention.

She was showing a video,

It showed an earthquake happening,

You saw the buildings moving and the world seemed as if it were tumbling down.

It looked familiar to you, too familiar.

You’ve seen this before,

But no, not on video or in a movie,

Not even a news report.

You saw it with your own two eyes, You lived it.

You felt your heart racing inside your chest, pounding in your ears,

Your stomach flipping,

Your airway closing up,

Your vision blurring,

It was all coming back to you,

Flashing in front of your eyes.

You quickly got up and raced towards the door without saying a word, not even to your teacher.

Brett noticed you running out and quickly got up to run after you.

You ran through the halls finally reaching the stairwell as you collapsed against the wall sliding down with your knees pressed against your chest as you sat on the stairs,

Your head in your hands and the tears strolling down your face.

You couldn’t catch your breath and your heart was pounding loudly in your ears.

All you saw was the moments flashing in your sight, the ceiling collapsing on to you, the search team yelling your name,

you screaming even though your lungs were burning and your chest was crushed by the pieces of your house laying onto you.

You suddenly felt a pair of strong as wrap against you hugging you tightly.

“Shh it’s okay..” Brett was holding you against his chest trying to calm you down.

“I-I can’t” You stuttered still trying to catch your breath.

“I-It was to much, It all came back to me.” You kept sobbing against him as he only held you tighter, stroking your back.

“It’s okay Y/N, listen to my heartbeat.”

You did as he asked and calmed down after a couple of minutes.

You pulled back from his chest and stay in front of him as he brought his hand up to dry your tears.

“Are you okay?” He asked with a small grin.

“Yeah, I am now. Thank you.” You gave him a weak smile, your eyes were thanking but there was a sadness in them.

“Good, What happened there? You know you can tell me everything.” He said moving his hand from your cheek to hold your hand.

“I never told you this about me, It was something I was hoping to forget but I can’t seem to ignore.”

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, you felt a choking lump coming back to your throat.

“Up until I was 11 I lived in California with my parents, I told you that right?”


“So um when I was 10 while I was with my mom at home a strong earthquake struck, the ceiling collapsed onto me and I was caught under it for 6 hours until the search team found me.”

The tears were strolling down and you stopped to take a breath as Bretts hand held you tighter in his.

“When they found me and I was admitted to the hospital I was put into surgery with  severe internal bleeding, I was unconscious for two days..

Thats how i got this.”

You lifted up your shirt showing your scar.

Brett quickly pulled you back against his chest in a tight hug as you hugged him back as if your life depended on it.

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” He looked down at you.

“I wanted to forget about it, as if it never happened.”

“Y/N, You went through something most people have never experienced.

You survived.

Don’t hide it, be proud of it.”

You looked up at him, You smiled.

Your eyes were now adoring and hopeful.

You cupped his cheeks pulling him into a loving but passionate kiss.

“I love you Brett.” You said in a soft voice while biting your lips.

“I love you too” He said stroking your cheek.

He stood up and helped you up as you two walked back to class.

You two stepped in as all the attention was brought to you,

Brett held your hand before you walked to your teacher to explain your previous actions.

After explaining you sat down next to Brett,

He put his hand on your thigh stroking it up and down as you shot him a small smile.


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Arianna “Ari” Afsar can currently be seen as Eliza in the Chicago production of Hamilton. Hamilton is her theater debut. Prior to Hamilton, Ari was a film and television actress and a recording artist. She has appeared in films including Martian Land and tv shows including Unusual Suspects and the upcoming Canal Street. She was also a contestant and semifinalist on the 8th season of American Idol.

Ari is a singer/songwriter and was a Jazz Vocal major at UCLA. She is currently working on an EP and has released songs on her SoundCloud as well. She describes her sound as a mixture of Top 40, indie, soul, and jazz. Her debut single, Love You I Don’t is out now.

Ari is also an American beauty pageant titleholder, having won Miss San Diego’s Astounding Teen 2005, Miss California’s Astounding Teen 2005, Miss San Diego County 2010 and Miss California 2010.

Ari is a feminist, activist, and supporter of many civil rights causes. She has worked with Planned Parenthood and ACLU for several campaigns and has aided costar Miguel Cervantes in his endeavors to raise awareness for epilepsy research.

Ari often posts videos of herself singing wth castmates.

Ari is of German and Bangladeshi ancestry.

Ari with the Skivvies:

Social Media: @ariannaafsar
Some of the barriers to elective sterilization — like the 30-day waiting period and minimum age of 21 required of Medicaid patients seeking the procedure — are well intentioned, meant to prevent the abuses and coercion that vulnerable populations have experienced throughout American history. As recently as 2010, California prisons were found to be sterilizing female inmates against their will.

But when it comes to women who make an informed decision to ask for sterilization, everything from age, marital status and previous number of pregnancies to a hospital’s religious affiliation or a doctor’s personal beliefs can be used as a reason to deny care. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists makes these biases explicit in 2007: The procedure “may have important effects on individuals other than the patient,” such as the patient’s husband or partner (whose approval some doctors require). The unusual requirements some doctors impose — waiting periods, age restrictions and psychological evaluations — are similar to those that legislators opposed to abortion have enacted for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies.