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Giving the recent so-called new findings from Neverland Ranch as well as so-called lost and now found findings from the Sheriffs Office, i only feel it’s appropriate to re-upload Michael’s video statement from 2005,

 Michael Jackson is and was innocent, from the beginning to the end. A lot of people see the paying off as a guilty sign. Wrong. His lawyers and people Told him to pay off the family to get rid of them quicker. They also wanted him to pay them off so he could go back to touring and earn them more money.  Michael later admitted that paying the family off was the worse thing he could have done, he understood that it made him look guilty and that if he did what he wanted and fought it the first time he wouldn’t have been standing in court once more. 

Yes, I am a Michael Jackson fan but that’s not why i am defending him. I am defending him because i have read the FBI files, i have read and watched the 2005 trial. The evidence is out there for all to read and i suggest you do that. Then choose what you may think. Don’t listen to the media, believe in yourself and what you find. We are all allowed to think what we want and believe in what we think, but at least get the facts first before judging. 

Michael was no angel, a lot of the fans defend him and treat him like he never did anything wrong in his life. I am not one of them, He swore, he drank. He got angry and sad and cut and bled like the rest of us. He was human. He made mistakes in his life, mistakes with his personal life and his celebrity life. He was human, he was allowed to make mistakes but he would never hurt a child, never. He could never say no to a child in need. He would never molest a child. 

“I’d slit my wrists rather than hurt a child.” - Michael Jackson.

Michael dedicated his life to helping people, from children to homeless to war widows. It was never just children. He spoke loudly for them because they had no leader, they had no voice. He made his voice theirs. Do your research. That’s all i ask. Never take media 100% serious with fact. They manipulate, they lie. All so they can get more readers. The FBI tapped Michael’s phones, His cars, his houses. For over 25 years they investigated Michael and they never found a thing, and may i add they investigated him until his death. Those files are free to read. If there was proof of Michael being a pedophile then i would hold my hands up and admit it, But there isn’t. There never will be. I agree with you, some of the things he did were weird and a little unorthodox, But that’s who he was, missing out on a childhood made him want to hang around with children so he could relive it. Relive what he never had. You simply can’t blame him for that because many people do it. I do it. I recently bought some old game consoles so I could relive my childhood. Michael just had the money to do so much more. 


“Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons.” - Michael Jackson

California 2005
Phantom Planet
California 2005

So excited to be coming home today, so obviously I need to post a California song.  Here’s a different version of the the OC’s “California” by Phantom Planet, they still sing it but switch it up to make it a little gentler and acoustic, I think I actually prefer this version.  It’s a little slower, a little easier on the ears. Gonna be playing this all the time in the summer with the windows down while I’m driving, cannot wait.