Horrifying photos show the California wildfires forcing 12,000 people to evacuate

It may look like something out of Mad Max, but these images are of California’s Lake County, where a wildfire has spread across 54,000 acres. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection says 12,000 people have been ordered to evacuate, 24 homes have been destroyed and 6,000 other buildings are at risk. 2,000 firefighters are working hard as the fire is barely contained.


I’m still so pumped. Good things happen to good people.

Since Fiji last year, Johanne has climbed to be one of my favorite surfers. And it’s not just her surfing that made that happen. If you don’t know a lot about her, let me tell you a bit of her story, you clearly will hear much more about her in the next few years.

Johanne has been struggling with being a pro surfer since she’s been without a major sponsor. She almost quit surfing because she had no financial resources to be able to travel, but she did not quit. I admire that very much. To be that strong, not letting a company dictate the future of your career is pretty unbelievable. She got on the QS series in 2013 and got enough points to qualify, still, with no major sponsor.

2014 was huge. The Aussie leg was bad but as soon as the Fiji Pro hit, Johanne found the road to success. From there on, she always finished in the quarters or better. She won the rookie of the year award when no one excepted it, not even myself. 

2015 is going even better. Winning the US Open will sure give her a confidence boost going into Trestles and then, the European leg and Hawaii. I’m sure she’ll keep it up. Such an inspiration. The brightest smile in HB yesterday, for sure. YEEWW!!!

PS: Please someone, sponsor this girl. It’s a crime to see such talented “wasted”.

All photos by Michael Lallande