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cronamedusa asked:

12, 13, 14 and 23

12: nemui san loves the smell of coffee and baked bread! Bread reminds him of his family home, as he used to live in a family made bakery.
Noodle likes the smell of flowers, specifically lavender! They specifically like lavender soap!

13: noodle likes eating ramen and turkey sandwiches! Nemui san likes cafe au lait and rollcake. And yes they would both eat it all the time if they could! Noodle hates red peppers califlower, while nemui san dislikes seaweed and escargo

14: noodle hates vacuums. They make wayyy too much noise and they are unruly. Nemui san cannot handle extremely hot environments, for example, hot and humid beaches. Nemui san can keep his temper for a while, but a noodle has a shorter fuse.

23: At this point in time neither Noodle nor Nemui san has a partner. If you’d like to make up a ship go ahead!

Favorite things tag 

tagged by @jungmofeels dammit Jess I was doing hw

color – burgundy, black, turquoise? 

food -  all of em

smell - I like fruity things i guess

movie – Mean Grills 

genre of music - I listen to anything rlly 

texture – fluffy shtuff

time of day –  super early in the morning or like late @ night

celebrity – dunnoo

drink – Anything boba :^)

precious stone -  emerald? cause pokemon

animal – does momo count as an animal

flower – gross

font – lol times new roman 

sound –  I liek rain

fruit – alll of theeeem 

vegetables – carrots califlower :^) potato

shop – I don’t shop a lot but I always go to the mall so…

fashion style – T-shirt and skinny jeeeeans with jacket

workout – LOL

boy names –  no idea

girl names – dunnoo

potato chip flavor – the sour cream

meal of the day - I’m always eating

ice cream flavor – cookies and cream? and vanilla

fro yo – is this frozen yogurt cause i like all

sorbet - the heck is this

season - winter and spring

month - November

word - same

Disney princess - Minnie Mouse

insult – same

eye color - the nice looking ones

candy – idk man i luv candy too

restaurant – does quickly count as a restaurant

language – dunno 

thing about myself -  ??? I’m blind asf without my glasses. 

@kittibe @topdaddyjungyeon your probably already tagged by someone but yeah :^)

I’m so in love with Califlower Pizza that I’m coming up with new toppings to try each week. This week is Green peppers, Onions, Tomato, Monterey Jack Cheese, and Artichoke (Thank you for the idea Lucy Nellis)
Eating clean makes pretty food. 😊
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Happy groundhogs day #wakeNbake #CaliFlower #oh #mMmBitch

the #cauliflower “crisis” exists only for people who continue to support the outrageous pricing presented by #loblaws and #metro. the rest of us are eating healthy fresh fruit and vegetables for less than half their prices by shopping at #nofrills, #freshco, and #foodbasics. it’s not the same high class pretentiousness, but I don’t need decorations and music, I need groceries. #shopsmart

Trader Joe’s Muhammara is surprisingly tasty :) califlower steak with Muhammara and homemade sage pesto for appetizer paired with Merlot from Galil Mountain Winery in Israel. Rack of lamb with sage pesto awaits in the oven. Mmmm!