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If u ever find the name of that one Larry fic u were looking for where they r neighbors and Harry's mom finds em kissing and college and ya can u tell me? Cause it sounds really good. Thxxx. Xxx

here you go (: 




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1. What song is playing on your iTunes or iPod right now?

Nothing right now haha, I just woke up! If I was listening to it something then- The XX would be playing :) That’s nice to be listening to in the morning ♥

2. Favorite video game to play by yourself?

I don’t play videogames- oops, am I boring? Haha sorry…

3. If your closest friend told a secret you’d entrusted them with, what would you do?

I’d keep that secret, and not tell anyone….

4. What has your favorite band done for you?

My favorite band had made awesome music for me… :)

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to write, sing, listen to music, go on tumblr, go shopping, and yeah that stuff haha!

6. If your favorite band member suddenly appeared at your house, what would you do?

To be honest I’d probably just stand there in shock, and I’d start crying- then I’d dramatically fall on the floor and die.

7. How many people have told you that they liked you? 

A few…but I don’t feel that way about them. </3

8. Do you play any sport or do any activity (includes skateboarding and things like that)?

Swimming, and track….I want to learn how to ride a skateboard though- that’d be awesome.

9. Have any pets?

Yes I have 2 dogs, and a cat 

10. An oldies tune you love?

Eh I don’t know…Help by the beatles…

11. Want any tattoos?

Hmm maybe- I’ve always thought one on my wrist or ankle would be cute..Like lyrics or birds haha! I’m sorry I’m weird- but yeah later in the future.

My Questions:

1.  Favorite album of all time?

2. Who’s your idol and why?

3. Favorite drink?

4. What’s something embarrassing that’s happened to you?

5. If you could steal a celebrity's face whose would it be?

6. Guilty pleasures?

7. Do you have any talents?

8. What’s the last thing you ate?

9. Last song you listened to/ song you’re listening to right now?

10. Describe yourself in 3 words.

11.  Would you rather meet your favorite band, and go to one of their concerts? Or go skydiving and go out to dinner with your celebrity crush?

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3 real life OTPs? (They can be celebrities or people you know.)

Oh, oh I got this. Can’t be fictional characters?? Darn it.

Mr. Madrid and Mrs. Madrid

Christy and Clos

Luke Hemmings and all 5sos (BROSHIP)

……….yah know i ship me and my crush too but we all no that’s not gonna happen


what about you anon?

To califchristy

I miss your messages- please talk to me- you’re a very nice person and i miss you. Wow I sound creepy…but you’re awesome. :( - DI ♥

Lol…just come say hiii….or open an inbox haha- I couldn’t find one on your page- and i wanted to say hi. </3 but if you’re reading this message..I just wanted to say hiya

lol its now 1 AM..this is really random to post…