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My ex once sang me a parody of a Bieber song on piano with the lyrics “I’ll be your Carmen. I’ll be your Liara. I’ll be your Fang.” So you know… you’re not alone in your fictional character lust ;)

Oh my god I’d f**king love that too!! That’s such a cute idea! But they really couldn’t feed the character lust fire. It burns, it burns…

There is extra Fang I didn't know till now

I sent a message to about a post they made on FangRai and they told me that if you leave the dead dunes while doing Fang’s mission then come back Fang says something to you…….I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS AN OPTION!!!! I NEED TO GO BACK AND WATCH THIS!!! THANK GOD I HAVE A SAVE BEFORE YOU MEET HER!!!!

Though I just sent you a message back thanks again for telling me or else I would have missed it :DD