calico oranda


First batch of goldielope adoptions are here! Look at these cuties.

  •  red and white fallow ryukin _____ SOLD
  •  calico/ tricolor muntjac oranda __ SOLD

If you adopt one of these goldielopes:
* The goldielope fish will belong to you.
* While the art itself belongs to me, you have the freedom to choose a name/ personality/ sex (If you choose male before it’s mailed to you- I can add tubercles!)/ include them in stories as well as being a pet to your OC/ -Have fun and I’d love to see what you come up with. :)
* you can slightly alter the more busy designs, like in the case or the calico, to make it easier to recreate (I’d like to see of course).
* If you’re adopting it just for the original piece, then enjoy! <3
* Size 4.5"x6"
* You get the original piece mailed to you.
* The shipping price for this first batch is included in the adoption fee. (;
- Goldielopes are my personal species. You DO NOT have permission to resell the characters or original piece.

It’s first come first serve! As soon as payment is received it will be marked as SOLD. No holding. PAYPAL only.
Thanks for all the interest and shares! <3