calico ghost haunt


Ghost Grinder - Steam Powered Giraffe.

Calico Ghost Haunt 2013

First performance and still one of the best death metal screams ever.

Calico Ghost Haunt

was not so much my thing… I don’t like scare houses and the like…


The concert was amazing!!! They played Scary World (thought they might… Makes sense) and a


And it was a great song. Another special thing… They always put on a good show, but while they were playing the new song, I swear was an energy there unlike any I’ve seen from them before. They all showed it. They were having a ball!

Must be a good feeling to bring in some fresh work after playing the other songs so often. And they performed it flawlessly as far as I could tell, not a note out of place, everything sharp and sweet and wonderful.

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of their music, as long as it shows this much care and style and energy.

And Bunny…

Loved the scream…