calico cats

actually, have a sample

“I don’t mean to alarm you, sir,” says Jingyan, because when Jingyan gets a good look at him, he’s very obviously a scholar of good breeding and frail health. “But bandits are known to be in this area. Surely a man like yourself should have a bodyguard, at the very least.”

“I have a most reliable one,” says the gentleman, smiling faintly.

Jingyan draws his brows together, but before he can ask where the bodyguard is, if he’s swearing at the cart instead of being near him, a little furry face pokes out of the gentleman’s robes and meows.

The gentleman laughs at him, not out loud, but with his eyes, as he strokes a finger down the calico velvet of the cat’s nose. “As you can see, my lord.”


Attention - Found Cat - Chicago

Found long haired calico cat 3/22/17 in West Town Chicago near Grand/Damen. She’s very friendly, about a year old, orange, black, white, pink nose, yellow/brown eyes, and a long fluffy tail. Not chipped and not fixed. Looking for her home, please message me if you know anything about her. Thanks!

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Why? Does he look more like a “Totalitarian Regime” to you?


ScienceAlert on Instagram: “ Calico cats are actually super interesting from a genetic point of view. Girl cats have two X chromosomes, and one will inactivate a few days after conception. It inactivates randomly, leaving blotches of fur coded with one X chromosome, and the remaining fur coded with the other! “